43 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


Fall is all about pumpkins, add some to your fall decor by creating your own Halloween decor with these no-carve pumpkin ideas that range from spooky to cute and playful. For any of these do it yourself pumpkin ideas you can use either a real pumpkin or a fake one that will last longer and can be re-used the following Halloween. Best of all skipping carving your pumpkin keeps you and your family safe while working on decorating a stylish pumpkin for your home.

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    Who says pumpkins have to be spooky? With a little spray paint and some pom poms, you can create fun, colorful and whimsical pumpkins for Halloween this year. Opt for fake pumpkins and you can reuse these as decorations year after year.

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    DIY Floral Pumpkin
    DIY Floral Pumpkin. The Merry Thought

    Decorate your pumpkin this Halloween with a crescent moon using fresh white flowers to create a stunning pumpkin that would look lovely as a centerpiece on your table or beside your front door.

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    DIY Pun-kins
    DIY Pun-kins. Studio DIY

    Show off your silly side and make everyone who sees the pumpkin at your home this Halloween laugh with your hilarious DIY pun pumpkins.

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    DIY Marble Pumpkins
    DIY Marble Pumpkins. A Bubbly Life

    Use up some of your old nail polish colors to add a glam marble design to your pumpkins this Halloween with this lovely DIY.

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    DIY Matt Black Paint Pumpkin
    DIY Matt Black Paint Pumpkin. Sweet Paul

    This understated eerie matte black pumpkin is very quick to make? and perfect for any Halloween.

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    DIY Paint Splattered Pumpkins
    DIY Paint Splattered Pumpkins. Homey Oh My

    Have fun getting a bit messy by making your paint splattered pumpkin by tossing paint onto your pumpkin to create a unique design.

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    DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin
    DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin. Delia Creates

    Here is a Halloween pumpkin decorating idea if you have young children. Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint and let your child decorate the pumpkin with chalk.

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    DIY Gold Dipped Pumpkin
    DIY Gold Dipped Pumpkin. Lovely Indeed

    This simple to make DIY gold dipped pumpkin would look perfect in your home all fall as a festive home accent.

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    DIY Eek And Boo Pumpkins
    DIY Eek And Boo Pumpkins. Lovely Indeed

    Write your own custom message on your pumpkin this year for a quick pumpkin decorating idea perfect for Halloween.

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    DIY Glow In The Dark Pumpkin
    DIY Glow In The Dark Pumpkin. A Pumpkin And A Princess

    Once it gets dark on Halloween and children begin trick or treating these DIY glow in the dark pumpkins will look absolutely amazing outside your home.

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    DIY Foliage Decoupage Pumpkins
    DIY Foliage Decoupage Pumpkins. Poppytalk

    Highlight the beauty of hall this year when decorating your pumpkin by covering your pumpkin with fallen leaves you have found outdoors.

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    DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Pumpkins
    DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Pumpkins. Homey Oh My

    Doodle a pattern onto your pumpkin using a paint marker to re-create these spectacular looking mud cloth pumpkins for your home this fall.

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    DIY Gold Foil Pumpkins
    DIY Gold Foil Pumpkins. Homey Oh My

    Create the perfect pumpkin for your Halloween party by painting it white and decorating it with strips of gold foil to cover your pumpkin with confetti.

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    DIY Brushstroke Pumpkins
    DIY Brushstroke Pumpkins. The Merrythought

    Make painterly pumpkins, as done by The Merrythought, that have a stylish brushstroke pattern in contrasting colors by using two shades of acrylic paint and one medium or small sized paint brush.

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    DIY Neon Dipped Pumpkins
    DIY Neon Dipped Pumpkins. A Night Owl

    Play with bright neon paint when decorating your pumpkin by creating your own set of white pumpkins dipped in assorted colors of neon paint.  

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    DIY Golden Ombre Pumpkin
    DIY Golden Ombre Pumpkin. In Honor Of Design

    Paint your own chic pumpkin with a beautiful golden ombre design this Halloween with this simple DIY.

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    DIY Black And White Pumpkins
    DIY Black And White Pumpkins. Oopsey Daisy

    Instead of the traditional jack-o-lantern create your own grouping of chic black and white pumpkins this Halloween. Alison created a super simple spider decal pumpkin and recycled stockings pumpkin that can be made in just a few minutes.

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    DIY Animal Pumpkins
    DIY Animal Pumpkins. Lia Griffith

     For the animal lovers, why not make an animal-themed pumpkin this Halloween? Using the template from Lia Griffith you can make a cat, owl or fox by decorating your pumpkin with felt and googly eyes.

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    DIY Pineapple Pumpkin
    DIY Pineapple Pumpkin. Studio DIY

    If you long for the days of summer, or simply want an off-beat Halloween pumpkin idea this DIY pineapple pumpkin by Studio DIY is such a cheerful and fun way to transform your pumpkin.

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    DIY Gold Herringbone Pumpkin
    DIY Gold Herringbone Pumpkin. City Suburb Sanity

    This gold herringbone pumpkin is made out of painting a pumpkin gold and the lines are drawn in with a Sharpie marker, making it perfect for a last-minute Halloween decor.

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    DIY Doily Pumpkins
    DIY Doily Pumpkins. 17 Apart

    Repurpose those paper doilies into a chic decorating accessory to your pumpkin which adds a beautiful intricate design by gluing a doily over your pumpkin.

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    DIY Butterfly Pumpkin
    DIY Butterfly Pumpkin. Sister's Suitcase

    Inspired by Cinderella's dress which is pale blue and covered in small butterflies this whimsical pumpkin is so pretty and would be perfect to make this fall.

