16 Trendy Nautical Nurseries

Nautical nursery with navy and white striped ceiling

Robson Homes

Setting sail on a parenting adventure? An adorable nautical-themed nursery is a great place to start!

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    Soak Up Some Vitamin “Sea”

    Nautical nursery with custom sailboat crib
    AMW Design

    This classic nursery theme never gets old, and with so many stylish takes to choose from, it never has to. Whether you prefer a traditional style, a rustic coastal vibe, or something bold and whimsical, you are sure to fall overboard for one of these imaginative nurseries inspired by the big blue.

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    Nautical Nicety

    Red, white, and blue nautical nursery with striped walls and ceiling.
    Stephanie Danby Design

    This sweet and traditional nautical nursery by Stephanie Danby Design boasts a classic red, white, and blue palette with a fun stripe motif that carries all the way across the ceiling in this unique attic space.

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    Coastal Cutie

    Gender-neutral, coastal-themed nursery.

    DandHInteriors / Instagram

    Prefer a more neutral palette? This earthy, coastal-themed nursery, spotted on Instagram, uses rich, natural textures and soothing natural hues to recreate the calming feel of a day at the beach. 

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    Seafaring Ceiling

    Nautical nursery with navy and white striped ceiling
    Robson Homes

    This classic nursery room from Robson Homes introduces rich navy accents into a neutral, texture-rich design. The striped ceiling adds a touch of nautical whimsy without overpowering the space.

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    Modern nautical-themed nursery.
    Project Nursery

    Between the stripwood-paneled accent wall and authentic-looking nautical light fixtures, this fun and modern take on a traditional nautical nursery, featured on Project Nursery, almost has us convinced we’re at sea.

    The surprising pop of deep blue sets the perfect mood, tying the whole look together while allowing for plenty of clean white space to balance out the room’s heavily themed elements.

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    Fresh Tide

    Minimalist nursery with nautical touches.
    Baby Chick

    Clean and minimalistic, this bright and modern space from Baby Chick uses understated elements, such as the porthole mirror, netted picture board, and beautiful ocean-inspired focal piece, to carry its sweet nautical theme while maintaining a sophisticated, no-nonsense appeal.

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    Deep Blue Sea

    Nautical Nursery in deep navy
    Nest Design Studio

    A deep shade of rich navy is sometimes all it takes to put a soul in mind of the sea. In this stunning nursery space by Nest Design Studio, bold navy walls, paired with clean white trim and just a few well-placed nautical-inspired accessories make a dramatic statement, echoing the deep blue vastness of the ocean.

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    Turquoise Waters

    Turquoise nautical nursery
    Project Nursery

    Wood paneling and gem-like turquoise accents give this beautiful space from Project Nursery its rich, nautical vibe. The subtle patterns and color changes in the room’s swoon-worthy wallpaper print seem to mimic light playing on the water’s surface, creating a truly soothing space.

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    Bright and Airy

    Classic contemporary nautical nursery

    MrsKaplar / Instagram​

    A little goes a long way in this bright and beautiful nautical nursery featured on MrsKaplar's Instagram, proving that it doesn’t take more than a hint of color and a few perfect accessories to establish an easily recognizable theme.

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    The View from Below

    Nautical nursery with ocean-inspired, wallpapered ceiling.
    Abby Capalbo Styling

    The lucky little tenant of this imaginative space designed by Abby Capalbo Styling will spend his nursery days submerged in his own undersea world, staring at a canopy of beautiful blue “water.”

    By wrapping this subtle yet gorgeous print beyond the edge of the ceiling and onto the wall, the designer created a stunning dome effect, giving the illusion of ongoing depth and space beyond the room’s clean, white, nautical-inspired paneling.

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    Coastal Chic

    Contemporary nautical nursery in Nave and white
    Project Nursery

    This bright contemporary space spotted on Project Nursery uses a beautiful blue wallpaper print to capture the movement and color of the ocean in a bold and modern way. Adorable details, such as the driftwood pulls on the custom dresser and the wicker basket full of undersea friends, enhance the theme...and the cuteness!

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    Nautical Charm

    Teal and white nautical nursery with boat

    This stunning space, featured on Popsugar, is a sophisticated take on undersea adventure.

    Beautiful grasscloth wallcoverings in rich teal take the imaginative onlooker deep into the domain of the eye-catching, eight-legged focal piece, while a rustic wood boat frame, fixed to the ceiling, gives the impression of the surface above.

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    Out to Sea

    Nautical nursery with custom sailboat crib
    AMW Design

    An adorable custom-made sailboat crib helps its sweet little sailor to “drift off” into a nautical wonderland each and every night. Created by AMW Design, this pin-worthy nursery also boasts its own “spotlight” to help highlight the bold orange and blue color scheme inspired by nautical buoys.

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    A Little Direction

    Nautical-themed kid's room with compass rose ceiling art.

    AtHomeWithTheJohnsons / Instagram

    An elegant compass rose surrounding an authentic-looking oil lamp-inspired pendant makes for a beautiful focal point in this bright and breezy, nautical-themed boy’s room spotted on Instagram.

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    Nautical Stripes

    Nautical nursery with stipe motif.
    Lillian Ann Interiors

    Dramatic stripes in ocean-inspired shades of navy, blue, and aqua bring life and energy to this lovely nautical nursery created by Lillian Ann Interiors, complimenting the room’s carefully chosen accessories, such as the weathered-wood crib and rope-wrapped light fixture.

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    Calm Seas

    Powder blue and white striped nautical nursery.
    Project Nursery

    A calming duo of light blue and soft ivory brings ocean eddies and sea-swept breezes to mind in this inviting nursery space featured on Project Nursery. The striped walls and nautical accents carry the theme nicely, and the built-in cabinetry offers plenty of room to stow all of baby’s precious little cargo.