Pictures of Nine Patch Bento Box Quilts

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    Mary Jane's Nine Patch Bento Box Quilt

    Mystery Quilt by Mary Jane Cardwell
    Mystery Quilt by Mary Jane Cardwell. Photo Courtesy Mary Jane Cardwell

    Browse this gallery to see pictures of quilts made with my Nine Patch Bento Box quilt pattern. The pattern was our New Year's Day Mystery Quilt in 2015 but has been so popular that I converted the mystery instructions to create  a more streamlined version of the quilt pattern. 

    If you didn't know the late Mary Jane Cardwell before event day, you likely did after January 1. Both she and Misha (next page) tested the pattern for me and answered questions in our Facebook group and on the...MORE Quilting Forum.

    Give both ladies a round of applause for the time and care that made the event so successful.

    The photo offers a look at Mary Jane's quilt, ready to be put on her longarm quilting machine.

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    An All-Solids Quilt by Misha

    An All-Solids Mystery Quilt by Misha
    An All-Solids Mystery Quilt by Misha. Misha Stachowiak

    Misha was challenged to make a quilt using only solids, and this is the result. Lovely, don't you think?

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    Tove's Bento Box Quilt

    Tove's 2015 Mystery Quilt
    Tove's 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo by Tove Sondergaard

     Tove's quilt colors really pop.

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    Barbara's Quilt

    Barbara Iverson's 2015 Mystery Quilt
    Barbara Iverson's 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo by Barbara Iverson

     Another wonderful color combo for the Nine Patch Bento Box quilt.

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    Nancy's Quilt

    Nancy Elkin's 2015 Mystery Quilt
    Nancy Elkin's 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo by Nancy Elkin

    Nancy worked with saturated colors, both hot and cool.

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    Patty's Quilt

    Patty Clayton's 2015 Mystery Quilt
    Patty Clayton's 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo by Patty Clayton

    Patty's colors are bright and sunshiny -- a lovely look.

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    Kathi's 2015 New Year's Day Mystery Quilt

    Kathi Walker Eddy's 2015 Mystery Quilt
    Kathi Walker Eddy's 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo by Kathi Walker Eddy

    Kathi says: "I picked my fabrics purely out of the need to use my fabric stash, however, I am very pleased with how the quilt turned out. I really enjoyed the pattern and I think that the only thing I would do differently is to incorporate a sixth fabric instead of using the paisley in the first slot around the 9 patch so that both halves of the block were more symmetrical. 

    The strip piecing and sub cuts worked great for block construction and the pressing instructions were very helpful. I...MORE will definitely make this one again. I chose to repeat the pattern's concept in the first border to add more of those two fabrics and then added two plain borders just to increase the dimensions to fit a queen size bed."

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    Billie's Quilt

    Billie Watts' 2015 Mystery Quilt
    Billie Watts' 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo by Billie Watts

    Billie says: "I finished the mystery quilt! and free motion quilted a feathered wreath in each square. I really like the way it turned out. I plan on donating this to our local high school for a fund raiser since green and gold are their colors. Thanks for the fun time."

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    Judy Quilt

    Judy Neu's Batik Mystery Quilt
    Judy Neu's Batik Mystery Quilt. Photo by Judy Neu

     Judy's blue fabrics pop into vision against the light background colors.

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    Karen Catron's Quilt

    Karen Catron New Year's Mystery Quilt
    Karen Catron New Year's Mystery Quilt. Photo by Karen Catron

    Red, green, and orange give Karen's quilt lots of visual appeal. 

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    Ana's Quilt

    Ana Burton's 2015 Myster Quilt
    Ana Burton's 2015 Myster Quilt. Photo by Ana Burton

     Small bits of orange contrast nicely with the mostly neutral fabrics in Ana's quilt.

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    Laura Frame's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt by Laura Frame
    Mystery Quilt by Laura Frame. Photo Courtesy of Laura Frame

    Vibrant colors and a range prints with a textured feel work wonderfully in Laura's 2015 New Year's Day mystery quilt. 

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    Rebecca's Bento Box Quilt

    Rebecca Kemp Mystery Quilt
    Rebecca Kemp's Mystery Quilt. Photo by Rebecca Kemp

    Rebecca turned her blocks around a bit differently to create this layout.

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    Paula's Quilt

    Paula Menzies 2015 Mystery Quilt
    2015 Mystery Quilt by Paula Menzies. Photo by Paula Menzies

    Paula is another quilter who opted to change her Bento Box layout just a bit to create a unique design.

