New Years Celebrations in South America

Food and Traditions for South American New Years Celebrations

New Years Paper Mache Munecas in Ecuador. Marian Blazes

South America is a great place to celebrate New Years. There are many different traditions, but it's always a happy occasion shared with family and friends, and you can count on lots of fireworks wherever you go.

Lots of the traditions revolve around ensuring good luck for the upcoming year. One of the most unusual practices involves underwear. Wearing yellow underwear on New Years Eve is a popular custom in Peru and other countries - it's supposed to bring you good luck in the new year.

In the Andean countries, people burn little doll-like effigies (muñecos) on December 31 (Año Viejo) - a way of burning up any regrets from the old year before the new year begins.

Popular good luck New Years foods include grapes (eating twelve grapes at midnight, one for each month of the year, for good luck), lentils and beans, panetón or pan dulce, turrón (in Argentina), champagne, and hot chocolate.