New Board Games for Kids and Families

Fun, Family Games for Game Night

Looking for some new board games for kids? Video games and apps tend to be some of the most popular family games and activities. Many people are often looking to disconnect from their devices and find more ways spend time together as a family doing something fun, like playing a game.

There are new board games every year, but there are still a lot of classic games, too. Do not be surprised to find your favorite game from childhood with updated artwork featuring favorite television and movie...MORE characters, or directions that now have a fun, new twist.

There are so many great reasons to disconnect and play games together. Board games teach kids lots of social skills, especially for young children who are learning to wait their turn. Games also help children learn to cope with their emotions whether they win or lose. Some games also teach basic educational skills of counting and color matching. Many board games also help promote problem solving skills as children need to plan a strategy to win, rather than rely on luck.

While there are some fun party games included for older family members, there are many great board games that allow children and family members of all ages to play together.  

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    Eye Found It is a board game version of "I spy." Families will definitely need a large space for the 6 foot board game but will enjoy working together to move their characters through the board making it to Cinderella's castle by midnight. Along the way, different cards suggest hidden treasures to look for before the sand timer runs out.

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    Did you love the classic game of Scrabble? Scrabble is still available as the original board game that you remember from your childhood. A Junior version also makes it easier for younger players to match letters to create words if they are not able to spell words on their own. 

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    In Qwirkle, players make lines using the tiles, matching by color or shape, in order to earn points. As their skills advance, they will learn how to earn more points by creating more complicated designs. Games like Qwirkle are great for families with players of all ages.


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    It is impossible to make a list of the best board games and leave out Candyland. Generations of families have been playing Candyland together over the years. While Candyland is a classic game, there are many different versions, including a popular Disney Princess themed game. No matter which version kids play, it is a great first game, which helps teach kids about taking turns while counting and matching colors. 

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    Many kids love to play the simple game of Tic Tac Toe. It can be very frustrating for many kids when the game ends quickly, or for older children who have a devised a strategy to tie everytime. For families who love the idea of a simple game, Goblet Jr. is just like tic-tac-toe, but players play with different size cups. Players can change the strategy and the game play by covering up or "gobbling" their opponents piece with one of their own. 

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    Do you like the concept of Pictionary, but don't like to draw? The Morphology party game might be the answer. Playing on teams, players chose from a variety of materials such as string, beads, blocks, popsicle sticks, and a barrel to recreate an action or an object suggested on the cards. Players might have to build with their eyes closed, using a non-dominant hand or even with one single piece of string.  

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    Looking for a game that is challenging, competitive and fun with a lot of action? Klask is a wooden tabletop board game. Using a magnet under the board, players try to use their game piece to coordinate shooting a small ball at their opponents goal to score and win.

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    There are many different versions of Surprise Slides featuring popular movie and television characters, too. Not only do players match colors to move their piece from beginning to end, but "Surprise," the paths can change. When the spinner lands on a specific icon, the game board pieces are taken out and rotated during the game, which can easily change the outcome of the game.  

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    It is not only fun to sit down and play a game at the table, but why not join in on a game of family Twister! The classic game is still the same, spin the spinner and put a hand or a foot on a certain color Be the last player still standing in order to win. The new version of Twister also includes new actions that make game play more fun and interactive.

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    Not only are board games good for family fun, but they can teach educational skills. In Robot Turtles little children actually learn how to put together sequences, which are similar to learning the skills they need to eventually write programs or computer program coding!

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    Pie Face is not a traditional board game, but it will sure make family game night an interesting one! Put whipped cream or a wet sponge on the hand, turn the knob and earn points, aiming to earn 25. Watch out, you could get "Pie-Faced" in the process and that wet sponge or whipped cream could end up all in your face.

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    For those families that love the original Monopoly, but are looking for something different, there are themed Monopoly games featuring popular characters from Star Wars, Pokemon, and Frozen. Monopoly Jr. is also great for young children learning the concept of the game, while managing money using simple math with dollar bills.

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    In the classic game, players drive their car around through the "game of life" to determine their future. Did they go to college, have kids, get married and retire with the most money?  Different themed versions of the game also make it possible to play the Game of Life as a Minion or Yokai! A Jr. version makes it easier for younger preschool aged children in this fun game, too.

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    Apples to Apples is a party game recommended for kids and ages 12 and up. It is a lot of fun with large groups of people and game night during vacations. A word is chosen for the round from a deck of cards and players offer a card of their own to the judge who decides which of the answers is their favorite. This game can get extremely silly, especially if players know something personal about another player.

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    How much do you think you know about your favorite brands? This trivia party game is suggested for kids ages 12 and up and asks players all sorts of brand and logo related questions.