Nicolette Patton


Nicolette Patton is a seasoned Kitchen & Bath Designer and Cabinet Expert.  She is a CKD, Certified Kitchen Designer, through the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), as well as a mother, writer, cook, crafter and music enthusiast.  

Follow along with Nicolette and as they explore Kitchen Trends, Products, Design Details, Budgets and much, much more.

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Nicolette has 18 years experience designing kitchens, bathrooms and whole homes.  Her work and advice have been featured in several local and national publications and websites.  Nicolette Patton has designed kitchens in small studios, modest family homes, large estates and community kitchens.

Her personal style is Contemporary Eclectic, but has an excitement for all genres of design.  

As a second generation kitchen specialist, Nicolette was born with a passion for design.  Her objective when designing a space, is to turn ordinary into extraordinary with innovative space planning and design details that emphasize intention, maximum functionality and organization.  

If a design will be built and then used for 20+ years, shouldn't it be good?

Nicolette has learned so much from each and every client, project, material and home she has done work in.  As a Kitchen Blogger, she shares important thoughts and tips to help you stay informed on the latest trends, functional design solutions and what are the best products available for you.

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In addition to the CKD certification with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Nicolette attained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Design, with an emphasis in Interior Architecture from the University of California, Davis.  She frequently attends continuing education, product knowledge courses and trade shows to seek out creative and functional tools to use in her designs. 

Nicolette Patton

Thoughtful design details can create a HUGE impact on the function and aesthetics of a kitchen, and therefore the quality of how you and your family enjoy your home.  Kitchens are no longer a room to cook in, they are spaces to socialize, do homework, charge phones and laptops, watch the morning news, and eat meals.   A true hub and heart of the home where the family can connect and stay connected, it is important that the kitchen is functional, ergonomic and reflects your own personal style.  

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