Natural Hardwood Bedroom Flooring

Hardwood Floors in the Bedroom Never Go Out of Style

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While it is not as soft as carpet, the traditional bedroom flooring choice, hardwood is still a warm, welcoming feature when used as a floor surface in this room. Its natural beauty, durability, and ability to stand the test of time for both style and durability makes it a wonderful material for this serene and settled location.

The Cost Of Hardwood Bedroom Floors


You can find some woods selling for as little as $1 to $2 per square foot, but in general, for a high quality material you are going to look at closer to $10 per square foot. This is more than the cost of carpet, as well as many other resilient and soft tile bedroom flooring choices. However this is only an initial investment, and a well maintained hardwood floor can outlast other less expensive options by decades, saving on replacement costs. More: A Basic Overview Of Wood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Considerations In Bedrooms


Pets: If you have dogs, especially large dogs, then their nails are going to tend to scratch up hardwood bedroom flooring surfaces. This can be mitigated to some extent by keeping pet nails trimmed or simply banning them from the boudoir. For some people the tiny nicks and scars are actually desirable, giving the floor a sense of personality which shifts and evolves over time.

Noise: If it is a second or upper story bedroom, then you may have to be concerned about the transmission of noise that can occur with hardwood flooring. Not only do you have to worry about creaks from shifting floorboards, but even the tapping of shoes as you walk across the floor can be translated as thumps to people dwelling down below.

The biggest problems will occur when the hardwood is installed incorrectly, causing the planks to shift and creak when walked across. You can also dampen the transmission of sound by having insulating underlayment installed beneath the hardwood. Another option is to deaden the noise from above by spreading area rugs and carpets throughout the room.

Allergy Relief: One of the biggest problems with carpet and other soft flooring materials is that they tend to collect dust, pollen, and other small irritating particles. These are then released back into the air every time someone walks across the room, creating a hazy atmosphere filled with invisible debris which can irritate sensitive lungs.

With hardwood flooring the surface is smooth and solid, ensuring that all particles can be easily washed away, an important factor in a room where you do nothing but breathe for hours on end.

More Information About Hardwoods

Hardwood Flooring In Children’s Rooms


There is a bit of a debate as to whether hardwood is the best choice for flooring in children’s rooms. On the one hand, it is a relatively hard material, and if they fall by accident they can be hurt. You also have a slight problem with splinters, in the case of a floor that is allowed to fall into disrepair.

At the same time, hardwood floors are very easy to keep clean and free of any allergens that can affect the kids. They are also softer than tile, and easier to repair if they get damaged from too much rough play.

Design Options With Hardwood In Bedrooms


Hardwood has been used as a flooring material for centuries, and despite radical shifts in trends and times, it has never gone out of style. The bedroom is a place that people often feel compelled to ‘recreate’ every few months with a new design. The biggest advantage of hardwood is that it will look amazing with just about any decorative treatments that you undertake in this space.

Rugs and Carpets: The bedroom is a place of quiet serenity, and soft vulnerability, where shoes and socks are often left off, and bare feet press directly against the floor. While wood is softer and warmer than tile, it is still relatively stern and can get chilly in colder regions. That’s why the use of rugs can be a great way to warm up the space while also accenting the inherent beauty of the flooring material.

Area rugs are often used to delineate different areas within a bedroom. A small carpet can set aside a space for dressing, or as a reading area, or work study space. You can also center carpet choices around the bed so that you’ll have a little bit of warm beneath your feet, when you slip out of slumber in the morning.

The Value Of Hardwood Floors When Selling Your Home


When trying to sell a house, many people will make flooring changes in order to try and make the property seem more desirable. In some cases, this can also raise the value that you can sell the home for. With hardwood flooring in a bedroom, you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons, in order to decide if it is the right choice for your situation.

In general, installing new hardwood in a bedroom, or refinishing existing hardwood, is going to add the most value to the property. Unfortunately, new installations generally do not raise the price of the house by as much as the material and labor cost. However, refinishing is a relatively simple option, and can be undertaken if hardwood floors already exist, or if they are lurking beneath other surface coverings.

As far as desirability, hardwood is beautiful to many people, but is cold and hard to others, when used in a bedroom. In general, if a person grew up with hardwood floors in their room as a child they will find them comforting. However, if they grew up with something else covering the floor they may find hardwood remote and chilly.

In the end, every consumer is different, as is every market. An experienced realtor should be able to tell you what features are popular in the area and guide you as to how to increase the value of the property you are trying to sell.