23 Timeless Neutral Living Room Ideas That You'll Love

neutral living room

Desiree Burns

If you like the concept of a neutral living room but fear that your space will appear too bland if you decorate it with blacks, whites, grays, and beiges — think again. Neutral living rooms can be incredibly stunning, and they can also reflect a range of styles — coastal, Parisian, mid-century, you name it! If you're struggling to decorate your neutral living room, keep reading and take a look at these 23 spaces that have absolutely nailed neutral styles.

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    Be Modern

    gray, black, and white living room with bright roses in a vase

    Alvin Wayne

    If your style leans contemporary, why not opt for a living room rooted in black, white, and gray? Here, black and white abstract art makes a bold statement over the sofa. Don't be afraid to still accessorize with a few pops of color here and there. A single vase of pink roses livens up this otherwise subdued space.

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    Say Yes to Scandinavian Style

    neutral all-white living room white sofa

    Alvin Wayne

    If you've always admired Scandinavian style, it's an excellent way to embrace an all-neutral palette. This living room features classic cane chairs and an expansive white sectional, making the setup both chic and perfect for hosting large groups.

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    Add Little Touches

    gray and wood living room

    Design Lines Signature

    This living room features a wide variety of neutral tones which play together wonderfully to create a space that is neat and orderly yet still warm and inviting. Don't underestimate the power of small touches like table lamps, picture frames, and trinkets.

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    Show Off Some Marble

    black and gray living room

    Think Chic Interiors

    A round marble and black coffee table stands out against darker seating in this oversized living room. Marble is a popular material used in neutral spaces of all kinds; it's excellent given that it can be styled to look Parisian, contemporary, or traditional, it all depends on the specific furniture piece chosen.

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    Think Pink

    gray sofa with pink accents

    Think Chic Interiors

    You may not traditionally think of pink as a neutral color, but designers say that it can certainly be seen as one. In this feminine living room, pops of pink add a touch of charm.

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    Let the View Speak for Itself

    modern neutral living room with tall windows

    Alvin Wayne

    If your living room features floor-to-ceiling windows, going neutral can be a smart tactic, given that you won't want your furniture to distract from the amazing view outside. Whether you overlook city skyscrapers, a body of water, or a beautiful mountain range, you'll want to make the most of that gasp-worthy view.

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    Go Green

    gray, black, white, and wood living room with plants here and there

    Louis Duncan-He

    Don't forget to add some greenery to your neutral living room. A couple of plants will really liven up your space and provide just the right amount of color.

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    Say Oui Oui

    parisian living room

    Louis Duncan-He

    If you love all things Parisian, neutrals are a great way to go—many French living rooms are black, white, and gray. Of course, don't hesitate to add pops of gold or brass, too. The oversized brass mirror leaning on the mantel makes this space look extra grand.

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    Make it Mid-Century Modern

    neutral mid-century living room

    Louis Duncan-He

    This neutral living room is rooted in mid-century modern style and is kept fairly minimal. Note that leather pieces blend with wood tones nicely; consider subbing a leather or faux leather ottoman in place of a standard coffee table for a laidback vibe.

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    Try This Art Approach

    minimalist neutral living room

    Louis Duncan-He

    This neutral living room is very minimal and proves that you don't need many accessories to still make a sophisticated statement. If you wish to display art on a gallery wall, opt for black and white photos or figure drawings that won't disrupt the overall color scheme in your space.

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    Shop Your House

    warm neutral living room

    Louis Duncan-He

    Neutrals can be oh so cozy! Shop your own home for pieces that will complement your neutral color scheme wonderfully. For example, a few crates can be stacked to serve as a side table, and those wooden figurines sitting on your bookshelf may look lovely on the coffee table for a change.

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    Keep It Coastal

    coastal neutral living room

    Desiree Burns

    If you love coastal style, you can definitely embrace it by using plenty of neutrals. White sofas and accent furniture will bring that Coastal Grandmother aesthetic to life in no time. Additionally, jute rugs are great for neutral and coastal spaces alike and are ultra-durable to boot.

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    Incorporate Hot Trends

    neutral living room contemporary

    Desiree Burns

    Embrace the latest design trends in your living room by having fun with shapes and textures. Here, a fluted console table provides extra surface space behind the sectional sofa, while a curved piece positioned beside the staircase serves as a valuable command center.

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    Keep the Mantel Simple

    neutral mantel

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    We see a lot of maximalist mantels, but there's no need to go overboard when decorating yours. Stick to a few neutral accents—sconces, vases, or sculptures—then draw in some nature in the form of a potted plant or bouquet.

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    Say Yes to Texture

    neutral living room with chunky blanket

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    To ensure that your neutral space looks nice and inviting and not too stark, play up the cozy factor. An oversized knit blanket adds texture to this space and encourages visitors to cuddle up and get comfortable.

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    Style the Media Console

    neutral media console

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Your media console provides many a styling opportunity, and to keep your neutral theme going, why not decorate the piece with some black and white art and a stack of coffee table books? You can still showcase your personality and interests while sticking to a color scheme.

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    Celebrate a Stone Fireplace

    neutral living room with stone fireplace

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Neutral pieces will complement a stone fireplace like this one perfectly. Bring in those wood tones, wicker pieces, whites, and grays—all of these shades and textures will blend together to result in a warm, inviting space.

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    Bring Out the Pillows

    cozy neutral living room

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Don't forget the pillows! Bring some farmhouse charm to your living room by displaying throw pillows in neutral colors and setting out your favorite ceramic vessels. And of course, you can't forget the shiplap walls to complete the look.

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    Layer, Layer, Layer

    neutral livng room with layers

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    It's all about the layers in this living room, which also embraces the farmhouse look. A potted tree adds height and contrast to the space—even if you don't trust yourself to keep a live plant thriving, you can replicate this setup with a faux option.

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    Embrace Transitional Style

    transitional neutral living room

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    This transitional style living room features a stunning sculptural coffee table and a beautiful abstract art piece that add plenty of character. It's more than ok to weave in small amounts of color to play off favorite works—blue pillows complement the blue-gray art without being too overwhelming.

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    Add English Cottage Charm

    neutral living room with cottage touches

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Add English cottage charm to your neutral space by skillfully incorporating small touches of blue and plum, as we see here. Again, neutral living rooms don't need to be completely devoid of color; it's all about selectively choosing pieces that will enhance your space.

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    Let Architectural Features Shine

    neutral farmhouse living room

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    This neutral living room features gorgeous high ceilings, exposed beams, and wood paneling, and to play up these features, it's smart to keep furniture subdued in color and relatively simple. Let the architectural detail do the talking!

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    Hang or DIY Some Art

    abstract art neutral

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Abstract art and neutral spaces go hand in hand. Struggling to find a piece you love? You can always create your own—many DIYers have used spackle atop canvas to design fantastic textured works.