A Complete Guide to NBC's Parenthood TV Show

Everything You Want to Know About NBC's Parenthood TV Show

NBC's TV show about family life became an instant favorite among viewers. The show ran for six seasons, premiering March 2, 2010, and airing its final episode January 29, 2015. In this complete guide to NBC's Parenthood TV show, learn everything about the cast and their story lines.

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    A picture of Peter Krause
    Peter Krause portrayed Adam Braverman on the NBC hit series Parenthood. Photo © Jason LaVeris / Getty Images
    What kind of car does Crosby drive? Where does Adam work?

    Get the answers to these questions, plus read memorable quotes, find out what's coming up for each character and more. The character bios give you juicy details about every member of the Braverman family.
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    Parenthood TV Show Photo Gallery

    A picture of the Parenthood TV Show cast
    Photo © Art Streiber / NBC Universal, Inc.
    In between shows, you can stroll through the Braverman family photo album. View pictures from each episode and learn more about the scenes.

    If you need a preview of what's ahead, pictures from upcoming episodes will whet your appetite. The gallery is updated every week with new photos.
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    A picture of Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger
    Photo © Trae Patton / NBC Universal, Inc.
    Whether you missed an episode of Parenthood or just want to make sure you didn't miss anything in an episode, read a recap to stay in the know. Each week's episode is recapped Tuesday nights right after the show debuts.

    What did you think about a certain episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments section of each recap.
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    A picture of Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Sarah Ramos and Max Burkholder
    Photo © Art Streiber / NBC Universal, Inc.
    Maybe you gave up on Parenthood after one episode. Or you might be a die-hard fan ready to start a petition should NBC decide to cancel the show.

    Viewers have shared their opinions of the Parenthood TV show in these reviews, and now you can too.