20 Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

Decorated tables and chairs lining outdoor pool for non-traditional wedding venue

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One of the first steps to take when you begin planning your wedding is to choose your venue. Couples are now getting more creative than ever before while planning their weddings. With creativity comes a new desire to marry in non-traditional wedding venues that encourage couples to incorporate hobbies, passions, and a desire to plan a completely unique and unforgettable experience for guests.

Non-traditional wedding venues include places such as AirBnB rentals, stadiums, college campuses, alpaca farms, national monuments, and more. To help inspire your non-traditional wedding venue search, we thought we would offer 20 very different, very creative options!

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    Festival wedding

    Nicole and Jason were inspired by Coachella, so they celebrated their wedding day at the infamous California music festival! Perfect for couples who are planning to elope or host a more intimate wedding, there is no need to provide entertainment to your guests at a festival setting; it’s already there for everyone to enjoy!

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    Gym wedding
    Joe and Jen Photo

    Leigh and Brian were searching for a venue in Minneapolis where they could serve their own brewed beer, and they discovered Uppercut Boxing Gym. If you and your partner workout together or even met at the gym, you will be able to incorporate an important piece of your story through your industrial gym venue!

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    Surprise wedding
    Rose Marie Photography via The New York Times

    Surprise weddings, like this one featured in The New York Times, are often disguised as engagement or birthday parties with guests learning they’re actually attending the couple’s wedding upon arrival. In order to keep your surprise under wraps, consider planning your celebration at a venue suitable for the party your guests think they’re attending (think: rooftops, restaurants, bowling allies, and more).

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    Wedding venue
    AGP Collective

    Caitlin and Adam invited their wedding guests to join them on a glamping trip to the Finger Lakes for their wedding day! Their celebration was hosted at a campground, Firelight Camps, which the couple renamed “Camp Kuch,” and guests stayed in tents for the weekend.

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    Alpaca Farm

    Alpaca farm wedding venue
    Susan Elizabeth Weddings

    Alpacas are making quite the wedding day companion for many couples and their guests! Alpacas live on farms, and their owners are opening up their livestock’s homes to host weddings. As Wedding Chicks says, “Yes, You Can Seriously Get Married on an Alpaca Farm,” particularly Edel Haus in New Jersey.

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    Vintage Shop

    Vintage wedding venue
    Maria Mack Photography

    Instead of incorporating vintage pieces into your wedding, why not get married at a vintage store? Filiz and TJ found plenty of inspiration and backdrops for their Philadelphia wedding at Material Culture, which is a completely outfitted warehouse filled with quirky vintage pieces.

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    Photo via Airbnb

    You have likely stayed at an Airbnb while traveling, but have you considered hosting your wedding at one? BuzzFeed rounded up a list of incredible Airbnb properties throughout the United States that welcome you to host your celebration, and we have to highlight one particular property in Los Angeles – Country Garden Weddings at Greenhouse & Gardens. The owner, Susan, rents out her gorgeous backyard for weddings, and for $2,000 per night, it should definitely top your list.

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    Oh Karina Photography

    Science museums often have planetariums, and they create a wonderful ambiance for your ceremony. Karlee and Rob kicked off their wedding day during a self-uniting wedding ceremony inside the Franklin Institute’s Fels Planetarium, where the space required very minimal décor thanks to the awe-inspiring backdrop of stars overhead.

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    Waterfall wedding venue
    Carolyn Marie Photography

    If you’re a nature buff, may we suggest tying the knot in front of a waterfall? You will likely have to go on a short hike to your destination. However, the photos captured by professionals, like Asheville photographer Carolyn Marie, are well worth it!

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    Movie Theater

    Wedding venue
    Love Be Photography

    Whether you and your partner work in the entertainment industry or simply love movies, consider reciting your vows and celebrating with your guests at a movie theater! Cities, like Charleston, SC, have converted vintage movie theater spaces into venues able to accommodate high guests counts, and the marquee in front of the theater may even display your names for the night, like Katelyn and Austin’s celebration.

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    National Monument

    National monument wedding venue
    Megan Rei Photography

    The ultimate Americana wedding has to include a National Monument or two, don’t you think? There are clear rules about where you can host ceremonies and receptions in Washington, D.C., and the DC War Memorial is one location. Kimmie and Nate recited their vows surrounded by a small group of their family members and then joined together for a post-vow picnic.

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    Library wedding venue
    Joyelle West Photography

    If reading is one of your favorite pastimes, why not celebrate your wedding day at a library? Many of the libraries in cities are grand, elegant, and historic, and we’re drawn toward this timeless celebration at the Boston Public Library.

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    Airplane Hanger

    Wedding venue
    Ashley Rose

    Couples cite travel as one of the things that inspires them, and an airplane hanger might be one of the ultimate non-traditional wedding spaces! There is ample opportunity to transform the space into one that represents any style, plus the planes make a magnificent backdrop. Take a look at Kelly and Curtis’s Camarillo Airport wedding in California!

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    National Park

    National park wedding venue
    Tyler Rye Photography

    Many of the most popular National Parks to host weddings are located out west, and often there are venues available for your reception. However, your ceremony can take place with the park as your backdrop! Kate and Ryan tied the knot at Zion National Park, and the views are incredible.

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    Coffee Shop

    Wedding venue
    Jordan Weiland Photography

    So many couples enjoy coffee, and coffee shops can make wonderful non-traditional wedding venues! Tables and chairs are often on site, your late-night coffee bar will be incredible, and the style of many shops leans toward modern and industrial. Take a peek at Erica and Zack’s downtown St Petersburg, Florida wedding at Intermezzo for even more relaxed inspiration.

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    Zoo wedding venue
    Jake and Necia Photography

    One of the must-see attractions in many cities is the zoo! Imagine having animals as the backdrop to your wedding day while celebrating in a space that’s complete with all of the modern amenities of any other venue. This couple celebrated their day at the Santa Barbara Zoo!

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    Rooftop wedding venue
    Chellise Michael Photography

    If you’re searching for a non-traditional wedding venue in a city, look up! Rooftops allow you and your guests to dine and dance outside, plus the height of the venue will enable everyone to enjoy incredible views. This Gallow Green soiree in New York City looks like a dream!

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    College Campus

    Wedding venue
    Kimberly White Photography

    Consider tying the knot at your alma mater! Universities, including Stanford where Julia and Nick celebrated their nuptials, have event staffs who can guide you through hosting your ceremony in an onsite cathedral and then moving to another on-campus space for your reception.

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    Wedding venue
    The Happy Bloom

    Another option for a travel-loving couple is a railroad! Sometimes railroads that are no longer in use open venues so couples can enjoy being in a vintage setting; however, there are also plenty of railroad museums, like the Georgia State Railroad Museum where Taylor and Tom hosted their wedding day.

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    Photo by Candi Photo

    When teams are out of season (or simply off-site), stadiums open their doors to other events, including weddings. Can you imagine tying the knot on the field where your favorite team plays? Kirbie and Chris could, so they renewed their vows and celebrated with their guests inside their college stadium!