Nautical Theme Bedrooms

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    What is the Nautical Theme or Style?

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    The nautical style or theme is the use of boats, anchors, fishing nets, lighthouses, or anything related to boating on the sea or lake. It’s a fun theme, often used in vacation homes and boy bedrooms because of the use of masculine-type patterns and colors schemes. These patterns range from stripe, plaid, and checkered with bright navy blue, red, gold, and white color combinations. If you want to learn more about how to incorporate a nautical theme in your home; here are some great examples and...MORE advice to help you transform your bedroom into a nautical-lovers dream.

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    Lake House Nautical Theme

    Traditional Nautical Theme Bedroom Designed by Mitch Wise Design.
    Traditional Nautical Theme Bedroom Designed by Mitch Wise Design, Inc.. Photo by Richard Steinberger Photography. (Photo Courtesy of Mitch Wise Design, Inc.)

    Nautical themes are very popular in the lake house, beach cottage, and coastal living bedrooms. This style is always a great idea for a little boy’s bedroom, especially if he loves boats. A good example of a charming nautical theme is in this traditional kid’s bedroom designed by Mitch Wise Design, Inc., which incorporates some unique pieces of decoration along with some creative space planning; such as framed maps of the Great Lakes and an awesome location for a desk that overlooks lovely views...MORE of the lake.

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    Nautical Theme for Adult Bedrooms

    Bed with blue blanket in bedroom.
    Bed with blue blanket in bedroom. Photo by Image Source via

    Adult, tween, or teenage boy bedrooms work well designed in the nautical theme without being too childish. With the use of solid or basic patterns and color combinations your room can look sophisticated and pleasing. A good example of this well-maintained balance is in this nautical-theme bedroom, which uses deep navy blues, simple checker pattern comforter, along with a few nautical-type accessories—model sailboat and framed map—while still keeping a refined, contemporary feel to the room.

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    Little Boy Bedroom Nautical Theme

    Sweet JoJo Designs Come Sail Away Nautical 4 piece Boy's Twin size Bedding Set
    Sweet JoJo Designs Come Sail Away Nautical 4 piece Boy's Twin size Bedding Set. Photo Courtesy of

    A little boy’s room is perfect for a nautical theme. This can be easy to achieve with many different comforter and duvet sets from manufacturers that feature products with this popular theme. A good example is this cute comforter set by Sweet JoJo Designs. Not only does this set provide all of your bedding but also has many other items sold separately--artwork, lamp, and valance--that make designing your child’s room a snap.

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    Nautical Theme for a Nursery

    Sweet JoJo Designs Nautical 9 Piece Crib Set
    Sweet JoJo Designs Nautical 9 Piece Crib Set. Photo Courtesy of

    A baby boy’s nursery designed in the nautical style is a wonderful idea, since this theme can grow with your child. As with little boy or toddler bedrooms, there are many nautical sets sold by manufacturers, which will make it easy, practical, and affordable to accessorize your baby’s nursery. A good example is this nautical crib set sold by Sweet JoJo Designs that features crib bedding, laundry basket, and other items to complete your baby’s room. Some of these accessories and accents--such as...MORE the curtains, lamp, and artwork--will grow with your child too, which will cut down on cost.

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    Nautical Theme Color Schemes and Bedding

    Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Comforter Set
    Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Comforter Set. Photo Courtesy of

    The typical color scheme used in nautical-themed bedrooms is red, white, blue, and sometimes gold, which is often found within stripe, plaid, or checkered patterns. This color combination works well for boy or teen bedrooms; which may explain one reason why the nautical theme is so popular for this age group. If you want a more neutral idea then find a comforter set with these triadic color combinations and add your own nautical-type decor. A good example is this vintage comforter set designed...MORE by Tommy Hilfiger; this set offers the desired color scheme and patterns, all you need to do is add a few nautical-type accessories and accents, such as decorative pillows, model sailboat, artwork, trunks, or lamps.

    Find and compare comforter sets like this one:

    Find other nautical theme comforter sets that will compliment your bedroom theme:

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    Modern Nautical Theme Ideas

    King Size Bed
    King Size Bed. Photo by kaupok via

    Nautical theme bedrooms do not need to be the traditional decor of anchors, sailboats, or lifesavers; other options are to use modern or contemporary pieces of furniture with accents of nautical-type patterns, and textures. One option is to purchase plaid, stripe, or checker pattern comforter or duvet sets and add your own nautical accents. A good example of how to do this is to use a simple design--such as this modern bedroom--then add some nautical decorative pillows and accessories. This will...MORE provide a nautical theme but still maintain the clean, fresh lines of a modern bedroom.

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    Nautical Theme Decorative Pillows

    Nautical Patterns Decorative Throw Pillows
    Nautical Patterns Decorative Throw Pillows. Photo Courtesy of

    Essential to your nautical-theme bedroom is to use accent or decorative pillows. There are many different patterns and types of nautical motifs and patterns to choose from; which range from lighthouse scenes to simple motifs of anchors, boat wheels, and compasses. While you pick and choose your accent pillows, keep in mind the direction you plan on heading with your design. Do you want a simple, elegant design or something more complex? If simplicity is your goal, try to find simple motifs and...MORE designs. If you want something more intricate, a pillow with landscapes of sailboats and lighthouses will be a wonderful addition to your room.

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    Nautical Theme Lamps and Lighting

    Lodge Meyda Tiffany Lodge Nautical Americana Recreation Table Lamp
    Lodge Meyda Tiffany Lodge Nautical Americana Recreation Table Lamp. Photo Courtesy of

    Another fun addition and accessory to use in your nautical-theme bedroom is the use of lamps or lighting. There are a wide range of options; such as Tiffany lamps that feature lighthouses, lamp bases with anchors or boats, and lighthouse lamp fixtures. Regardless of which type or design you choose, finding the perfect set of lamps or fixtures is another key accent in your design along with decorative pillows.