10 Nautical Bathrooms With Seaworthy Style

IDF Studio

You do not have to live near the ocean to satisfy your desire for a little seaworthy style at home. That's because a nautical-themed bathroom will lend a beach-inspired vibe to any abode, even if it is landlocked. Are you ready to take the plunge? The following examples show how to use color, fixtures, and decorative accents to create a nautical-inspired bathroom that will make even landlubbers jealous.

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    Nautical Bathroom With Brushed Brass Features

    nautical blue and white bathroom with brass lights
    Tracy Lynn Studio

    This blue and white nautical-inspired bathroom by Tracy Lynn Studio certainly has luxurious vibes. It is in a century-old house in the classic Craftsman style. The bathroom's renovation pays tribute to the home's original charm with newly installed white wainscoting and a pristine vanity with shutter-style doors. The navy blue walls provide a striking contrast that feels 100 percent seaworthy. Note the pair of riveted, brushed brass pendants. They are reminiscent of marine style lighting. The photos on the walls are a personalized touch that brings homey warmth to the bathroom and feature houseguests enjoying the beach nearby.

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    Stylish Yacht Bathroom With Nautical Details

    Nautical bathroom in Yacht
    Anne Michaelsen

    Grab a few ideas from this yacht bathroom by interior designer Anne Michaelsen. Covering the walls is seashell-inspired wallpaper. It ties the space together by picking up the cool tones spotted in the quartz countertop. Decorative accents like the blue towel featuring a nautical knot reinforce the bathroom's under-the-sea feeling.

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    Nautical Bathroom for Sparking a Child's Imagination

    Striped walls in nautical inspired bathroom
    Photos by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

    Nautical-themed bathrooms are perfect for kids. Here is a whimsical, for instance, by interior designer Laura Hildebrandt. The bold gray and white stripes on the wall evoke the color of ocean water. The tan floor tile resembles sand, which instantly transports you to the seaside. Rope wrapped mirrors, round lanterns, and dark cabinetry inspire the occupants to imagine standing in the captain's quarters or the deck of a ship. Decorative accents, including the colorful towels, anchor bathmat, and maritime-themed wall art, put a personal stamp on the place. A pirate-themed shower curtain and accessories help to make this children's bathroom feel magically seafaring.

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    Ocean-Themed Accents Bathroom

    seashell mirror in nautical bathroom
    Cheryl Clendenon

    The homeowners were looking to create a bathroom that would be tranquil and pretty without being overly done or ornate. With a beautiful home on the water, accentuating the outdoors inside the house in a uniquely nautical way was part of the overall design goal for interior designer Cheryl Kees Clendenon. It is challenging to pick a single, favorite element. But here are three standouts. First, there is the watercolor-inspired wallpaper in soft coastal hues that immediately makes anyone entering the space feel calm and relaxed. Next, there is the seashell-inspired wall sconce on the wall that doubles as a lovely sculptural element. A mirror is a must in any washroom. Here there are two, both of which are cast to resemble white coral.

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    Bathroom Accents Inspired by Seafaring Vessels

    Nautical bathroom in white and gray tones
    Alisberg Parker Architects and Good Bones Design

    Nautical bathrooms do not always have to incorporate deep or bold hues. Here, cool gray tones establish the color scheme for this nautical-themed bathroom by Alisberg Parker Architects and Good Bones Design. The milk glass sconce on the wall was inspired by starboard lighting typically found on oceangoing vessels. Next to it is another maritime-inspired feature—a medicine cabinet that resembles a submarine door. Protecting the walls from water are glazed subway tiles in gentle shades of grayish-blue.

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    Bathroom That Resembles a Captain's Quarters

    nautical bathroom with wood accents
    Cheryl Kees Clendenon

    The bathroom in a renovated pool house by interior designer Cheryl Kees Clendenon is a homage to all things nautical. The free-form glass sink resembles an organic oceanic life form. Above it are faucet handles inspired by the shape of an antique ship's wheel. Below is a vanity, smartly crafted from naturally water-resistant teak wood. Now take a gander at the wood-paneled backsplash and ceiling—combined they replicate the look of a naval officer's quarters. Brass accents throughout the space, including a porthole themed mirror and shower fixtures, create a sense of continuity.

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    A Modern Take on the Nautical-Inspired Bathroom

    Ocean inspired wallpaper in nautical bathroom
    Tim Green

    Colorful wallpaper will instantly transform the appearance of any room in your room. Here interior designer Tim Green installed a covering in an eye-catching glacial terrain pattern to create a modern twist on the nautical theme. Green also incorporated different shades of the color teal throughout the rest of the home. The color scheme unified all the areas in the house, including the bathroom.

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    Builder Grade Bathroom With Nautical Accents

    Small nautical bathroom
    IDF Studio

    We love ideas that recast cookie-cutter spaces into unique expressions of personal style like this ocean-themed bathroom by IDF Studio. Several maritime-inspired accessories got the job done without having to install expensive bathroom features. The brass light on the wall is a reproduction of an antique fixture typically seen on ships. Take a peek at the rustic medicine chest put together from wood scraps; the piece is reminiscent of driftwood. A colorful shower curtain will perk up any dull bathroom—here one depicting waves and octopus tentacles pour on coastal charm. A small vanity like this one can be picked up at any home improvement store for a low cost and then customized with paint. Our favorite feature is the towel rack—it's an upcycled utility basket.

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    Whimsical Traditional Bathroom

    Beach bathroom
    Blackband Home and Design

    Traditional bathrooms filled with whimsical, nautical elements can make a statement without feeling goofy or childish. Blackband Home and Design characterized this space with wallpaper featuring a colorful cast of fish. In the center of it all is a wall covered with mother of pearl tiles punctuated by a porthole inspired mirror with a warm, antique copper finish. A chiseled stone sink lends a pop of rugged contrast. At one time, crossing the ocean on a luxurious steamship was the epitome of first-class travel. Perhaps that is why the wood vanity resembles a vintage steamer trunk.

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    Getting Nautical With Round Mirrors

    porthole inspired mirrors in bathroom

    If you could only add one or two nautical-inspired accents to your bathroom, consider round mirrors. This example spotted on Homepolish illustrates the point. Placing the leather strapped mirrors in front of windows recreate the look and feel of ship portholes.