Night Lights for Kids

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    For the Things that Go Bump in the Night...

    Night Light
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    The dark can transform even the sweetest of nurseries into a scary place for a small child, let alone a dangerous obstacle course for sleep-deprived parents. Protect your little one - and your toes - with one of these fabulous and fun night lights for kids.

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    Bramble Night Light

    “Bramble Nightlight”
    “Bramble Nightlight” by My Sweet Muffin - $96. Photo via My Sweet Muffin

    This darling little fairy house - designed in and imported from England - will add a touch of elfish whimsy to your woodland-inspired design. Made in ceramic and decorated with detailed illustrations of Bramble the Elf and his forest friends, the “Bramble Night Light” makes a beautiful addition to any nursery.

    Bramble Night Light” by My Sweet Muffin - $96

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    Night Owl Portable Night Light

    Night Owl
    “Night Owl” by Onaroo - $29.99. Photo by Onaroo via Amazon.

    This adorable and completely portable night light will be happy to keep your little “night owl” company, lighting up the darkness with a soft glow in your child’s choice of yellow, blue or pink.

    Place on the AC-powered, tree branch base for all-night use, or let your little one take his friend to bed. The safe-to-touch LED lighting generates no heat, and the unit will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, preserving the battery life. The Night Owl Portable Night light also features an...MORE optional, parent-programmable sleep training option. At the appointed time, the Night Owl will turn green, giving your child the “green light” to get out of bed and find Mommy and Daddy.

    Night Owl” by Onaroo  - $29.99


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    “Bonne Nuit” Bulbs - Glow in the Dark Decal

    “Bonne Nuit” Bulbs by My Sweet Muffin - $32. Photo via My Sweet Muffin.

    This decorative decal also serves as an ingenious night light, creating a soft phosphorescent glow as soon as you switch of the lights. Applies easily to any smooth surface.

    Bonne Nuit” Bulbs by My Sweet Muffin - $32

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    Milk Glass Night Light

    Milk Glass Night Light
    “Milk Glass Nightlight” by HDE - $6.57. Photo by HDE via Amazon.

    Headed back downstairs to fetch your little one yet another big, ol’ glass of “I don’t really wanna go to bed?” Next time, try calling your tricky toddler’s bluff, and plop this little beauty on the nightstand.

    Made of strong and durable acrylic, this battery-powered milk glass is practically guaranteed to make your child’s “thirst” evaporate into a cloud of giggles. It makes a pretty decent night light too!

    Milk Glass Night Light” by HDE - $6.57

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    Moon In My Room

    “Moon In My Room” by Uncle Milton - $24.01. Photo by Uncle Milton via Amazon.

    Your toddler believes you hung the moon. Why not live up to the notion?

    Sure to capture your little dreamer’s imagination, this authentically detailed night light displays a stunning, 3-D lunar landscape as it automatically cycles through the 12 main phases of the moon. A corresponding audio track, available online using the included MP3 download code, provides a guided tour of the moon in all its stages. Watch as the “Moon in My Room” cycles through its phases while listening to an informative...MORE tour of the lunar landscape.

    Moon In My Room” by Uncle Milton - $24.01

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    Candela Zoom

    Candela Zoom
    “Candela Zoom” by OXO - $22.99. Photo by OXO via Amazon.

    Send those bedtime troubles up, up and away with this groovy little rocket ship night light. This fully rechargeable, portable, LED nightlight remains cool to the touch, even after eight hours of continuous use. When the battery gives out, simply pop the rocket on its kid-friendly “Safe-Charge” dock and let the glow go on.

    Candela Zoom” by OXO - $22.99

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    Elephant Night Light

    Elephant Nightlight
    “Elephant Nightlight” by Land of Nod - $99. Photo via Land of Nod

    Elephant in the room? You bet! This sleek and modern elephant uses low-energy, compact fluorescent lighting to shed a little light on those nighttime fears, banishing the unspeakable from your darkest nursery corners. Cleverly constructed from die-cut, hand-formed sheets of polyurethane plastic and standing almost a foot tall, this proud little pachyderm is sure to invite comment!

    Elephant Night Light” by Land of Nod - $99

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    Woodland Friends Night Light

    “Woodland Friends Nightlight” (Hedgehog) by Land of Nod - $10.95. Photo via Land of Nod

    You don’t need to spend the night in the forest to have a sleepover with your favorite woodland friends. These adorable critters will be happy to take up residence right on your dresser! Choose from four different, battery-operated LED animal designs.

    Woodland Friends Night Light” (Hedgehog) by Land of Nod - $10.95

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    Peek-a-boo Birdhouse Nightl Light

    “Peek-a-boo Birdhouse” by Etsy’s Modern Treetop Baby. Photo by Modern Treetop Baby via Etsy.

    Handcrafted using 100% bamboo, this sweet little birdhouse with its real, working peek-a-boo doors would make a beautiful accessory for an eco-friendly nursery.

    “Peek-a-boo Birdhouse” by Etsy’s Modern Treetop Baby.

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    Mini Vintage Lantern

    “Mini Vintage Lantern” by Restoration Hardware - $129. Photo via Restoration Hardware.

    This antique-replica kerosene lantern would make a charming addition to any vintage-industrial themed boy’s room. The lantern’s pewter finish has been gently distressed, imitating the worn patina of a vintage find. An old-fashion fabric cord completes the look.

    Mini Vintage Lantern” by Restoration Hardware - $129