The New Year's Resolution for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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As the New Year approaches, it's no surprise our minds turn to ways we can make improvements in one form or another. While some of us may already have our goals lined up and ready to take charge, for others it might be slightly more difficult to determine what path is best for us.

Of course, our zodiac signs can often give us some additional insight into what we might be needing at any given moment. Below, we selected the best New Year's resolution that you should certainly make on based on your zodiac sign.

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    Aries: Tackle the Home Improvement Project You've Put Off

    Home improvement projects

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    Let's be honest, Aries: your issue isn't about coming up with possible resolutions, but more that you tend to lose interest or focus too quickly to finish what you start. We know there is a home improvement project you likely started at some point this year—painting a room, reorganizing a messy space, building a new piece of furniture—that still needs to be completed. Make it a priority to finish what you started, and consider turning it into a challenge. We both know you aren't one to back down from those.

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    Taurus: Stay on Top of Your Budget

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    Once the New Year rolls around, it's easy to get swept away in reinventing your home and making a ton of purchases. With your ruling planet Venus constantly being drawn towards aesthetics and beauty, you may find it easier to spend now and worry later. Taking the time to get on top of your budget and see what you can actually afford will not only give you a more focused on idea on what you can do in your home, but may be extremely beneficial if you need unexpected home improvements or require more budget than you anticipated to bring a new project to life.

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    Gemini: Revamp Unused Areas of Your Home

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    While your mind is often always on the move, it's not surprise that you might be overlooking a few things. In our homes, there is often unused space that we don't pay attention to that can go to waste. Make it a point to look around your home and see what spaces you could be overlooking, and think of ways you can put them to better use. This may also be a good time to clean out those closest and cabinets that you tend to throw things in without ever looking at them again.

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    Cancer: Declutter Your Spaces

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    Clearing clutter is often an obvious choice for New Year's resolutions, but it truly will benefit you more than most, Cancer. Your combined love of comfort and sentimentality means you are more prone to holding onto things you don't really need or have much use for. While you certainly don't have to throw away everything and become a strict minimalist, take the time to go through your storage and cluttered spaces in your house and see what you can part with. Cleaning those areas out will truly make you feel better.

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    Leo: Strive to Cook More Meals at Home

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    Listen, no one is saying you can't go out to dinner—but taking the initiative to cook more meals at home will actually bring more benefit to your life than you realize, Leo. It hits the perfect resolutions trifecta of saving a little money, taking on a newer skill by cooking different dishes, and can also be a solid way to impress your friends when you invite them over (because we know you don't mind showing off a little every now and then). This may also be a perfect opportunity to clean out your kitchen and get an idea of what you might need in order to actually follow through on cooking at home.

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    Virgo: Invest in More DIY Projects

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    Of course, you likely are one to engage in DIY projects already, but striving for more can't hurt, right? With your determination and practicality, DIY projects don't intimidate you the way they do others, and it can add some distinct personalization to your space. However, this is also a great time to release the idea of being an absolute perfectionist—take your time and do go at your own pace, but don't let flawlessness be your top priority.

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    Libra: Purge Your Closet

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    We know you hate to hear it, Libra, but you know you have plenty of items in your closet you just don't wear anymore. It's time to purge and donate the stuff taking up space—and resist the urge to fill it back up again with a ton of new items you'll be getting rid of in a year. Trying a capsule wardrobe, with a few fun statement pieces, will put your mind at ease and make your room feel a little less cramped.

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    Scorpio: Add Fresh Decor to Your Space

    Fresh decor

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    As a sign who enjoys keeping things the same, big changes aren't always your favorite, Scorpio. While we would certainly advise you to step out of your comfort zone, sometimes the best shifts happen in small doses. Adding fresh decor—whether in the form of a few small, new items or even something as simple as fresh flowers and a new candle—can make your space feel renewed again as you step into the New Year.

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    Sagittarius: Try a New Home Decor Trend

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    You're never one to shy away from something new, but you may not always know where to start. 2023 has plenty of home decor trend predictions that you can take into consideration. Whether it's a new paint color, color scheme, or concept altogether, a new trend may be the kickstart you need to feel refreshed and revived for the upcoming year.

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    Capricorn: Rework Your Cleaning Routines

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    With busy schedules and plans always in the works, you know that your time is valuable, Capricorn. Taking some time to rework and plan out new cleaning routines may become more of an asset than you realize. Try to figure out what things needs to be done daily, what can be done once a week, and what can be done intermittently throughout the year. Additionally, see if there are ways you can become more efficient in your cleaning practices—is there a new life hack or product that can help you out in more ways than one? You'll never know until you look.

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    Aquarius: Invest in Rest

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    While rest is something talked about a lot when it comes to caring for ourselves, it can be easier said than done. Taking the time to find new ways to rest will be vitally important for you, Aquarius. The best place to start? Revamping the area in your home where you rest—your bedroom. Whether it's creating a more calming environment, getting new bedsheets, or even removing screens, placing a bigger focus on this area may be the first major step in helping your get better rest—and that's always a resolution worth keeping.

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    Pisces: Create a Meditative Space in Your Home

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    The upcoming year is sure to bring some chaos your way, Pisces. Opting to create a meditative space in your home, whether that be a designated room or simply an area in your home, could be just the refuge you need to help during the overwhelming moments. Choosing calming color schemes, investing in meditative decor and elements, and creating an area free of traffic and clutter are all worthwhile steps you can implement.