Personalized Wedding Vows

Have a Unique Relationship? Try These Personalized Wedding Vows

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You may not believe that with all the samples of wedding vows on this site, there are still circumstances I haven't covered. It's true, I regularly get emails from couples asking me how to incorporate the specifics of their relationship into wedding vows. Here are some of my responses to them:

Wedding Vows that Mention a Child
If you have a child together who is too young to take place in a family vow, considering mentioning him/her in your wedding vows.

My love,
You have already given me the two greatest gifts of my life:
your love, and our beautiful child.
Today, it is my honor to become your wife/husband.
I promise to continue building our family together,
celebrating our joy, comforting one another in hard times,
and strengthening our family's future.
I vow to love and cherish you for all the days of my life.

Wedding Vows for a Couple That Has Had a Long Relationship
Dear [Bride/Groom],
Today I pledge to you what has already been yours for so long -- my eternal love.
As we have always done, I promise to walk hand-in-hand with you through life's journeys.
No matter what lies in our path, it will be our path, together.
In the joys and troubles that lie ahead of us, I will be faithful and loving to you.
This is my solemn vow.

Personalized Response Wedding Vows
Sometimes couples want to have personalized wedding vows, but worry about stumbling over their words or forgetting important parts.
You can do a traditional response-style wedding vow, but personalize what the officiant says.

Do you, [Bride/Groom], promise to give [Groom/Bride]
Your deepest love and your truest thoughts,
As you create a home together that is a place of joy and comfort,
being his/her faithful champion, partner and best friend?

Answer: I Do.

Non-monogamous Wedding Vows
My dear bride/groom,
Today I pledge to you my eternal love
I promise to be your lover, your friend, your confidant.
I promise to respect and appreciate our differences,
to be open and honest, especially around things that are difficult to say.
I promise to give you the freedom to be yourself, and to explore your world
I promise to trust in our growth, and our ability to change and discover new adventures together
In all that life may bring us, my love is yours.

Did you have a personalized wedding vow covering a unique situation? Send it to me at, it just might get published!