Nerf Perks Rapid-Fire Rewards Program

Nerf Perks Rewards Promo Image

A new loyalty program for fans of the Nerf brand has been launched via a link from the official Nerf website. The program is summed up with the headline: “Buy More Nerf = Earn More Points = Get More Rewards!”

It’s that simple—the more Nerf items you buy from a pre-determined ​list of eligible products, the more free stuff you can earn.​

Getting in on the program is pretty simple. Per the official “Terms and Conditions” page of the Nerf Perks website, there are just four steps to follow:

  1. Create a Nerf Perks accounts by registering your name, birth date, and email address.
  2. Purchase a qualifying Nerf product.
  3. Enter your UPC code on the site from your qualifying purchase to earn points. The UPC code can be found on the Nerf package.
  4. Upload a photo of your participating U.S. store receipt as proof of purchase. The receipt must show The U.S. retailer’s name, the date and the Nerf item purchased. You may circle the Nerf item on the receipt prior to scanning it in.

Don’t forget—to get started with the program, you first need to create an account at Participants must be 18 years of age or older, must be a U.S. citizen, and must have access to the Internet. Once a qualifying purchase has been submitted, points are awarded within 2 business days.

Tips for making the most of Nerf Perks Rapid-Fire Rewards

Parents and adult participants take note—not all qualifying purchases are of proportional value in the rewards system.

For instance, collecting points by purchasing RIVAL Zeus blasters at an MSRP of $50 each (550 points per purchase), you would need to buy more than 9 blasters--at a total cost of roughly $450--to earn a free, 5,000 point Rhino-Fire. In contrast, you'd need to purchase the equivalent of 20 Zombie Strike FilpFury blasters at $15 each (totaling just $300) to earn the same reward.

To make the most of Nerf Perks, you need to determine which items from the list of qualifying products will earn the greatest number of reward points for the least amount spent. To find out which qualifying products earn the most points per dollar, simply divide the award points given by the price. For instance:

  • RIVAL Zeus award points (550) / RIVAL Zeus MSRP ($50) = 11 points per dollar
  • Zombie Strike FlipFury award points (250) / Z.S. FlipFury MSRP ($15) = 17 points per dollar
  • N-Strike CrossBolt award points (300) / N-Strike CrossBolt MSRP ($25) = 12 points per dollar
  • N-Strike Nerf CAM award points (650) / N-Strike Nerf CAM MSRP ($80) = 8 points per dollar

Want another tip? Always cross-shop retailers before buying, as some stores will price identical products much differently—meaning you’ll not only be paying more than you need to pay, you’ll also be earning fewer points per dollar spent. For instance, the Nerf CAM in the above example lists for $80 on the Hasbro website, but at Target, it’s only $64. That cost difference changes the points per dollar from 8 at the MSRP, to over 10 points per dollar at the Target price.

And don’t forget—many retailers like Walmart, Target, and Toys “R” Us offer price-matching.

So taking a minute to research pricing before you go shopping can net you both a reduced price up-front and a higher points-per-dollar earning with Nerf Perks.

Is Nerf Perks Worth the Trouble?

With new competition in the red-hot “toys for boys” category from the likes of Mattel’s BOOMco brand of blasters, among others, the idea of a program from Hasbro that is designed to keep kids and parents buying Nerf-branded products shouldn’t come as a surprise. Whether or not it’s actually a good deal for consumers—and whether or not it’s worth the time required to submit purchase details to earn Nerf Perks points—depends largely on which of the qualifying products are purchased, and at what price. Of course, if you plan on buying Nerf anyway, then Nerf Perks just makes the experience all the more rewarding.