12 Spaces That Prove Neon Signs Aren’t Just for Bars

neon sign in living room

Katie Woods

You may associate bright neon letter signs with your favorite trendy restaurant or watering hole, but we promise that that these displays aren't just for commercial settings. Homeowners and renters alike have found tons of clever ways to outfit their spaces with neon signs broadcasting their favorite phrases. And designers are big fans of using such signs in their projects, too. "Neon signs are fun and expressive, whether i added for another source of light or to create a unique Instagrammable moment," Brittany Farinas of House of One comments. "I don't see the neon sign trend going away anytime soon."

Below, we've rounded up 12 of our favorite setups, all of which will make you want to hop on board this decor trend today.

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    Neon Nursery

    nursery with neon name light

    Katie's Bliss

    Neon signs are quite popular in the nursery. Whether you choose to spell out your little one's name or opt for a favorite phrase instead, you can't go wrong. What's excellent is that these signs will grow with your child and make for ultra-cool kid bedroom decor for years to come, too.

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    Terrific TV

    neon sign above TV

    Chelsey Brown

    Jazz up the area over your TV by hanging a fun neon sign that you can admire even when you aren't watching your favorite shows. Here, a white hue blends wonderfully with this apartment's Parisian glam decor style.

    Note that a cursive font and a more subdued color are excellent ways to make a neon sign feel more current and not so old school. "They bring back a fun, nostalgic feeling for many," designer Marlaina Teich says of such pieces. "They are retro, yet today's designs provide a fresh, modern look."

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    Boss Babe

    pink neon sign

    Laura Metzler for Shannon Claire Interiors

    Hang a neon sign with a motivating phrase that will inspire you to be your best every day—we love this one to spice up an at-home work station or exercise corner! Really, such pieces are fair game to install anywhere. "Neon signs are versatile," Farinas notes. "I see a lot of neon signs being installed in home offices, as they are often used as a brand recognition medium. They can also act as fun contemporary art moments in a home."

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    Bright Bedroom

    neon sign above bed

    Vanessa Chavez for Lauren Roscopf

    A neon sign also looks fabulous hanging over the bed. Pick a romantic phrase for the primary bedroom or opt for a slogan with some sass in a teenage space.

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    Magnificent Mantel

    neon sign above mantel

    Andrea Haraldsen

    Not sure what to place over the mantel? A neon sign will add intrigue to this space, too. "Neon in almost all forms is there to be noticed," Teich comments. "The eye-catching glow adds a fun and edgy attraction that's undeniable." Whether you choose to spell out a single word, song lyrics, or something else entirely is up to you.

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    Perfectly Pink

    pink neon sign in living room

    Katie Woods

    When choosing a color for your neon sign, think about the statement you want to make in a given room. If your style leans bold and eclectic, opt for a bright pink as shown above. If you gravitate toward neutrals, black or white text may be more appropriate. However, note that neon signs in darker hues are easier to read than their lighter counterparts when turned off, if that is also important to you.

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    Garden Party

    neon sign in backyard

    Sugar & Cloth

    You know those stylish outdoor dining spots that feature neon signs on the patio? Well, you can totally replicate this look in your own backyard. Here, a faux boxwood wall boasts a fab neon sign that is bound to make brunches at home ultra-Instagrammable.

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    Mellow Yellow

    neon yellow sign slanted

    Thrifted Queen

    This nursery features a bright yellow neon sign that plays perfectly with the other colorful accents scattered throughout the space. Hanging a neon sign on a slant, as seen above, adds extra whimsy.

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    Warm Welcome

    neon sign in hair salon

    Marlaina Teich Designs

    When designing New York City salon Beautiful People, Teich incorporated this cheerful sign in the entryway. It works double-duty as branding and confidence boosting.

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    Closet Chic

    neon sign in closet

     Lifestyle Production Group for House of One

    Add charisma to your closet with a sign that broadcasts your love of fashion. Don't be afraid to be a bit cheeky!

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    Get Groovy

    neon sign in living room

    Jessica Alexander for Black Lacquer Design

    An ultra-mod living room is made even more sleek with a stylish neon sign hanging above the sofa. It’s certainly one of the more unique items of decor you could display above your seating.

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    Black and White

    white neon sign on black

    Mary Costa for Black Lacquer Design

    If you have a black wall in your home, allow it to really pop by hanging a white neon sign atop it as seen in the above space. There's no need to go wild with accessories when words can do the talking!