8 Bathrooms That Nail the Natural Wood Trend

Wooden lined bathroom

Trinette Reed / Blend Images / Getty Images

As technology continues to take over every aspect of our lives, more and more of us are craving nature like never before, looking for new ways to incorporate organic materials into our living spaces. And that’s just one of many reasons natural wood has been making its way into bathrooms across a wide range of aesthetics and style sensibilities.

No matter your unique design preferences, opting to add natural wood to the traditionally cool feel of a bathroom is a no-fail way to make it warmer and inviting. So whether you’re looking to add texture to a ​minimalist aesthetic, add layers to a feminine style, or create a more welcoming atmosphere in a traditional design, then wood in the bathroom might be your new favorite interior solution.

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    Warm Up a Minimalist Look

    Minimalist bathroom with wood cabinets
    Blackband Design

    The pared-back nature inherent in a minimalist aesthetic practically begs for the warmth of organic materials. Just take a look at this bathroom from Blackband Design. It's bright, clean, and airy. Opting for a blonde wood finish will ensure your simple style stays bright, breezy, and ultra-inviting.

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    Ground a Bold Pattern

    Wooden vanity in bathroom
    Kristina Lynne

    If you’re like so many who have hopped on board the statement tile trend, then including some natural wood is a great way to ensure your bold look remains grounded in sophistication. This vanity in Kristina Lynne's bathroom pairs effortlessly with her choice of tile.

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    Show-Stopping Edge

    Slab wood countertop in bathroom
    Jodie Rosen

    Little is more compelling than organic materials in their natural form. In this bathroom from Jodie Rosen Design, a raw-edged countertop against a chic black backsplash makes for a show-stopping combination that we’ll be dreaming about for days to come.

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    Go Big and Go Home

    Black and white accents in a wooden bathroom
    Home Adore

    The beauty of nature is that you can really never have too much. If you’re in the mood for a major change, try outfitting your whole space in organic goodness. Bonus points if you include black accents for some added definition like this bathroom shared by ​Home Adore.

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    Define Your Dimensions

    White bathroom with blue tile and wood accents

    If you’re working with a largely monochrome aesthetic, adding some natural details to your surfaces is a great way to add dimension to your design. Just take a look at this sleek bathroom shared by Costume. This trick is especially useful for those areas or accents you most want to showcase.

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    Add Flair to Your Floors

    Bathroom with wooden floors
    Schulberg Demkiw Architects/Arch Daily

    Just as a wood floor can give your living area a fresh feel, it can do the same for your bathroom. We love the way this space from Schulberg Demkiw Architects combined the warmth of wood floors with cool gray for a look that’s as chic as it is sophisticated.

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    Incorporate an Accent Wall

    Bathroom with wooden wall
    Room and Board

    Nothing makes a style statement quite like an accent ​wall. And, as you can see, accent walls don’t need to involve paint or wallpaper. Choosing a wooden wall, like this one shared by Room and Board, will give your bathroom a resort-style feel while minimizing the need for added decor to complete your look.

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    Mix and Match Trends

    Black bathroom with wooden vanity
    Studio McGee

    If you fancy yourself a trend chaser, then consider pairing this trend with the black and gold bathroom trend that’s also incredibly popular this season. The glam-edge feel of black and gold coupled with the warmth of wood is a killer combination that’ll make yours the most coveted bathroom on the block. Just take a look at this stunning bathroom from Studio McGee.