New Minecraft Toys and Games

New Minecraft Toys and Games
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Do you know children who are begging to play Minecraft? Minecraft a video or computer game where players use online tools and their imagination to create and destroy personalized worlds. Playing Minecraft requires trial and error, strategy and problem solving. A child's age and interests will certainly dictate the level of complexity with which they play. For Minecraft fans, there is a want and need to connect, communicate, share and bond with others who enjoy the same type of fun game play....MORE Older children, tweens, teenagers and adults enjoy playing the game, too. Minecraft has so many great components, teachers are incorporating it into the educational setting with lesson plans at school.

Sometimes an obsession with a certain license or brand encourages children to want to play with anything and everything that features their favorite characters. While the Minecraft game is online, many parents enjoy that their children can play with Minecraft toys and games when they are spending time offline. In addition to the video game, there are Minecraft action figures, paper craft activities, Hot Wheels tracks, LEGO construction sets, costumes, blind bag collectible toys, and light-up items to decorate a bedroom.

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    Minecraft Video Game
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    The Minecraft video game is available on all major gaming platforms that include Nintendo WiiU, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. The game disc can be bought at a retail stores or online from For those who prefer a digital copy of the game, the Minecraft game can be downloaded from the internet and stored on the gaming system without the need for a disc to play.  Minecraft is also available for play on a personal computer, too.

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    LEGO Minecraft Jungle Treehouse

    For children who like to follow step-by-step directions to build with bricks sets, like LEGO construction toys, they will be happy to find out there are many Minecraft play sets to choose from. LEGO did not decide to make these sets on their own. Minecraft fans initially submitted their original Minecraft inspired worlds to LEGO through their LEGO Ideas program. The first sets were voted on by the LEGO fan community, approved by the company, and are now sold at retail. Minecraft themed LEGO sets...MORE are inspired by the video game. Many arrive with different Minecraft mini figures and accessories for kids collect and play with. This is a great example of how a fan's passion can be a great inspiration for others, even large companies.

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    Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator

    Given that Minecraft is a video game, most Minecraft players enjoy using technology. For kids who have their own mobile device, like a smartphone, the Minecraft Stop Motion Animation Studio allows kids to produce, create and edit Minecraft themed videos. The stop-motion animation studio set includes a movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, mini-figures, a device holder and 18 various accessories for kids to use in their movies.

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    Minecraft Periodic Table

    Minecraft fans know what each of the 27 element blocks can do to help them design their unique online worlds online. The Minecraft Periodic Table is a set of 27 1-inch blocks that can be used to make landscapes or as the basis of a playset for their collectible action figures and mini-collectibles.  These blocks can also be combined with the Stop Motion Animation set, too.

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    Minecraft Paper Folding

    Do you know a child who likes to build and create by folding paper? Minecraft Papercraft encourages kids to follow instructions to fold heavy duty paper to construct 3-dimensional versions of their favorite Minecraft blocks and characters, such as Steve, The Pig, and a Creeper. 

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    Minecraft Plush Pig to Porkchop

    Designed for younger Minecraft fans, ages 3 and up, there are many officially licensed Minecraft stuffed animals and plush toys for kids to use to decorate their rooms or sleep with at bedtime.

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    Minecraft Creeper Action Figure

    Does your child like to play with action figures? There are 5-inch action figures, like the Exploding Creeper, which has been created to design and "explode" just like the original creeper in the video game. 

    Other 5 inch action figures include Mining Steeve, Shear-able sheep and an arrow-firing skeleton. Action figures can be used in conjunction with one of the many Minecraft playsets.

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    Minecraft Survival Mode Playset

    The Minecraft Survival Mode playset is a great way for kids to use their favorite Minecraft action figures in pretend play. The multi-level toy unfolds and expands to to reveal secret passages and surprises.  The playset includes a waterfall, removable torch, door, ladder, platform, a crafting table and a walkway. There are hidden diamond and zombie characters, too.  

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    Minecraft Collectible Mini Figures

    These tiny collectible toys are fun to play with and collect. There are several different mini-figure sets to collect, each with 3 different characters.

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    Minecraft RC Flying Ghast

    Like to fly drones? The Ghast quadcopter is a remote control drone that is not only able to  fly up/down, forward/backward and left/right, but it can complete stunts and make 360 degree turns. 

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    Minecraft Crafting Table

    These small, block based beads are arranged on a template. The beads are fused together simply by spraying water on them. This allows the beads to adhere to each other to form Minecraft characters. After the template has been followed, and the beads are coated with water, kids can safely place the Minecraft crafting cubes into the Crafting Table to dry with the help of a fan. This set includes enough beads to create 25 finished items.

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    Minecraft Crafting Cubes Design Kit

    Unsure if your child will like the crafting cubes activity? The Minecraft Crafting Cubes can be bought as smaller sets or refills with templates to make specific characters like a Zombie Creeper, TNT and Gunpowder. 

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    Mattel Hot Wheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Playset

    Hot Wheels cars fans who also enjoy Minecraft will enjoy launching and racing Minecarts!  These Minecraft themed vehicles can be launched into the mouth of the Ghast. The Minecarts and Minecraft themed Hot Wheels sets are also compatible with other Hot Wheels sets.

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    Minecraft Hot Wheels Track Blocks

    These block based Hot Wheels stunt sets, are different then the traditional Hot Wheels track sets. Each set is a square block or case, with tracks inside. The Hot Wheels Track Block sets can be stacked on each other to resemble Minecraft worlds. Each world has unique features like hidden trap doors and creatures that knock the Minecarts off the track. The track is designed to play at any 90° angle. 

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    Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

    Parents are always looking for ways for their children to store their small collectible toys. The Minecraft Mini-Figure Collector case can safely hold, display and transport up to 32 different min-figures.

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    Minecraft Night Light Diamond Ore

    Looking for a cool way to decorate a teenager's bedroom or a Minecraft night-light keep the scary monsters away from the 6 year old? The Light Up Diamond Ore is a 3 inch cube, with an adjustable light setting.

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    Minecraft Card Game
    Mattel / Amazon

    Card games and board games are great ways for families to play together. In the Minecraft Card Game, players "mine" one of the wood, stone, iron, diamond or gold elements, "craft" or place items in reserve.  Hidden Creeper and TNT cards can change the game play. 

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    Minecraft Light Torch
    ThinkGeek / Amazon

    Looking for a great addition to a costume or another cool light-up decoration for a Minecraft bedroom or playroom? The Light Up Minecraft torch can be hand carried as a flashlight or hung on the wall as a decoration. 

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    Minecraft Foam Sword
    Pixel Designs

    Many children like role play games, where they wear a costume and dress-up as their favorite character. Some only do this on Halloween, others choose to do this during everyday playtime. There are several Minecraft costumes and accessories, including cardboard block heads and foam play swords inspired by the video game.

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    Minecraft Bow and Arrow

    Fans of the game will enjoy firing this iconic yet realistic, working bow and arrow.