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PJ Masks Vehicles
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PJ Masks is a popular television show for preschool children on the Disney Junior television network. 3 young 6-year-old friends Amaya, Connor and Greg transform into superheroes at night when they wear their pajamas. Once their magical animal amulets are activated the superheroes Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko use cooperation, friendship, and teamwork to defeat enemies. The superheroes "fly into the night to save the day" and use their smarts instead of weapons, violence or fear to solve...MORE problems together.  Preschool aged children who are fans of the show will be excited for these PJ Masks toys and games. 

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    PJ Masks Headquarters Playset
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    The PJ Masks Headquarters Set is the ultimate PJ Masks toy.  The playset is 2 feet tall and incorporates lights and sounds into action play. The Headquarters includes a zipline, elevator, trapdoor, hanging rings and a pop-out hatch. The Cat-Car zooms down the ramp while the characters head off "into the night to save the day." The playset includes Catboy, but all other vehicles and characters are sold separately.

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    PJ Masks Action figures

    PJ Masks action figures come in sets of 2. A hero is paired with a villain, Gekko with Night Ninja, Owlette with Luna Girl and Catboy with Romeo. The action figures are about 3 inches tall. They will fit inside their various vehicles and have articulating, moveable, poseable joints. Many children love to collect these action figures. They easily fit in a pocket or a purse for travel. Preschool aged children also love having themed birthday parties. These action figures are the perfect size to...MORE use for cake decorations, too.

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    PJ Masks Vehicles
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    Catboy, Owlette and Gekko each have their own vehicle. Catboy drives the Cat-Car, Owlette drives the Glider and Gekko is in control of the Gekko Mobile. All vehicles are sold separately. Each vehicle includes the character who drives that specific vehicle. Just like in the show, each vehicle is able to include all 3 characters at the same time. 

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    PJ Masks Light Up Figures and Amulets

    Kids will love using these light up figures during their play time. By pressing down on the top of the toy, the character's amulet will light up. Some kids may even like to bring their characters to bed with them to keep them safe from villains when they sleep. Owlette, Catboy and Gekko light up figures are sold individually. These action figures include poseable, moveable limbs. Each figure also comes with an amulet for the child to wear.

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    PJ Masks Costumes
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    While around Halloween many children will beg to wear one of the favorite PJ Masks Halloween costumes, many kids like dressing up as their favorite superheroes any day of the week. Costumes include Catboy, Owlette and Gekko will fit preschool aged children sized 4-6 best. In addition to dress up costumes there are many different masks and capes for role play, too.

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    PJ Masks Matching Game
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    Preschool aged children enjoy matching games. These cards include beautiful illustrations of characters from the show, that feature Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, Luna Girl and Romeo.  The cards included in the game will also include pictures of various scenes and the characters in in action in their vehicles. While some children may be able to play with all of the included cards at once, matching games are a great first game for kids to learn how to play, as they wait for their turn. 

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    PJ Masks Night Sight Game
    Wonder Forge / Amazon

    That Romeo is up to no good again, causing trouble by stealing toys in the city. The Night Sight game is a cooperative game. Kids do not play against each other, they work together, just like Catboy, Owlette and Gekko do during the show, to find clues. Each child will need to wear one of the 3 masks in order to reveal hidden images on the game cards. They will need use teamwork and memory to work together to win. 



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    PJ Masks Bath Squirters

    The bathtub is a great place for kids to pretend play. Using their PJ Masks themed bath squirters, kids squeeze the toy, the hold it under water to fill up. Kids will enjoy squirting each other during outdoor play or in the bathtub.  use these water-safe toys to bring their superhero friends on water adventures, too.