Get a Free Needlepoint Design for Every Day of the Year

Collect 365 Free Needlepoint Patterns to Stitch All Year Long

365 Needlepoint Design Collection Samples
365 Needlepoint Design Collection Samples. Althea R. DeBrule

You can spend many happy hours stitching a different needlepoint design each day for a year with these 365 free downloadable original needlepoint charts. Cool seasonal designs as well as quick and easy holiday and special occasion-themed stitch charts are included in this fun collection of needlepoint projects that will increase your needlepoint skill.

365 Free Needlepoint Charts

Yes, there really are 365 original free needlepoint charts included in this collection with an average design size of 4-inches square that require on average one hundred stitches wide and high to work with whatever stitches you feel comfortable.

  • Each needlepoint design is a single project and is charted for stitching a few hours during the day. However, if you’re pressed for time, related designs with similar themes can be combined into a needlepoint collage or larger project to highlight a holiday or special event.
  • Created to celebrate special occasions and seasonal activities, the needlepoint projects are fun and easy to make for beginners as well as experienced stitchers.
  • Included with each project are stitching tips and needlepoint stitch recommendations to speed you on your way.
  • Most of the patterns can be worked with leftover threads and needlepoint supplies you already have on hand.
  • Although charted for 13-mesh mono needlepoint canvas, the designs can be worked successfully on any size plastic canvas, interlock needlepoint canvas or Quickpoint canvas.
  • While inexpensive cotton embroidery floss is recommended for most of the needlepoint designs, any thread or fiber can be used including metallic, silk, wool or specialty threads like bamboo and linen.

    Needlepoint Something New Every Day

    Experiment with your favorite stitch techniques and learn a few new ones as you work your creative best with these 365 needlepoint patterns. Look for ways to indulge your love of needlepoint throughout the year with easy charts that feature some of your favorite monthly themes.

    Collect all 365 needlepoint charts from this handy reference list. Download and save them to your computer pattern folder.

    31 fresh needlepoint designs including a wish for a Happy New Year.
    28 exciting needlepoint charts filled with famous birthdays and sweethearts.
    31 fun free needlepoint patterns with Easter, green shades and windy flights in the theme.
    30 inspiring spring and a seasonal holiday needlepoint projects.
    31 needlepoint ways to remember loved ones in the military who have served our country.
    June30 opportunities to stitch a needlepoint project for summer.
    31 patriotic celebrations in needlepoint.
    31 back-to-school needlepoint charts to stitch for pencil and book covers, or to sew on sweaters, backpacks and more.
    30 fall needlepoint designs to challenge you to do something different.
    31 scary but cute needlepoint projects for Halloween and October birthdays.
    30 needlepoint ways to celebrate Thanksgiving from past decades as well as for modern holiday festivities.
    31 festive holiday needlepoint patterns to brighten your Christmas decorating.

    Celebrate Creativity with These Fun Free Needlepoint Designs

    The 365 needlepoint designs will spark your creativity throughout the year.

    Each project can be adapted to fit personal color preferences as well as seasonal home decorating plans.

    Feel free to use embellishments as well as surface embroidery to make each project unique. Work initials and names for further personalization with a needlepoint alphabet. Present the finished needlework to someone special as it is completed, rather than wait until the end of the year!