Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels: Soft and Quick-drying But One Major Flaw

Nice bath towels apart from the shedding

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Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

What We Like
  • Very absorbent

  • Fast drying time

  • Get softer and fluffier after washing

  • Excellent color selection

What We Don't Like
  • Excessive shedding

  • High maintenance

  • Questionable durability

Bottom Line

These are great towels with one major flaw: They are attractive, absorbent, and quick-drying, but excessive shedding is a nuisance.


Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

We purchased the Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels so our reviewer could put it to the test in her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

Specializing in affordable bedding and linens for the everyday home, Nestwell is a collection available exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond. Their Hygro Cotton Bath Towels seem to offer everything you’d want from a bath towel. Made in India from 100% cotton, Nestwell claim they are incredibly soft, long-lasting, and quick to dry. I put them to the test to see if the towels would live up to those promises and how well they fared with daily use. Read on to hear my final verdict. 

Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

When they first arrived, I had mixed feelings about these towels. They weren’t “exceptionally soft” like the manufacturer claimed. The towels were smooth and felt pleasant enough, but the cotton was on the coarser side. At this budget price point, I wasn’t expecting a luxurious towel. The Nestwell towels do not fall in the plush or ultra-soft category. However, as an everyday bath towel, they are certainly comfortable enough to pass muster. A big plus is that the towels get softer and fluffier with each wash.  

I showered in the morning, and the towels were always fully dry by the afternoon—usually within four to five hours.

Judging from the thick, tightly packed loops, I predicted the towels would be highly absorbent, and they did not disappoint in that department. After a couple of passes, my skin was completely dry. Measuring 54 x 30 inches, these towels are generously sized, providing a bit more coverage than a standard bath towel. They draped nicely over my body, and I was able to dry myself off quickly. The medium thickness provides a decent amount of warmth and insulation on cooler days. They’re versatile enough to use year-round, even in a warm climate like Florida. The towels live up to their promise of being quick-drying. I showered in the morning, and the towels were fully dry by the afternoon—usually within four to five hours.  

Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

These towels look more expensive than their affordable price point. They have a decorative border at each end, which features a ribbed, diagonal pattern. The borders add some visual interest and sophistication to an otherwise simple design. Other towels in this price range are so plain that I’d prefer to tuck them away in a closet. These towels are nice enough to keep on display. A drawback to the stitching around the border is that it isn’t as soft as the rest of the towel and felt a little scratchy. For an upside, it softens up in the wash. 

Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

As the instructions suggest, I washed the towels before use. Good news—the towels got softer and fluffier. The bad news? This towel's excessive shedding was a problem. It’s not unusual for new towels to shed; most of the lint usually collects in the dryer trap, easy to clean. With the Nestwell set, there wasn’t a lot of lint in the trap, but it was all over the towels. For some reason, the lint sticks. First, I tried shaking the towels out, but hardly any lint came off. Then I went over them multiple times with a lint roller, which eliminated most of the pills but not all of them. 

Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors do they come in? 

The Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels are available in a great selection of colors—21 in all. From muted shades of white and gray to bolder hues like forest green and deep black, these towels can match almost any decor. 

What sizes are available? 

The towels come in four other sizes: washcloth, hand towel, fingertip towel, and bath sheet. A coordinating bath mat is also available. 

What are the care instructions? 

These towels should be machine washed in warm water on a gentle cycle and tumble dried on low. You can expect a lot of shedding, so be sure to wash them separately to prevent the transfer of fibers onto other fabrics. 

Do the towels hold up well in the wash? 

The towels didn’t shrink or fade after laundering, but they shed excessively in the dryer. I also found a few pulled loops, which I snipped off with scissors. The pilling makes the towels look ragged, which is disappointing considering they're a brand-new set. Between the shedding and loose threads, I have my doubts about durability. 

Are these towels worth buying? 

The Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels are nice and soft (after a few washes), highly absorbent, and quick to dry. At $10 per towel, they’re reasonably priced. Unfortunately, the shedding was a significant inconvenience. Another silver lining, there are ways to prevent towel lint shedding. Before washing the towels a second time, I soaked them in cold water for 24 hours. Instead of putting them in the dryer, I hung them on a line to air dry. These methods helped, but I would rather pay a little more for towels that shed less for all the extra effort. 

Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels vs. the Competition

The Vera Wang Signature Bath Towels are another affordably priced set available at Kohl’s. They’re a bit softer and fluffier than the Nestwell towels and are on par when it comes to absorbency. The Vera Wang towels are a little more expensive—one bath towel sells for $15. You can expect some shedding with these towels, but not the excessive pilling that I encountered with the Nestwell set. They’re available in 17 colors and four different sizes. 

The Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towels are set at a much higher price point ($30), but our product tester has ranked them as top of the line. These 100% Turkish towels have a GSM (grams per square meter) of 700, which earns them a spot in the luxury category. They’re thicker, softer, and fluffier than the Nestwell towels. The Frontgate towel is available in 24 colors and six sizes. For an additional fee, the border can be monogrammed. 

Final Verdict

A solid towel if you can get past the shedding. 

If it wasn’t for the excessive shedding, the Nestwell Hygro Cotton Bath Towels would be a great buy. They’re attractive, absorbent, and get softer and fluffier with each wash. The shedding improves over time, but the towels require a lot of maintenance during the break-in period. 


  • Product Name Hygro Cotton Bath Towels
  • Product Brand Nestwell
  • Price $10.00
  • Product Dimensions 30 x 54 in.
  • Color Alabaster, arona, blue fog, brown, chrome, dapper gray, fawn, feather grey, forest green, gray ridge, iron, jet black, lilac, new blue, reseda, sandshell, shadow gray, silver peony, slate, vanilla, white
  • Other Sizes Washcloth (13 x 13 in.), hand towel (16 x 28 in.), fingertip towel (18 x 12 in.), bath sheet (34 x 68 in.), bath mat (22 x 34 in.)
  • Material 100% cotton