Nerf and Dude Perfect Team-Up for New Sports Line

Perfect Shot Hoops and Perfect Shot Football are first out-of-the-gate

Nerf Dude Perfect Collection Perfect Smash Football
Nerf Dude Perfect Collection Perfect Smash Football.

While most of our coverage is geared toward the dart blasting scene, we're also big fans of the Nerf line of outdoor sports toys. Having grown-up with Nerf footballs and Nerfoop basketball sets, we're always keen to see what the Nerf Sports division can come up with to one-up their legendary line of soft foam products. As it so happens, we've been given an early heads-up on the latest evolution of the Nerf Sports brand, which seeks to expand its reach via the YouTube sensation "Dude Perfect." And while we're unsure what, exactly, the Dude Perfect crew are bringing to the product line in the way of improvements or new features, one thing is clear--the Dude Perfect name and branding are being given a strong tie-in to help lift sales of this once-critical product line.

We've enjoyed watching the Dude Perfect team display their talents in various ​high-skill Nerf blaster hi-jinks, so it's no surprise they're now being employed to show fun-loving consumers what kinds of things can be accomplished with the Nerf Sports line and a little creativity. Following is the official release on this "perfect" mash-up:  

After more than 40 years of dunks, homeruns, touchdowns, and goals, the NERF brand from Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is expanding its relationship with YouTube sensations Dude Perfect to enter the world of extreme, sports-based trick shots and expand its popular line of sports products. The NERF Dude Perfect Collection, launching Spring 2016, offers fans several new active sport experiences, influenced by Dude Perfect’s legendary trick shots, the NERF brand’s history of performance-enhancing sports gear, and feedback from the passionate NERF Nation fan community.

Dude Perfect, comprised of longtime best friends Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert and twins Coby and Cory Cotton, are currently the number one sports channel on YouTube with more than 7 million subscribers. The collection marks the first time the NERF brand and Dude Perfect, who have created several extreme NERF trick shot videos and advertisements featuring NERF N-STRIKE ELITE and MEGA blasters, collaborate on the development and design of a new high-performance NERF product line.

“It’s been incredible working with the Dude Perfect team to develop engaging and exciting content for NERF Nation to enjoy,” says Michael Ritchie, VP, Global Brand Marketing- NERF Franchise. “Their positive attitude, amazing teamwork, and next-level trick shots continue to inspire NERF fans around the world and the NERF Dude Perfect Collection allows us to take our relationship and the NERF SPORTS line to the extreme.”

The first two items in the 2016 Dude Perfect NERF lineup include the PERFECT SHOT HOOPS Set and PERFECT SMASH Football which can be used indoors or outdoors and feature advanced designs allowing for greater trick shots and action-packed challenges. The sets will be available for $19.99 for ages 6 years and up at major retailers nationwide and The co-branded line will continued to expand in 2016, more details to come.

“We’ve always been huge fans of the NERF brand, and have had such a blast working with them on trick shot videos in the past,” says Tyler Toney, of Dude Perfect. “It’s so exciting for us to offer our fans a new way to play that mixes the fun-loving, inspirational spirit of Dude Perfect with the awesome power and performance of the NERF brand.”