New Year's Eve Movies to Watch

Most people don't want to wake up with a hangover or deal with drunk drivers when it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations. In fact, plenty of people prefer to spend a more subdued evening in their home. Before tuning in just before midnight for the countdown, you may want to watch something other than musical acts, which are often the focus before the ball drops.

Ring in the New Year With a Movie

Whether you're alone on New Year's Eve or celebrating with friends, family, or your...MORE partner, watching a movie is a great way to stay warm, cozy, and entertained. Here are some great movies over the decades that have some scenes or themes about New Years. Pop some popcorn, cheers with champagne, snuggle together and enjoy a movie or two.

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    With many subplots and an all-star cast, this movie received two awards and eight nominations. This romantic comedy has decent reviews and surrounds itself around the lives of several couples and singles in New York City on New Year's Eve, as directed by Garry Marshall. Watch this film to see popular movie stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, and Ashton Kutcher.

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    This award-winning indie flick is a coming of age comedy about a group of twenty-something Gen Y-ers who reunite for a New Year's Eve bash in middle-class suburbia. Bored with the doldrums of real life after attending college, partying provides a welcome escape full of drinking, smoking, making out, and more. While it sounds like fun, several rude awakenings soon force them to grow up.

    Add some drama to your romantic comedy with this movie directed by Phil Borg starring Julian DeZotti, Joanna...MORE Douglas, and Nicholas Rose.

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    In this 2010 "dramedy" indie flick, a young woman named Sunny gives up a promising future to return to her hometown to care for her ailing father. Soon, she lands a job working at a bowling alley. While working, a charming high school rival returns for the holidays and Sunny is forced to reexamine her life.

    Brett Haley directs this movie with Trieste Kelly Dunn, Ryan Hunter, Kevin Wheatley, and more. Those who are interested in bowling and an old high school acquaintance should take this...MORE drama into consideration.

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    When Bridget Jones makes a New Year's resolution to keep a diary, her life starts to change. This popular comedy, romance, and drama surrounds Renee Zellweger as a British woman determined to improve herself while she seeks love.

    Follow her adventure, based on the novel and screenplay by Helen Fielding, and see stars like Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in this love story. This film has been nominated for one Oscar, received eight winning awards, and has been nominated 29 times.

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    In this dark drama, two teenage boys decide to live for one more year and then commit suicide after their classmates are killed in a school tragedy. However, they can only take their own lives after completing a mysterious series of tasks written in blood in what they call "The Book Of Life."

    This movie, directed by Suri Krishnamma, stars Andrew Lee Potts, Bobby Barry, and more. With above average reviews, those interested in UK films, gay relationships, and raw quality will enjoy this...MORE film about adolescence.

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    This classic movie is one of the most popular comedies, dramas, and romantic films all wrapped into one. Enjoy this above average movie featuring Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, and other well-known actors. Plus, this film has a great New Year's Eve scene, a fun plot, and interesting segments from actors portraying real-life stories of married couples.

    When Harry Met Sally was nominated for one Oscar, received four winning awards, and was nominated 16 times. Watch this movie if you...MORE like plots about men and women, friendship, and New York City.

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    Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, and Fred MacMurray all star in this great movie with romance, drama, and comedy. This is a story about the complications that arise from not being honest in relationships. Those looking for an old film to watch can indulge in this great movie directed by Billy Wilder.

    This is a top rated movie that won five Oscars, received 19 winning awards, and had eight nominations. Enjoy this Christmas and New Year's Eve movie with lots of laughs and drama.

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    Another classic, this romantic comedy and musical is directed by Norman Taurog and features actors like Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and additional stars. The plot surrounds a baby outside an orphanage, a sympathetic salesgirl, and a lot of miscommunication problems that lead to love anyway. Immerse yourself in this kitschy and classic film that was nominated for a Golden Globe.

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    Holiday Inn is a comedy, drama, and musical that takes place at an inn that's only open during the Holidays. This film by Mark Sandrich received great reviews and features stars like Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Marjorie Reynolds.

    Watch this Oscar-winning film, featuring great dancing and music, to engage in a story about a crooner and a hoofer that chases the affections of a gorgeous and up-and-coming performer.

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    William Powell and Myrna Loy star as Nick and Nora Charles in this fun movie about a husband-and-wife detective team who find themselves in the midst of a murder mystery on New Year's Eve. Watch this excellent and classic mystery crime movie for an entertaining and fresh Hollywood flick as you ring in the new year.


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