Spotify's New Playlists Are a New Way to Help Grow Happier & Healthier Plants

You're going to play these on repeat

Plants in a living room with gray sofa, white walls, and a wood side table

Getty Images / Aleksandra Zlatkovic

Plants have entered the homes and hearts of people around the world. People who were once afraid of killing one plant now have dozens scattered about their houses, improving their environments, and giving them a sense of purpose and routine. They care for their plants and watch them grow and flourish. And now, Spotify is helping plant lovers take their plant care up a notch, with plant playlists. Yes, you read that right. 

Spotify has just launched their “first-ever collection of curated plants playlists.” They reached out to lots of plant pros to help curate the best planty playlists out there. Kelly Wearstler, Darryl Cheng, Summer Rayne Oakes, Black Men with Gardens, and Plant Kween are among these experts bringing new vibrations to your seedlings and plant babies. 

It all started when Spotify found that its users were streaming their playlist Music for Plants, curated by Uriel Waziel, an employee at Spotify. Listening had gone up nearly 1400% as people played songs like Plant Life I by Ki Oni and Flyaway by Arbour (plus 98 other songs). Here's everything you need to know about these new playlists.

Does Talking to Plants Really Help?

Short answer is yes. It's common for people to speak with their plants as well as play them music. It’s said to stimulate growth, and according to a recent survey conducted by Spotify, 21% of people have been speaking to their houseplants more, and 12% of people were using music or podcasts to help their plants out.

With over 2.9 million user-generated Spotify plant- and gardening-related playlists, it was time to reach out to some plant influencers to curate official Spotify playlists. Wearstler, an architectural designer, curated her Parterre Paradise playlist, which includes Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, Lost by Frank Ocean, and Do it Again by Steely Dan.

Most Popular Plants for the Spotify Playlists

According to Spotify’s blog post announcing their new playlist collection, most listeners are streaming plant playlists early in the morning. A lot of those playlists have been made for ivy, cacti and ferns. Some of the most added songs are Ivy by Frank Ocean, Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine, Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen, and Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Sounds like a great collection of songs to us. 

We can’t wait to queue up some of these playlists because there really is something for everyone. Black Men with Gardens has created a playlist, Back to the Garden, which features songs like Acid Rain by Lorn, Apple Pie by Travis Scott, and It’s OK, You’re OK by Bonjr. 

Darryl Cheng’s playlist, Plant Care, will have you bopping along to songs like Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves, My Girl by The Temptations, and Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles. Summer Rayne Oakes's playlist, Plants & Chill, has songs like Alaska by Maggie Rogers, Purple Rain by Prince, and Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley. And last but certainly not least, PlantKween has launched Green Gurls Galore, a podcast that shares horticulture tips along with music to help plant people who need some guidance when it comes to their plant babies.