New Year Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles and Games for Kids

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Kids can improve their spelling as well as learn new words with these easy to challenging word search puzzles spotlighting the New Year (January 1st) as it is celebrated amongst various cultures around the world. Happy New Year!

New Year Word Search Puzzles to Print

Here are some printable word search puzzles for quiet play, no batteries required. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty from very easy to challenging.

  • New Year Word Search - Here's an easy word search game for primary level students. Find the 10 themed words which are hidden in a small jumble of letters.
  • New Year Word Search - 14 themed words need finding in this word seek game for elementary level students.
  • New Year Word Search - On this page, amongst other themed puzzles and games, you'll find a printable New Year word search of medium difficulty featuring 14 words in a large grid of letters.
  • New Year's Eve/Day Word Search - In this puzzle of medium difficulty, 20 themed words appear in a medium-sized grid.
  • New Year Word Search - 28 themed words are hidden in a large grid of letters in this word game for older children and adults.
  • New Year Word Search - This word searches printable features 40 themed words hidden in a medium-sized grid. Once you've found all the words, the remaining letters will spell the name of a popular location for celebrating New Year's Eve.

    New Year Word Search Puzzles to Play Online

    These themed word search games of medium difficulty can be played online or printed for solving anytime, anywhere.

    • New Year Word Search - This online word search game features ten holiday-themed words with a small number of letters in the grid.

    New Year Crossword Puzzles to Print

    Children and second language learners can learn and practice new vocabulary in an entertaining way with these easy to challenging crossword puzzles that celebrate the coming of the New Year.

    • Happy New Year Criss-Cross - This easy crossword game uses eight words in a freeform grid.
    • New Year's Crossword Puzzle - 11 themed entries, most of them fairly short, are featured in this printable word game. Solution provided.
    • The New Year Crossword - 11 words related to the New Year celebration are featured in this easy crossword puzzle. Solution provided.
    • New Year's Crossword #2 - Here's another easy crossword game, this one featuring 12 themed entries in a freeform grid. Solution provided.
    • Crossword Puzzle for New Year - 12 words related to New Year traditions are featured in this crossword game of medium difficulty. Available in black & white or color.
    • New Year's Crossword #2 - Here's another easy crossword game, this one featuring 12 themed entries in a freeform grid. Solution provided.
    • New Year's Crossword #2 - Here's another easy crossword game, this one featuring 12 themed entries in a freeform grid. Solution provided.

    New Year Crossword Puzzles to Play Online

    Here are a couple of interactive crossword games with a timely theme. However, these puzzles are better suited to older children and adults.

    New Year Jigsaw Puzzles

    Young puzzlers can piece together these free jigsaw puzzles with a celebratory theme on the computer.

    • Out With the Old Year - Here's a fun little, animated jigsaw puzzle game from There are three difficulty levels; Easy, Medium and Hard.
    • Happy New Year 2008 - Piece together the New Year's cake and see what happens! Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.
    • New Year's Jigsaw Puzzles - DLTK Kids offers six fairly easy online jigsaw puzzles with a New Year's theme: balloons and streamers, champagne on ice, Baby New Year and more.
    • Happy New Year Jigsaw Puzzle - This 20-piece jigsaw puzzle from Jigzone features a massive fireworks display.
    • Happy New Year Jigsaw Puzzle - This easy online jigsaw puzzle comes to you courtesy of

      New Year Hidden Picture Puzzles

      Discover a selection of themed puzzles and games designed to enhance kids' observational skills in an entertaining manner. We also show you where to find free connect-the-dot puzzles featuring Baby New Year, clocks, noisemakers and other symbols of the New Year.

      • Hidden Picture Puzzle: New Year’s - In this amusing hidden picture game by artist Liz Ball, a group of animal friends gets together to ring in the New Year. Print only.
      • New Year's Day Hidden Picture Puzzle -  Also by Liz Ball, a snowman surrounded by cute animal buddies wishes you a Happy New Year. However, you'll need to scroll down past all the ads to find the free printable.

      New Year Spot the Difference Games

      • New Year’s Eve Spot the Difference - In this game, kids must find and circle the nine differences between the two drawings depicting a traditional New Year's Eve celebration.
      • New Year Spot the Difference - This very easy spot-the-difference game is perfect for preschoolers and primary school students. However, you need to register (it's free) to download and print the game.

      New Year Connect-the-Dots Games

      Dot-to-dot puzzles are a fun way for kids to practice their numbers or alphabet as well as acquire important counting skills. Here is a few themed dot-to-dots courtesy of The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty.

      • Cracker Dot-to-Dot - Here's an easy game for very young solvers, children only need to be able to count to 10 to work the puzzle.
      • Baby and Clock Dot-to-Dot - Here, we have a round clock from which the New Year's Babe hangs suspended. You only need to be able to count to 26 to enjoy this game.
      • Top Hat Dot-to-Dot - Stylish headgear is the focus of this puzzle which uses the numbers from 1 to 26.
      • New Year Dot-to-Dot - In this more difficult version, the child must connect the dots (1 to 38) in order to complete the puzzle.
      • Clock Dot-to-Dot - A grandfather clock at the stroke of midnight is the theme of this counting puzzle in which the child must connect the dots numbered from 1 to 40.
      • Wine Glasses Dot-to-Dot - Kids well need to count up to 50 to complete this puzzle featuring two wine glasses clinking in a traditional New Year's Eve toast.
      • Baby New Year Dot-to-Dot - This puzzle featuring a smiling infant with a top hat coming out of a cake and requires a knowledge of the numbers 1 to 54.

      New Year Mazes

      By solving maze puzzles, a child can increase his capacity for strategic planning as well as improve his concentration. For maze puzzles with a New Year theme, check out this print-friendly maze game from Activity Village.

      • Medium - Help the friends get together to celebrate the New Year.

      New Year Word Scrambles

      These easy word puzzles are an entertaining way to stimulate young minds. They also benefit second language learners who get to learn and practice different letter patterns found in the language being studied.

      • Happy New Year Word Jumble - Unscramble the 20 themed entries in this free anagram game. Play it online or print and solve on paper. The list of words is provided on the bottom of the sheet and the solution is also available.
      • New Years Word Scramble - In this printable word game, you need to unscramble the letters in the ten questions. Solution provided.

      New Year Cryptograms

      These print-friendly encryption puzzles use a substitution cipher to encode a phrase related to the New Year celebration.

      • New Year's Cryptogram Puzzle - In this puzzle, meant for children of primary school age, you need to decode and solve the secret New Year's phrase. This puzzle uses pictures rather than letters, but the answer key is provided.
      • New Year's Cryptogram Puzzles - For older students, we have three rather challenging cryptogram games with these timely themes: Resolutions, Stroke of Midnight and Auld Lang Syne.