15 Non-Cheesy Ways to Use Chintz Inspired Decor to Spruce Up Your Home

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    Flower Powered Decor Ideas


    If you are looking to rekindle that loving feeling you once had for your décor, the following 15 flower-powered ideas will get you started. Each one shares how you can add a romantic and quirky twist to your space using floral prints inspired by traditional chintz fabric patterns.

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    Chintz Your Kitchen

    alvhem makleri

    Think chintz is well, chintzy? When you lay it on thick, floral overload can look old fashioned and dowdy. However, a single chintz-inspired accent like this lovely peony wallpaper can add a fresh and colorful twist to a modern space like this sleek white kitchen.

    Tip: Are you looking for budget backsplash ideas? Vinyl wallpaper is a beautiful alternative. It's typically cheaper than tile, and it's easy to clean. If you prefer to use a different type of wallpaper, you can project it using...MORE glass or plexiglass as shown here.

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    Think Outside the Vase


    Here's an easy sewing project that dresses up a basic cylinder glass vase, so it looks like chintz porcelain. You'll need a sewing machine, floral fabric and an iron to make. 

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    Chintz Up a Chair


    You can give an old chair the floral treatment using Modge Podge, a decoupage glue that dries to a hard clear finish. Use it to apply fabric, wrapping paper or even disposable party napkins as shown here to any porous surface including wood.

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    Makeover Your Sad Sofa


    If your comfy sofa is looking a tad tired, cover it up with a perky floral print quilt. Tucking it under the cushions will keep it in place.

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    Cross Stitch Mural

    Shabby Roses Cottage

    Here's an idea that blends a favorite motif in chintz with an old fashioned embroidery technique. The large rose mural shared here was hand painted in a cross-stitch style. Surprisingly, this idea doesn't require expert drawing skills to make. An embroidery pattern maps out the color and placement of each "X". This DIY shares all the details.

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    Bold Pops of Color

    These two oversized pillows make this tiny entryway way more welcoming. The bold colors also complement the pink blooms on the windowsill.

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    Pretty Up a Busted Dresser

    This busted old dresser got a new lease on life using paint and a lovely chintz-inspired wrapping paper that was applied using decoupage glue. You can get all the DIY deets at Simple Southern Charm Blog. 

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    Take the Edge Off

    When it comes to floral décor, sometimes less is more. A single chintz-inspired pillow case takes the masculine edge off the striped bedding. 

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    Refresh a Secondhand Chair

    Upholstering an old chair scored from your local flea market can freshen up your living room décor. This secondhand find was given a fresh floral vibe using two different chintz patterns that shared the same colors.

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    Lay it on Thick


    Covering your bed with contrasting floral bedding and fabrics will give your boudoir a chic Bohemian look. 

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    Add a Dose of Girly Glam

    We love clean, crisp modernist décor. But sometimes rooms decorated in this style can appear a tad too masculine. A floral accent pillow can solve this problem by injecting a pinch of girlie glam.

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    Floral Wall Tapestry

    Making over walls using wallpaper or paint is a hassle. Pinning up a swath of floral fabric is an easier way to freshen things up.

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    Dress Up a Light Bulb

    A vintage floral lampshade like this one can give a bright and cheerful room an edgy twist.

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    Update Your Cushions

    If you have scrap floral fabric, you can use it to update your accent pillows. First, you'll need to cut the flowers out of your fabric scraps. Next, hand or machine sew the cutouts onto your cushions.

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    Tattoo Your Tile


    Pretty tile decals like this rose graphic can spice up your bathroom or kitchen. For added drama you can repeat the floral pattern across a wall.