Experts Say You Can Never Have Too Many Blankets

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Decluttering has become more than just a movement. It is a battle cry for many people who want to sweep away unnecessary items and reclaim their homes. Goodbye, extra blender. So long, 18 water bottles. But according to home experts, it seems the movement falls when faced with a big pile of soft blankets

“You can never have too many blankets!” says Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of the bedding company Parachute. She isn’t alone in that sentiment. Tracey Hairston of Mocha Girl Place says she has at least 30. “A lot are packed away, and I pull them out at different times.”

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For these experts and many other people, blankets are certainly not clutter; they are comfort. And if ever there was a time that the world needed comfort, it is now. Lynne Henderlong Rhea, founder of Mombo Interiors in Austin, Texas, says.

“I have gone to a couple of seminars, and one of them was put on by Amazon Home, and they gave a lot of data and one of the key things they saw through [the last two years] that is continuing is the idea of coziness, the idea of being wrapped in love even in Texas—hot places,” she elaborates. “They refer to it as clutter-free comfort, cozy but purposeful. People want this comfort, grounding from nature and some of these things that are coming back in, and blankets are a big part of that.”

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Blankets keep you cozy, but they also can do so much more. Rhea’s company specializes in home staging, and blankets are a key part of that business. “I just went to market at High Point [in North Carolina] in the fall, and I bought 22 throw blankets because I have been layering up two on the end of the bed. It adds texture and layers.

”A lot of people are keeping them on their sofa,” says Rhea. “A lighter or cotton throw, with fringe, adds texture and adds to that feeling of comfort.” Throws on furniture soften the look of colder, more sturdy surfaces and can do double duty when you feel a chill in the air. 

“In my own home, I love to layer different textures and colors to bring a more comfortable and warm feel to both shared and personal spaces,” Kaye says, sharing that she combines Parachute's rib-knit throw and wool throw. “The two different textures bring a unique contrast to the room.”

These experts aren’t talking about big, fuzzy throws that are soft as a whisper here. Throws that work best to wrap yourself in comfort and your home in style are of a different sort. “Neutral-colored blankets with a medium weight to them are the best to have for layering and draping,” says Hairston. If you love more substantial blankets, maybe something furry, Hairston warns against going overboard. “Furry blankets are definitely the ones you only need a couple of. They make such a statement and they really can almost stand on their own as a home accessory.”

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Just in case you are still looking for another way to use a favorite blanket, Hairston has an on-the-wall idea: “If you have a unique, textured or printed blanket, why not make a wall hanging out of it? Maybe even mount it for a more dramatic look.”

It is nice to have a comfortable blanket within reach no matter where you are in your home, however the experts do have some thoughts about the ones you use to actually sleep at night. Rhea says that despite the wide range of blankets you can find in stores these days and no matter how many you might have stocked in your closet, “To sleep, one is good.”

If the temperatures dip and one blanket just isn’t cutting it, Kaye has some advice. “Especially during colder winter weather, adding a warmer blanket over a duvet is a great addition to the bedroom. This adds textural interest and another layer of warmth all at once.”

So does Kaye have a favorite in her stable of blankets? She admits she does.”My personal favorite blanket is the Linen Box Quilt. I like the look and feel of linen year-round and our quilt has a soft, lived-in feel that provides an extra level of comfort as the weather starts to turn.”