New Kids Basketball Hoops

Versahoop Basketball Hoop for Kids

Looking for information on some of the best, new, kid's basketball hoops? Basketball is a fun outdoor activity that is enjoyed by children and adults.  

Depending upon the person's interests, there are many basketball hoops to choose from. Some basketball hoops have large rims so that young kids can successfully make a basket. Other hoops have an adjustable post that expands taller as the child grows in height and advances their skills. Many families choose to invest an expensive outdoor...MORE basketball hoop for their driveway.  Trick shot fans and adults with a home office like over the door basketball hoops to keep them entertained inside. Now, there are even basketball hoops perfect for travel that can be used while boating, RV'ing and on family vacations!

There are so many great reasons why it is important to teach kids how to play basketball at an early age. Most young children become fascinated by throwing a basketball into the net, as young as one year old. Basketball is an active game that promotes exercise. It also teaches children how to work together with a family member or team. They learn to communicate when passing, share the ball with their friends to take turns, and develop strength and coordination. Even if it is not played at a competitive level, basketball is an easy game to learn, that is also enjoyed by many adults who are looking for a fun experience with their friends that keeps them in shape, too.

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    Little Tikes Basketball Hoop
    Little Tikes

    The Little Tikes Basketball hoop is a great first basketball hoop for toddlers. This hoop includes an oversized rim, an adjustable post, from 2-4 feet and 3 junior sized basketballs to play with.


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    Versahoop Outdoor Baksetball hoop

    Want to play basketball with the family while boating, playing in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, tailgating or driving across the country in an RV? The VersaHoop has a unique bracket system that allows the backboard to be clamped to any vertical or horizontal pole. Unique places like swing sets, RV ladders, the pool and a beach umbrella are now fair game for basketball play. Versahoop backboards, rims and basketballs can be customized. When ordering, choose between attachments that include...MORE a suction cup, over the door hook or a vertical/horizontal pole clamp.

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    Step2 Adjustable Basketball Hoop
    Step2 / Amazon

    The Step2 basketball hoop has an adjustable, moving post, allowing it to grow from 4 feet to 6 feet. The hoop includes a breakaway rim and a place for kids to store their water bottles to keep hydrated. For safety, the base does needed to be weighted down with either 2 gallons of water or 30 lbs. of sand. The hoop includes a small basketball. This hoop is recommended for small children, preschoolers and early elementary aged kids.

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    Lifetime Arcade Style Double Shot Basketball Hoop

    Have a large family game room? Looking for a new family game that offers some physical game play? This arcade style basketball hoop allows players to face-off in head-to-head play. The set utilizes larger 7 inch basketballs and has realistic sounds and buzzers.

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    Lifetime Basketball hoop
    Lifetime / Amazon

    Buying an outdoor basketball hoop is not inexpensive, and it could cost a few hundred dollars.  There are many options and reasons why investing in a full size hoop is worth the investment. Many hoops arrive with a warranty. Most include a simple mechanism that adjusts the height of the rim based upon the child's height and skill. The backboards have the appearance of a professional hoop, but are shatterproof. The bases will need to be weighted with water, but they are portable and do not...MORE need to be permanently installed in the ground.

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    Little Tikes Lebron James Basketball Hoop
    Little Tikes / Amazon

    National Basketball Association (NBA) fans who love LeBron James can begin their career as toddlers. This basketball set for toddlers has an oversized rim, which makes it simple for young kids to have success early on in their play. Money from the sale of each hoop is donated to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

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    Do you know someone who likes to perform trick shots? Dude Perfect is a group of guys with a dedicated following who create silly stunts on YouTube. There is an entire line of Dude Perfect NERF toys dedicated to helping kids make their own trick shots at home. The Dude Perfect indoor basketball hoop hangs over a door, but also includes an adjustable hook for customizable trick shots.