Newly Engaged Wedding Planning Questionnaire

Couple Choosing Bridal Bouquet Together
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When starting to plan a wedding, it's important to know that you and your sweetheart are on the same page. That way you will be able to make decisions independently when necessary, knowing that it fits into the overall look and feel of the wedding. It will also help you avoid arguments with each other and give you firm answers to tell those who will question your decisions.

You can choose to complete this questionnaire together as a couple or print out two copies, fill them out separately and then compare answers. Discuss the reasons for your choices thoroughly as it will help you when making decisions later on. A disagreement now can help avoid a non-refundable disaster later.

If there is another person who will be an important decision-maker in the wedding, such as a parent, you may wish to get them to fill this out too but start with the couple getting married.

Wedding Planning Questionnaire

Rate the following in order of importance (put a 1 next to the thing that is most important to you, through a 10 next to the thing that is least important to you):
___Aesthetics/Appearance (flowers, decorations, centerpieces, ambiance)
___Family and Friends

When I look back on our wedding, I want to most remember: (choose 1)
___How exciting and fun everything was
___How romantic it was
___How beautiful it was
___How proper and tasteful everything was
___How smoothly and easily everything went
___How happy my parents and family were
___How relaxed I was

Circle two to three words that you think will describe your wedding:
Fun — Romantic — Classic — Unique — Loving — Classy — Tasteful — Glamorous — Elegant — Funky — Casual — Relaxed — Formal — Themed — Well-appointed — Luxurious — Decadent — Old-fashioned — Kitschy — Preppy — Sporty — Morning — Afternoon — Evening — Coordinated — Cute — Solemn — Religious — Secular — Traditional — Other _________________

Even though you may not yet have put together a budget, or know who is contributing to your wedding, select how much you think your wedding should cost: (choose 1)
___Less than $5000
___more than $100,000

I want to get married: (choose 1)
___in the spring
___in the summer
___in the fall
___in the winter
___on our anniversary
___on an easy to remember date like 1/9/2019
___on a holiday (Valentine's Day, New Years, Etc.)
___on my parents' wedding anniversary
___on another special date _______________

Colors that might make good wedding colors: (choose 3 or 4)
Red — Green — Yellow — Blue — Purple — Lilac — Amethyst — Eggplant — Lavender — Wine — Bordeaux — Burgundy — Sky blue — Teal — Royal Blue — Navy — Midnight Blue — Raspberry — Light Pink — Hot Pink — Fuschia — Coral — Magenta — Peach — Tangerine — Apricot — Pumpkin — Orange — Curry — Mustard — Brown — Chocolate Brown — Camel — Tan — Beige — Apple Green — Grass Green — Kelly Green — Mint Green — Lime Green — Moss — Sapphire — Deep Aqua — Gold — Silver — White — Black — Bronze — Copper — Cream — Champagne — Vanilla — Marigold — Electric Blue — Neon Yellow — Blue Grey — Grey — Other

Next Steps

Once you have filled it out, use your answers to start planning your wedding. For example, you might use the budget number as a target to discuss with anyone who might help pay for the wedding. If you both agree that flowers are more important to you than music, for example, you might choose to allocate a greater percentage of your budget to flowers and save money on music by having a DJ or using an mp3 player.