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    Quilt by Rita Serrano

    Mystery Quilt by Rita Serrano
    Mystery Quilt by Rita Serrano. Photo Courtesy Rita Serrano

    Rita flipped her patchwork borders around in a Bento Box style. She calls this lovely quilt 'Box in Blue.'

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    Christine's Quilt

    Christine Hampton's Mystery Quilt
    Christine Hampton's Mystery Quilt. Photo by Christine Hampton
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    Crystal's Quilt

    Crystal Mills 2015 Mystery Quilt
    2015 Mystery Quilt by Crystal Mills. Photo by Crystal Mills

    Crystal did a wonderful job on her quilt.

    One thing that helped everyone who tried it -- pressing to set seams before pressing allowances to one side. 

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    Quilt by Barbara Setterdahl

    Mystery Quilt by Barbara Setterdahl
    Mystery Quilt by Barbara Setterdahl. Photo Courtesy of Barbara Setterdahl
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    Betty's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt Sewn by Betty
    Betty's Mystery Quilt. Photo by Betty
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    Quilt by Rebecca Evenhus

    Rebecca Evenhus Mystery Quilt
    Mystery Quilt by Rebecca. Rebecca N. Evenhus

    From Rebecca: "This has been a great experience. I have learned so much. I have learned to cut correctly (good grief - I had some bad habits). I learned to sew a straighter line. Not straight, but straighter! And that if your iron lets you turn off the steam function - do it!"

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    Quilt by Terri

    Mystery Quit by Terri Karasch
    2015 Mystery Quit by Terri Karasch. Quit by Terri Karasch

    From Terri: "I've enjoyed all the Mew Year's Day mysteries that I've done, but this may be my favorite! "

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    Quilt by Carolyn Lalos

    New Year's Day Mystery Quilt by Carolyn Lalos
    New Year's Day Mystery Quilt by Carolyn Lalos. Photo Courtesy Carolyn Lalos
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    Quilt by Sharon

    Mystery Quilt by Sharon Armstrong
    Mystery Quilt by Sharon Armstrong. Photo Courtesy Sharon Armstrong

    From Sharon: "This is why you should always read the fabric requirements of a mystery. I love the pattern and will probably make another, but I will have some contrast in that one."

    Note From Janet: I think the quilt is gorgeous, and judging by the feedback in our Facebook group, lots of other quilters do, too. The fabrics contrast a bit less than recommended, but less contrast doesn't detract from the quilt in any way.

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    Pat's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt By Pat Adney
    Mystery Quilt By Pat Adney. Photo Courtesy of Pat Adney
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    Cindy's Quilt

    Cindy Hickman's 2015 Mystery-Quilt
    Cindy Hickman's 2015 Mystery-Quilt. Photo by Cindy Hickman

    From Cindy: "Thanks so much for doing a mystery quilt every year. I have to admit, I would have never chosen this pattern or this color combo, but I love how it turned out."

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    Diana Smith's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt by Diana Smith
    Mystery Quilt by Diana Smith. Photo Courtesy Diana L. Smith
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    Peggy's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt
    Peggy's 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy Peggy

    Peggy Says: "Just finished my NYD mystery. Thanks Jan for this pattern, I had a great time. This will be a birthday present for my sister who's birthday is on Jan 11."

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    Carol Anne's Quilt

    Carol Anne Morcom Mystery Quilt
    Carol Anne Morcom's Mystery Quilt. Photo by Carol Anne Morcom

    Carol Anne chose a monochromatic color scheme for her gorgeous mystery quilt. Here, the blocks are laid out on a bed to preview the quilt.

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    Hannah's Quilt

    Hannah's Mystery Quilt
    Hannah's Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy Hannah Deeter

    Hannah says: "We added the trim to enhance the vintage feel of the quilt. My mom paid just $2 for all of the trim at an antique store, and she had been looking for the perfect project on which to use it."

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    Mystery Quilt by Barb

    Mystery Quilt by Barb Horte
    Mystery Quilt by Barb Horte. Photo Courtesy Barb Horte

    Barb added borders to her mystery quilt, more on the ends than on the sides in order to adjust its final size.