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    DIY Tissue Paper Covered Pumpkin
    DIY Tissue Paper Covered Pumpkin. Tell Love And Party

    Children will love decorating their own pumpkin with this simple DIY where pieces of tissue paper in a variety of colors are stuck to a pumpkin with Mod Podge.

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    DIY Decoupage Pumpkins
    DIY Decoupage Pumpkins. At The Picket Fence

    Instead of attempting to paint or carve a design a pumpkin cut out  a black and white image of a bug and stuck it to a gold pumpkin to create stunning a decoupage Halloween decor.

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    DIY Colorful Push Pin Pumpkin
    DIY Colorful Push Pin Pumpkin. A Subtle Revelry

    Who knew office supplies could make such a colorful Halloween pumpkin? A Subtle Revelry shows how to make a playful Halloween pumpkin by inserting colored pushpins around the exterior of a pumpkin to create a cheerful rainbow dot pattern.

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    DIY Painted And Glitter Stem Pumpkins
    DIY Painted And Glitter Stem Pumpkins. Aunt Peaches

    Gather together several pumpkins and paint each pumpkin a different color, to keep a cohesive look paint all the stems with gold glitter. The end result will look amazing on your porch this Halloween.

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    DIY Copper Stripped Pumpkins
    DIY Copper Stripped Pumpkins. Homey Oh My

    These DIY copper stripped pumpkins by Homey Oh My are the perfect last-minute Halloween decorating idea as they are decorated with just a few strips of copper tape to create a beautiful design in minutes.

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    DIY Pastel Painted Pumpkins
    DIY Pastel Painted Pumpkins. A Bubbly Life

    Typically Halloween pumpkins are decorated in the standard colors of black, orange, purple or even dark green but these sweet candy-colored pastel pumpkins painted by A Bubbly Life are a sweet choice for a candy themed Halloween party.

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    DIY Chic Painted Pumpkins
    DIY Chic Painted Pumpkins. Bubbly And Bean

    Quickly decorate your pumpkin as done by Bubbly And Bean by using spray paint to achieve a gold gilded finish on the bottom and once dry hand paint a decorative triangle border for a chic design.

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    DIY Thumbtacks Monogram Pumpkin
    DIY Thumbtacks Monogram Pumpkin. City Suburb Sanity

     Create your own personalized monogram pumpkin to leave on your porch this Halloween by painting your pumpkin black and creating a monogram out of thumbtacks.

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    DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin
    DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin. Sugar And Cloth

    Add a bit of sparkle to your Halloween decor by making a polka dot pumpkin as done by Sugar And Cloth which has gold sequin dots.

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    DIY Spider Web Pumpkin
    DIY Spider Web Pumpkin. Plaid

    For a modern twist on a more traditional spider web design on a pumpkin, add an ombre design as the background to your DIY spiderweb pumpkin.

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    DIY Donut Pumpkins
    DIY Donut Pumpkins. Studio DIY

    Halloween is all about scary and sweet treats, so why not decorate your pumpkin this year to look like one of your favorite sugary treats, a delicious donut.

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    DIY Colorful Confetti Pumpkins
    DIY Colorful Confetti Pumpkins. Studio DIY

    If you are looking for a less scary modern twist on the typical Halloween pumpkin these colorful pumpkins that are decorated with confetti on half the pumpkin are perfect. 

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    DIY Mint And Gold Pumpkin
    DIY Mint And Gold Pumpkin. Delineate Your Dwelling

    If you are looking for a fresh idea on how to decorate your mini pumpkins Delineate Your Dwelling created no-carve Halloween pumpkins using mint green chalkboard paint and a gold paint marker.

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    DIY Scalloped Paper Pumpkin
    DIY Scalloped Paper Pumpkin. Sarah Hearts

    For a quick way to decorate your pumpkin covered it with small circles of tissues paper in a variety of colors to give your pumpkin a scalloped design.

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    DIY Garland Pumpkin
    DIY Garland Pumpkin. A Beautiful Mess

    Typically Halloween pumpkins are made by carving out details, but this Halloween pumpkin is made by adding something instead. For a simple carving free pumpkin, you can wrap a small fall garland around your pumpkin to decorate it for Halloween. 

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    DIY Disco Ball Pumpkin
    DIY Disco Ball Pumpkin. Erikabrechtel

    Make your own fun DIY disco ball pumpkin by gluing silver rectangular gems along the side of your pumpkin which is certain to be a hit at your Halloween party. 

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    DIY Glitter Pumpkin
    DIY Glitter Pumpkin. A Pumpkin And A Princess

    Give the feeling of magic with making your own enchanting glittery pumpkin.

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    Glitter Monogram Pumpkin
    Glitter Monogram Pumpkin. Unoriginal Mom

    Personalize your Halloween pumpkin by adding your initial in gold glitter.

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    DIY Studded Pumpkin
    DIY Studded Pumpkin. Lily Shop

    Make this awesome gold studded pumpkin by painting a pumpkin white and adding studs to create a patterned design.

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    DIY String Art Pumpkin
    DIY String Art Pumpkin. Alice & Lois

    If you are looking for a simple and modern way to decorate your pumpkin this year Alice & Lois, show how they easily decorated a pumpkin by wrapping embroidery thread around nails that were hammered into a pumpkin.

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    DIY Wood Grain Pumpkin
    DIY Wood Grain Pumpkin. Vitamini Handmade

    Create an unexpected stylized pumpkin for your home by adding a wood grain pattern onto it with this clever DIY.