New and Creative Wedding Vows

Original Samples of Wedding Vows to Use in Your Ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Getty Images / Hill Street Studios

Writing your own wedding vows isn't always easy, and can put a lot of pressure on you to properly put your love for your spouse-to-be into words. Here are a few samples of original wedding vows to give you some inspiration. Rework the wording to craft your own loving and romantic vows that may even eke a tear or two from the guests in attendance.

Sample Wedding Vow #1

In storybooks, kids make tin can telephones with string stretched through side yards, so that best friends can stay connected even after playtime is over. When you and I met, I almost instantly felt a similar kind of string connecting our hearts, and over the past two years I've felt that string growing stronger. Today, as we tie the knot, we are taking that tender string and making it a strong rope, holding each other near and safe no matter where we are in the world. I promise you that through I years together I will constantly work to strengthen our tie to one another, and to increase my already enormous love for you. I will be true and strong and no matter what, always connected to you.

Sample Wedding Vow #2

My dear beloved. Today I am yours and you are mine, forever. My love for you is so strong that it feels limitless, boundless, able to weather any storm. I promise today to you that should storms come, I will be your shelter. I will comfort you if you are sick, keep you warm if you are cold, and find laughter and joy with you if times are hard. This is my promise to you, for now and forever.

Sample Wedding Vow #3

[Name], this is the start of our new life together. Tomorrow we will be a married couple, off on a brand new adventure. And like any good adventure, there are sure to be beautiful new things we've never seen before, unknown wonders we could never anticipate and exciting challenges. But even when our strength is tested, I know that we will persevere and our adventure will be even more wonderful than the journey that brought us to this place. I promise to always stay faithfully by your side, to be honest, loving and true, and most importantly to always, just in the nick of time, help you escape from fiery pits, imminent avalanches, or crocodile-infested rivers before the end credits roll.

Sample Wedding Vow #4

I feel like the luckiest woman in the world today, getting to marry such an amazing person. You are warm, kind, so smart, generous, loving, strong, and protective. And as lucky as I feel, I know that luck is what you make it. This is a relationship that we have built together, step by step, growing and nurturing it into the most beautiful love. I can't wait to find out what tomorrow may bring, to discover the ways I know I will feel even luckier and more grateful than I am today. I take you to be my partner, staying loving and true both in times of unexpected fortune and in times of unanticipated hardship, working by your side to make a lifelong love and marriage.