Men's News Sites That Every Dad Should Read

I spend a lot of time on the Internet researching men’s issues for the articles I write on fatherhood and other issues of interest to men. I have scoured hundreds of sites that aggregate news articles from across the Internet, and I have a list of my top ten go-to web pages to find the latest information of interest to men. Depending on a father’s interests, I think all of these are worth exploring and bookmarking for men.  

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    Men's E-News

    Men’s E-News is one of my must-read sites if I want to keep up on the world news impacting men and fathers. The staff there scour the web for articles and information helpful to men. Articles fall into topics like fatherhood and family, health and fitness, issues and perspective and entertainment and sports. They also have links to excellent books and online resources for men about men’s and fathers’ issues.  I subscribe to their email newsletter as well, which keeps me up to date on the issues...MORE they cover, including things like fathers’ rights, which often aren’t covered in the “mainstream media.”  

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    Ask Men News has come to be known as a go-to site for information and resources for men. Their news page is a treasure trove of information for men and fathers. They have subpages with current news and information related to tech, entertainment, health and sports, relationships, cars, fashion, power and money and fine living. There is a lot of political commentary on the issues of the day, advice on making job changes, investment ideas and more. Their information about parenting specifically is...MORE quite light, but the other resources there make it worth investigating for fathers.  

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    Men's News Daily

    Men’s News Daily bills itself as the “daily dose of counter-theory,” and it lives up to that billing. If you are looking for the traditional - read fluff - news aggregator, then Men’s News Daily is not for you. But it you want to read provocative and thoughtful articles from across the Internet of interest to men, this is a great site. Recent articles as of this writing debunk the investment myths around gold and precious metals, offer political insights into current election campaigns, discuss...MORE the economics of South America, current happenings in the world of retail, and more. It can be a little esoteric and random but in a good way. It reminds me a little bit of NPR with a focus on issues of interest to men.

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    Men's Activism

    If you have an interest in activism and advocacy, Men’s Activism is a site you will want to bookmark and return to frequently. This site can be a little edgy, particularly on issues like fathers’ rights. They are decidedly pro-male and are not shy at all about it. They don’t hesitate to call out companies or organizations for male-bashing, and they even host a boycott list of companies that have unabashedly targeted males and used males in advertising in a negative way.  If you sign up for an...MORE account, you can share articles with them of interest to men’s activists which they will then post on their site.  They also accept guest commentaries.  

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    WebMD Men's Health

    WebMD has always been a go-to source for health information on the web, and their site that is focused on men’s health and recent news related to men’s health is no exception as to the quality product they offer. You can find quizzes and interactive features as well as links to information about the most requested topics by men about health issues.  

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    Mandatory is a fun and engaging website written by men and for men. The layout is kind of like a traditional online newspaper, and there are insightful articles and links to new in the worlds of entertainment, sports and other aspects of a man’s lifestyle. They also have links to videos - both entertaining and informative - and highlight information on the web that men will appreciate. I have found lots of resources here for men at all stages of their lives.  

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    Men's Health News from ActiveBeat

    Like WebMD, this site aggregates information from a wide variety of sources dealing with men’s health. Men can find information on diet, nutrition, exercise, disease outbreaks, travel warnings, health studies and recalls. If you are seeking information from around the web to improve your health as a man, ActiveBeat is a great starting point.

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    Telegraph Men

    From the British Isles comes one of the best sites dedicated to news of interest to men and fathers. The Telegraph is a British newspaper, and this site aggregates articles from their new site that have special appeal to men. Broken into subsections like The Thinking Man, Fashion and Lifestyle, and Relationships, this news page has something of interest to move every man, European or otherwise. The articles are well written, diverse and interesting.

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    Dudepins is kind of a Pinterest site focused on men and their needs. With pictures, articles, news posts and other interesting online resources, Dudepins News summarizes all that is going on of interest to men and fathers. Like Pinterest, you can see posts from other men who are Dudepins members and get info on sports, technology, entertainment, family, gaming and more.

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    Primer Dispatch

    Primer is a unique online magazine for men focused on the 20-something men’s age group. Primer plays the role of an “older brother” offering perspective and advice for young men. The Dispatch is a collection of news stories and blog posts of interest to men from a variety of sources. It is a great one-stop spot for getting the latest news in the world of men - from style to learning to parenting, and beyond.