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    Peggy Kelly's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt by Peggy Kelly
    Mystery Quilt by Peggy Kelly. Photo Courtesy Peggy Kelly
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    Kristine's On Point Quilt

    Kristine's On Point Mystery Quilt
    Kristine's On Point Mystery Quilt. Photo by Kristine Dale

    Kristine arranged her Bento Box quilt blocks on point. Her photo illustrates five of the blocks arranged on top of the fabric she plans to use for setting and corner triangles.

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    Quilt by Lucy Wilson

    Mystery Quilt by Lucy Wilson
    Mystery Quilt by Lucy Wilson. Photo Courtesy Lucy Wilson

    Lucy used her quilt blocks to make two quilts -- this one an on point version framed by two borders that repeat fabrics used in the blocks.

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    Debra's Quilt

    Debra Heinrich‎ Mystery Quilt
    Debra Heinrich‎ Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy of Debra Heinrich‎
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    Diana's Quilt

    Diana Gates Mystery Quilt
    Mystery Quilt by Diana Gates. Photo by Diana Gates

     Diana teamed a floral fabric with dots to add lots of visual texture to her Bento Box quilt.

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    Vicki's Quilt

    Vicki's 2015 Mystery Quilt
    Vicki's 2015 Mystery Quilt. Photo by Vickie Kaufman
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    Cathy's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt by Cathy Anders
    Mystery Quilt by Cathy Anders. Photo by Cathy Anders

    Colorful pinks and yellow come together in Cathy's mystery quilt. Yellows are sometimes difficult to capture -- Cathy used two, one darker than the other.

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    Quilt by Crystal

    Mystery Quilt by Crystal
    Mystery Quilt by Crystal Hinspeter. Photo Courtesy Crystal Hinspeter

    Crystal is a beginning quilter who did fantastic work making her New Year's Day mystery quilt.

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    Quilt by Patti Monk

    2015 Mystery Quilt by Patti Monk
    2015 Mystery Quilt by Patti Monk. Photo by Patti Monk

    Here's a portion of Patti's pretty mystery quilt, taken while she was auditioinig potential border fabrics.

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    Quilt by Pam

    Pam Fourman Mahorney Mystery Quilt
    Pam Fourman Mahorney Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy Pam

    From Pam: "Just finished the top as written and couldn't be any happier with the result. Thanks to Janet and her team of quilting experts for the opportunity to quilt alongside you. Even though it is not perfectly perfect, it is the best job I have ever done on a top! I appreciate your gentle reminders to fix an imperfect situation before moving on. My first mystery quilt will not be my last!"

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    Patty Harris's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt by Patty Harris
    Mystery Quilt by Patty Harris. Photo Courtesy Patty Harris

    Patty's blocks are arranged to show the final layout of her mystery quilt.

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    Paula's Qult

    Paula Strickland Mystery Quilt
    Mystery Quilt by Paula Moffet Strickland. Photo Courtesy Paula Moffet Strickland

    From Paula: "This is my mystery quilt from Missouri. I love the block and how the setting looks magnified where the blocks meet. I'm glad a customer happened into the quilt shop where I work on Mondays and shared the pattern link with me. I look forward to other projects from this site."

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    Debbie's Qult

    Debbie's 2015 Mystery Qult
    Debbie's 2015 Mystery Qult. Photo Courtesy of Deborah Burmer
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    Sharon's Quilt

    Sharon Horton Mystery Quilt
    Sharon Horton Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy Sharon Horton
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    Nora's Quilt

    Mystery Quilt by Nora
    Nora's Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy Nora Fusco

    Nora says: "I added three borders to make the quilt large enough to use on our bed.

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    Gretia's Quilt

    Gretia's Mystery Quilt
    Gretia's Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy Gretia
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    Janielle's Quilt

    Janielle's Mystery Quilt
    Janielle's Mystery Quilt. Photo Courtesy of Janielle

    From Janielle: "Here is my finished quilt top. I set it a bit differently. I am really happy with the finished project. It is going on my longarm today so that I can get it quilted and finished."

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    Batik Quilt Blocks by Mary Beth

    Mystery Quilt Blocks by Mary Beth Dunn
    Mystery Quilt Blocks by Mary Beth Dunn. Photo by Mary Beth Dunn

    From Mary Beth: "I really enjoyed working this mystery. Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday quilting."

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    Quilt Blocks by Kris

    Kris Smith's Mystery Blocks
    Kris Smith's Mystery Blocks. Photo by Kris Smith

     Kris made use of some lovely florals to sew her mystery quilt blocks.