25 Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas That Go Beyond Nautical

Large primary bedroom with a navy blue accent wall.

Interior Impressions

Navy blue has been a popular color choice for homes and interiors for years. It’s a nature-inspired hue that is known for being powerful and sophisticated while also evoking feelings of tranquility and calm. In fact, according to a larger study called The World’s Favorite Color Project, conducted by the University of Sussex and British papermaker G. F. Smith, navy blue may just be the most relaxing color in the world. This makes it a natural choice for bedrooms where the goal is to create a relaxing environment we can start and end our days in. 

While navy blue can be associated with, well, the Navy and its iconic navy blue uniforms, there are lots of ways to incorporate this calming blue hue into your bedroom without embracing a maritime theme. Here are 25 navy blue bedroom ideas that go beyond nautical.

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    Layer Shades of Navy

    Large primary bedroom with layered colors of navy blue and bright pops of orange.

    @georginashomedecor / Instagram

    For a soothing and harmonious look, consider layering different shades of navy in your space. In this primary bedroom, navy blue is used on the walls, bedspread, and furniture to create depth while bright pops of contrasting orange and gold catch the eye and add some variety to the tonal space.

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    Choose a Velvet Blue Bedframe

    White bedroom with a navy blue velvet bed frame.

    @mypracticehome / Instagram

    Velvet instantly adds elegance and style to your space. We love this rich navy blue velvet bed frame in Instagram user @mypracticehome’s bedroom. Paired with white walls, natural wood accents, and a splash of greenery, the result is sophisticated, cozy, and inviting.

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    Paint Your Walls

    Bright bedroom with navy blue walls.

    @victorianhouse1896 / Instagram

    If you’re looking for a new wall color for your bedroom, navy blue is a great option. It pairs well with numerous different colors, has a soothing quality, and goes well with various different design styles. We love the gorgeous shade chosen by Instagram user @victorianhouse1896 for the primary bedroom in her Victorian-era home.

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    Paint Your Ceilings and Walls to Match

    Large primary bedroom painted entirely in navy blue.

    Margaret Wright for Sea Island Builders

    Create a truly cozy and intimate space by painting your walls and ceilings the same shade of navy as seen in this stunning primary bedroom by design and build firm Sea Island Builders. Using one color across the whole room creates a feeling of harmony, and makes the space feel bigger.

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    Paint Half Walls

    A large bedroom with navy blue half walls and matching bedspread.

    @sophie.claire.denear / Instagram

    Not ready to go all-in on navy wall paint? Try painting a half wall instead. Half walls with a lighter color on top are great for creating the illusion of higher ceilings and a larger room.

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    Create a Headboard Accent Wall

    Primary bedroom with a navy blue headboard wall and navy blue accent linens.

    @ourhomejourney74 / Instagram

    Another great option for incorporating navy paint into a room without covering the whole space is to create a headboard accent wall. Adding a more pronounced ledge at the top of the boards can double as a picture ledge for artwork or family photos.

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    Match Your Light Fixtures to Your Walls

    A small primary bedroom with navy blue accent wall and matching light fixture.

    @mylittlebungalow_x / Instagram

    Incorporate navy blue throughout your space in a fun and unexpected way by matching your light fixtures to your walls. In this bedroom, the overhead light fixture is matched to the navy blue accent wall for an eye-catching pop of color that we are absolutely loving.

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    Pair Deep Navy With Gold Accents

    Bright bedroom with dark navy blue walls and gold accents.

    Simply Curate & Co. for @housevenne

    Create a truly regal-looking space by pairing deep navy blue walls with gold accents as seen in this primary bedroom. The result is both sophisticated and cozy at the same time.

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    Paint an Accent Arch

    A primary bedroom with a navy blue painted arch on the wall.

    @peony.life / Instagram

    Use a navy blue painted accent arch to bring some life to a plain wall and add a retro-chic vibe to your space. Instagram user @peony.life chose to feature a round mirror in her painted arch and tied the look together with some navy blue throw pillows and other accents.

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    Add a Luxurious Navy Blue Throw Blanket

    A bright white bedroom with a navy blue velvet throw blanket on the bed.

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Add a pop of color to your bedroom with a soft and cozy navy throw blanket. This bright and airy primary bedroom got a luxurious upgrade with a rich, navy blue velvet throw blanket on the bed.

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    Paint Your Door and Trim to Match

    A bedroom with matching walls, trim, and door paint in navy blue.

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    If you’re looking to create a space that feels moody and intimate without drawing attention to the doors and trim in the room, consider painting your walls, trim, and doors the same color. This helps to bring focus to the furniture and accessories in the room while softening angles throughout the space.

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    Choose Blue Velvet Bedding

    Bright primary bedroom with navy blue velvet bedding.

