Top 7 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Baby

Top Items to Never Feed Your Baby
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It's so exciting to be able to finally feed your baby solids, but before you do, keep in mind that there are a handful of common foods that are not suitable for your baby.  In the first year, especially, some food items pose choking hazards and for that reason alone you should avoid feeding them to your baby.  Other items can be hard on their systems, contain too much sugar, or could introduce allergies or unwanted bacteria to their bodies.


Here is a list of TOP 7 FOODS YOU SHOULD NEVER FEED YOUR BABY with reasons why.  


Children under the age of one have a hard time digesting cow milk and even egg whites.  It can cause stomach upset and even eczema!  Pediatricians do say that products made with whole cow milk (like yogurt and cheese) can be introduced to babies under a year old, however.

(Here's tips in case your baby likes to remove their diaper!)


Honey has made a huge comeback in recent years as a natural sweetener, but beware!  It can be harmful to your baby (do not introduce to children under a year old).  Honey may contain the spores of the bacteria that can cause botulism in babies.   Botulism can cause constipation, lethargy, and dehydration in babies.  


Remember all those unpasteurized items that you steered clear of while you were pregnant?  Keep those away from your baby as well because they can contain bacteria that can be very harmful to children.

 Read food labels if you are unsure about whether the item in question is pasteurized.  Note:  The process of pasteurization removes potentially harmful bacteria from food with heat without eliminating the nutrients.


Shellfish like shrimp, lobster, crab, and scallops can trigger an allergic reaction in babies under 1.

 Swordfish, shark, tilefish, king mackerel, or fresh tuna contain high levels of mercury which should even be avoided by adults.

5.  NUTS

Nuts are a big choking hazard, so just avoid feeding your baby all types.


There is no need to introduce candy, caffeine or high sugar treats to your baby.  They can experience the taste of sweet food with naturally sweetened foods like bananas or pears.  Candy does not have any nutritional value and further, it can pose a choking hazard.  Sugared drinks, especially sodas which contain caffeine are a no-no (think baby on caffeine).  No, thank you!

And lastly, and item that doesn't meet the criteria of NEVER FEED YOUR BABY, but perhaps limit:


Many people think fruit juice is actually good for their baby.  However, juice is full of sugar and doesn't offer any additional nutritional benefits than eating fresh fruit.  Plus, many juices are hard on babies stomachs, so fruit juice just might be easier to avoid.


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