5 New Year's Resolutions for Work-at-Home Parents

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    5 New Year's Resolutions for Work-at-Home Parents


    Happy New Year!  It's that time again when we start with a fresh slate where we write all our good intentions. But the question is: How do we make New Year resolutions stick? Of course, it takes discipline, but part of it is simply finding the right resolution. So take a look at these 5 New Year’s resolutions for parents who work from home and see if any are the “right” resolution for you.

    First Resolution: Find a (New) Job

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    New Year's Resolution: Find a Work-at-Home Job


    Whether you already work at home and want a new job or you’d like to start working at home, the new year is a good time to get going. However, I'm sorry to say that finding a work-at-home job can be a long process.

    And if you’ve never worked at home before, it doesn't necessarily start with a job application or the launch of a home business, but long before that. Getting started as a working at home means taking a good look at your skills and your lifestyle. It means considering childcare ...MOREand if you have the personality to be a WAHM.

    There are no magical, money-making job opportunities that anyone can do no matter her skills. Those are work-at-home scams. With online work (as with any other job), the more experience you have the better you are paid.

    So begin this journey by browsing these resources"

    Next Resolution: Make More Money

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    Make More Money From Home


    Wouldn't we all love to make more money? But of course nothing in life is free (and so few things are easy). So to make more money, we need to work harder--or at least work smarter.

    So if your goals is to make more money, the key to keeping that resolution will be working out a strategy and sticking to it. Break your action plan into small doable goals, i.e., send out three resumes a week, contact two prospective clients per week, etc.

    But what exactly your plan will be is dependent on your...MORE own situation. If you want to get started working at home or you have an established business you want to expand, your plan will be different than if you simply want to pick up some extra cash working at home. But a new job is one of the surest ways to increase your income so start browsing this work-at-home jobs directory and see who has openings that fit your qualifications.

     Next Resolution: Find Work-Life Balance

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    Finding Work-Life Balance


    In our fantasy world, working at home means finding that mystical work/life balance. After all there's no commute and so many opportunities to multitask. So naturally we use all that extra time wisely, right?

    Well, as anyone who's worked at home can tell you, life can get off balance even when you work at home...or maybe because you work at home. The only separation between work and home are the work at home boundaries that you put in place.

    So there are many questions to consider about...MORE yourself and your family in order to make working at home a success:

    • Do you have the personality of a work at home mom? Face it, if you need your boss or someone else looking over your shoulder for motivation, working at home may not be right from you. Find out what other personality traits a WAHM needs.
    • Do you need childcare? Your kids' ages and your type of work can help you decide this. Plus your own tolerance for distractions will play a factor.
    • What will your working hours be? Working whenever the mood strikes or when you can find time is a recipe for too much or too little work. Setting a schedule in advance makes it easier for others in your household to know when you're working.

     Next Resolution: Get Organized

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    Get Organized (and Stay That Way)


    Better organization is a constant goal for some. Even if you really want everything to be in order and have lots of systems for organizing things you can fall down of the job of following through with the day-to-day job of actually keeping up these systems. In fact, too many systems can be detrimental. 

    Figure out just how much you need to keep up with a life and career that keeps changing. New technology, growing kids, fluctuating clients, etc., mean that what worked last year won't...MORE necessarily work this year. If  getting organized is your goal, here are a few resources to help you keep things straight:

    Next Resolution: Reduce Distractions

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    Reduce Distractions


    Note this resolution is to reduce--not eliminate--distractions. That's because the trick to keeping New Year's resolutions is to make them reasonable. And it's just not feasible to completely eradicate distractions. We're all human after all. Everyone gets distracted sometimes. People who work in offices are distracted all day long by co-workers, phone calls and meetings.

    But that said, we work-at-home folks have different distractions. And we need to be aware of what distracts us...MORE most in order to keep ourselves on track.