12 New Takes on the Classic Farmhouse Table

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    12 New Takes on the Classic Farmhouse Table

    12 New Takes On The Classic Farmhouse Table

    There are few pieces in home decor with as lasting or as universal an appeal as the farmhouse table. The staple piece of the eponymous and increasingly ubiquitous farmhouse style, these massive unfinished tables made of fine or reclaimed wood are visually striking in any room you care to place them in. So it's not surprising that the farmhouse trend, and specifically the table, has found its way out of our dining rooms and into a number of other areas, bringing a bit of classic, rustic style to just about everywhere -- from restaurants to tech companies. But every now and again even rustic can use a reboot, which is why some of the top companies in home decor have been hard at work bringing new life and new style to our favorite classic tables. 

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    Anthropologie Surya Table

    12 New Takes On The Classic Farmhouse Table

    Sometimes all it takes is a little pattern. The Surya Table from Anthropologie is a beautiful example of the new generation of farmhouse tables that still wants to stay close to the rustic roots of famous style. From the mind of designer, Tracy Boyd, this table brings a welcome touch of global flare to the farm with a geometric mosaic pattern inspired by the designer's travels to Africa. 

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    West Elm Angled-Leg Expandable Table

    West Elm brings classic and contemporary together in the most interesting way with this Angle-Leg Table. The,notched legs sit at angles to support the tabletop, giving it a decidedly contemporary look. The engineered wood top and angled legs are all stained a deep chocolate brown, ensuring a beautiful color statement whether you're using it as a backdrop for colorful tableware or to round out a more subtle and neutral-centered color palette. Best of all, the table can be expanded up to three times, making it perfect for any occasion from family dinners to all-out parties.

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    Restoration Hardware Baroque Parquet Rectangular Table

    Restoration Hardware offers a farm table with its own blend of eras, this time hearkening back to the Baroque Period of the 17th century. The spherical legs and clawed feet of the hardwood base -- a study in classic elegance -- are clearly designed to compete with anything that might be placed on top of the table. Adding difficulty to the competition is a tabletop done in traditional French parquetry for a dazzling mosaic effect.    

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    CB2 Dylan Dining Table

    12 New Takes On The Classic Farmhouse Table

    For those of us with a taste for modern minimalism, CB2 offers the Dylan Table. Measuring three feet by six-and-a-half, and seating up to eight people, the deceptively simple design of the table belies a sophisticated construction. Solid shesham wood is coupled with hand-welded iron legs in a hairpin configuration to create a piece both rustic and industrial, making a more versatile table a hard thing to find.

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    Restoration Hardware Flatiron Rectangular Table

    Another industrial take on farmhouse dining, the Flatiron Table from Restoration Hardware blends metal and wood in six sizes and four finishes. The distressed metal of the base gives the piece an even more antique look while the reclaimed elm wood top adds a sustainable note to this stylish table. 

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    West Elm Geometric Base Dining Table

    This table from West Elm uses the base to add a touch of geometric pattern to the room. The hard lines of the metal legs provide a sharp contrast to the natural acacia wood of the top. In deep walnut brown this is a table that will look good in almost any type of dining room. 

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    Anthropologie Hand-Carved Menagerie Dining Table

    Stepping away from the wood/metal mix and the adherence to simple design, Anthropologie offers this exquisitely carved all-wood table inspired by fantasies of nature. Hand-carved and requiring a full month to complete, this table stands 31" high in addition to 91" of length and a 44" width. The intricate carvings around the edges and legs depict woodland scenes of fantastic plants and trees being explored by curious animals. 

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    Crate & Barrel Paloma II Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

    Crate & Barrel is offering to take you around the world from your dining room with the Paloma II Table. A beautiful, eye-catching piece, the table is both a testament to sustainable design and a miniature world tour. The base is made from carefully cut pieces of peroba wood reclaimed in Brazil, while the top is comprised of Australian ironbark hardwood from Brisbane.

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    Crate & Barrel Teak Top and Hammered Base Dining Table

    Also from Crate & Barrel is this mixture of teak and steel. The legs are hammer-sculpted to resemble traditional metalsmithing while the top is left unfinished to allow all of the natural features of the wood to remain. The reclaimed wood for these tables is sourced in Southeast Asia. 

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    CB2 Paradigm Dining Table

    12 New Takes On The Classic Farmhouse Table

    For the most part, while the legs of the new generation of farmhouse tables are subject to change, the tops remain large pieces of wood. Often they remain unfinished, the better to retain the natural beauty which has made farmhouse tables such a widespread favorite. But there are some tables that look to bring a new perspective to the top of the table as well as the bottom. The Paradigm Dining Table from CB2 is one such example. Borrowing inspiration from the modern French kitchen, this table includes no wood at all, instead using bent metal legs in a burnished brass finish to support a top made of Carrara marble. With a single nod to farmhouse tradition, the marble is polished smooth but left unfinished in its natural state. 

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    Anthropologie Lacquered Elm Dining Table

    Standing atop a beautifully sculpted elm wood base, this lacquered dining table from Anthropologie is a wonderful example of the artistry that has been coming to the farmhouse trend. The layered top is lacquered and then sanded, coated and cured over five days. 

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    Restoration Hardware Salvaged Wood and Marble Trestle Rectangular Dining Table

    Combining two full inches of Carara marble with the amazing woodwork that supports their tables, Restoration Hardware's Salvaged Wood & Marble Table is a phenomenal statement piece to set at the center of a dining room. The wood is reclaimed from European homes more than a century old and expertly tooled to create the perfect base for the polished marble top. Sophisticated and beautiful, it is available in four different lengths and can carry a top of gray as well as white marble.