New School Year, New Outlook

Plan the kind of school year you want for you and your kid

Form a positive outlook on the new school year with these tips
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This new school year have a new positive outlook on things. If things didn't go as planned last year, what changes can you make this year? What do you wish you had known before going into the school year? What could you have done to feel better prepared?

We have a few tips to help you answer these questions. Get you and your child ready for school with a fresh perspective that will give you positive results.

Assess Your Weekly Planner

The beginning of the school year is a great time to assess how well your daily or weekly planner is working for you. If you don't have a planner there are plenty of shopping deals for you to check out. You'll need one that's big enough to fit your personal and professional plans as well as your kid's activities.

If you already have a planner, do you love it? If not, what is lacking? With this thought in mind look around for a new planner that includes all of your needs. Does your planner help keep track of goals? If you are looking to find more balance, goal setting is the way to go. Mre sophisticated planners include monthly goal mentions that will keep you going for gold.

Digital calendars have their perks, too. You always have your calendar on you because you don't leave home with your phone. It's easy to copy an event from email, apps, or websites to your email.

Get Your Planner Updated Before School Starts

Now that your planner is everything you need it to be it's time to put it to good use. The school's calendar is out and you must get it on your calendar ASAP. When you know when events will be, like back to school night and teacher/parent conferences update your work calendar that you'll need to leave early.

Also, you can schedule babysitters and plan meals for those nights.

Schedule your sport-filled weekends now. Let your family and friends know about these schedules and plan any activities around them like team dinners or meetings. Also, your kids may need new gear or supplies so you can plan when you'll take them shopping before the first game.

A new church schedule may come out soon, too. Perhaps it's time to start sending your child to classes or there are other special events you'll want to start preparing for, depending on the religion you follow. If there are events you want to volunteer for you can schedule this ahead of time.

Stock Up On Supplies for Everyone

Hopefully, you find out what supplies your kids need for their new school year ahead of time. If not, find school supplies you think your kid needs in an online shopping cart. They'll need the usual like pencils, a sharpener, crayons, markers, post-its, notebooks, glue sticks, pencil box, and scissors. When you get the list, you can scroll through what you guessed they'd need and place your order.

How often do you check out the new ways to organize your workspace? Not often enough. Finding new ways to organize your space will give you a new outlook at work.

 While you're stocking up for your kids, assess your home's and work's office supplies. Stock up on the supplies you're always looking for. Give your office a makeover with new desk accessories and supplies for a fresh look!

Create a Central Control Center

Do you have a large white board family calendar that everyone can see and update? A cork board next to it is beneficial, too, to keep track of school notices. This kind of setup encourages your kids to organize their social and school calendar.  Tell them if it's not on the calendar it doesn't happen. Writing well doesn't have to stop them from keeping it updated. They can tell you about an event and you can write it down.

Having a calendar in a central location also reminds you how often you need to take care of yourself. A calendar full of things to do for everyone else is exhausting.

You will need to schedule in hair appointments, downtime, visits to the library, workouts, and anything else on your self-care plan.

Most events on your calendar may mean you need to go shopping. If a birthday party is coming up you'll need a card and present (unless you keep a stock of gift cards or kids gifts you can pick from). A friends party may mean you're bringing an appetizer or bottle of wine. So besides going to the event plan out everything involved in attending it.

Make Time to Volunteer

Did you volunteer as often as you wanted to last school year? If not, now is the time to make a change. First, what events did you miss last year? Find out who ran them, will they be running them again, and if they are when will they be.

If the PTA has put out their calendar, you're in luck. You'll be able to plan accordingly. If not, reach out to the PTA president or someone on the board to learn what events they're planning in the fall or winter. Then find out if you're free and how you could help out.

To find out about classroom volunteer opportunities email the teacher or the principal.  If they unavailable for comment find a parent who had your kid's teacher before. You can learn what this teacher usually hosts and if they look for volunteers during the school year.

Research Issues Your Kids May Face

Will your kid be bringing home homework? If so, how much and what supplies will you need? Based on this information make a homework station or update your child's desk with supplies and positivity. If you have a homework station you can easily move around your home, then find new decorations with positive messages or paintings. Teach your kids about motivation at an early age.

Talk to other parents who have had a child in your kid's grade. What challenges did they face and how did they overcome them? Maybe the school work was different or different peer pressures. The more you know the better you can support your kid.

It's hard to predict what new emotions your child will experience during the new school year.

Tell your support system about the school issues you learned from other parents. If your kid talks to someone else about their problems they'll be as prepared as you are.


If you follow this advice you'll have a more positive outlook on the new school year. Imagine what a perfect school year would look like and make changes now to your work schedule. You can avoid emotional issues from blowing out of proportion by following a parenting blog or podcast. The more prepared you feel the better your outlook will be.