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Once reserved only for royalty, adding a velvet bedspread to your bedroom instantly elevates the design of your space, particularly in rich jewel tones like navy blue. Not only is velvet luxurious, but it's super soft and comfortable too.

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    Go With an Accent Wall

    Large primary bedroom with a navy blue accent wall.

    Interior Impressions

    Add a pop of navy blue color to your space with an accent wall. Paint a plain wall or create a board and batten accent wall using trim boards, as seen in this primary bedroom by Interior Impressions.

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    Choose White With Navy Accents

    Bright white and navy blue bedroom.

    @saltydoginteriordesign / Instagram

    If you want to incorporate navy blue into your space but still keep things light and airy, consider choosing a white and navy blue color scheme. While these two shades usually evoke a nautical feel, choosing botanical patterns can help keep things from feeling aquatic, as demonstrated in this primary bedroom by Salty Dog Interior Design.

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    Choose a High Pattern Wallpaper

    Primary bedroom with navy blue toile wallpaper and a navy blue velvet headboard.

    @aflickofpaint / Instagram

    Wallpaper has made the comeback of the century and is a fun way to bring some color and pattern into a room. This stunning toile wallpaper in this primary bedroom demonstrates how you can incorporate navy blue into your space using wallpaper in a super stylish way. Add in the velvet blue headboard and the result is just perfect.

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    Match Your Furniture to Your Walls

    Navy blue bedroom with matching walls and furniture.

    @jam__potts / Instagram

    Create a moody and dramatic space by matching your wall paint and furniture. Then, have fun playing with contrasting colors like yellow or orange for your accessories to create a focal point in the room.

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    Pair Pink and Blue

    A primary bedroom with navy blue walls and bedding and pink accents.

    @style_the_hawthornes / Instagram

    Pink and blue is a fun and unexpected color combination to try out in your bedroom. Try using artwork, throw pillows and blankets, and other decorative accessories to bring some pink into your space.

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    Go Antique Farmhouse Style

    Farmhouse style bedroom with navy blue walls.

    @aliciathecountry_gal / Instagram

    Add some drama to your farmhouse-style bedroom with deep navy blue wall paint as seen in this primary bedroom by Instagram user @aliciathecountry_gal. Use wood furniture, thrifted artwork, curated antique pieces, and neutral-colored linens to pull off this look.

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    Add Floral Wallpaper

    Primary bedroom with white and navy blue wallpaper.

    Courtesy of Sarah Barnard Design

    Bring navy into your bedroom with delicate blue and white floral wallpaper. Navy blue is carried throughout the space using accessories like the area rug, bedspread, and headboard for a look that is sophisticated and put-together.

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    Add Navy Throw Pillows

    Bright primary bedroom with navy blue throw pillows.

    Molly Rose Photo for Darci Goodman Design

    If you don’t want to completely change up the look of your existing bedroom you can easily incorporate navy blue into your space by adding some blue throw pillows to your bed. This is perfect for those who like to switch up the color scheme of their space frequently, or just enjoy a more neutral and muted look.

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    Go With a Navy Bedspread

    Close up of a navy blue bedspread and accent pillows.

    Courtesy of Sarah Barnard Design

    Another easy, low-commitment way to bring navy blue into your bedroom is by choosing a blue bedspread. Add some matching throw pillows and sprinkle in some blue decorative accessories like vases and planters throughout the room to really finish off the look.

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    Add Bright Pops of Color

    Primary bedroom with navy blue rug and accessories.

    James Furman Interior Photography for Allito Spaces

    Create a bold, colorful space by mixing bright pops of color like navy blue, yellow, and red throughout the room. The result is contemporary and fun with just the right amount of drama.

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    Match Your Walls and Bed Spread

    A navy blue primary bedroom with a navy blue bedspread.

    Refined Rooms LLC

    Try matching your walls and your bedspread for a calming, monochromatic look as seen in this primary bedroom. Choose a bedspread with a bit of a pattern to create some contrast and define a focal point in the space.

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    Make It Moody

    Large bedroom with navy blue walls.

    Jared Kuzia Photography for Sarah Cole Interiors

    If you’re aiming for a moody look, navy blue is a great choice. Pair it with black accents, plaid patterns, leather furniture, and bright pops of red for a modern moody feel that isn’t over the top.

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    Add Navy Floral Accents

    Light blue bedroom with navy blue floral accents.

    Ron Rozenweig Photography for Shani Core Interiors

    Navy blue and floral patterns are a timeless pairing. We love the use of navy blue botanical prints in this bedroom by Shani Core Interiors. Paired with other earthy hues, natural wood accents, and pops of greenery the result is a dreamy nature-inspired space that’s just as inviting as it is stylish.