Noochie Golf Indoor Miniature Golf Course

Noochie Golf
Noochie Golf

Whether you call it putt-putt, miniature golf, goofy golf, mini-putt or any variation of the sort, who doesn't love to mini-golf?

The Noochie Golf indoor miniature golf course provides kids, families and adults with an opportunity to engage in a customizable, maybe even competitive, miniature golfing experience, indoors or outside, right in the comfort of their own home, living room or backyard. 

Mini-golf is a fun, family-friendly activity any time of year as long as the weather cooperates.

However, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, for kids and adults who love to play this game, it can be really hard to coordinate schedules, along with the weather, to play outside as a group. Depending upon where you live in the country, there may not be many choices of places to play. 

The Noochie Golf set arrives with 4 interlocking track pieces, covered in fake grass similar to a putting green. Kids and families design a unique course with the pieces, which offer up to 25 different combinations. Additional track pieces can be purchased separately.

The track pieces include 1 green that includes the cup, 1 obstacle, 1 dogleg and 1 straight fairway track. There is also a kid-friendly toy putter and 2, soft Noochie Golf Game Balls. 

Noochie Golf is a family-owned and operated business inspired by 2 elementary school-aged young brothers, Dom and Tre, who after a family trip to the local miniature golf course, decided to design and create courses at home with recycled materials such as bottles and boxes.

When their parents couldn't find a toy to purchase online or at the toy store that allowed them to recreate this experience, the family worked together to create Noochie Golf.

All of the components of Noochie Golf store easily in the original, large, square box, which I would suggest keeping if you do have a need to store the pieces when not in use.

While you can design at your own will, the black and white instructions include pictures of the 25 different variations. These pictures are helpful for young children to look at when deciding upon their courses.

Initially, I found some of the pieces could be tricky to disassemble when changing the course, so young children may need help. However, over time and with a little practice, the pieces were easier to maneuver. We did have to create a rule in our home that the course would remain the same for either the day or at least an hour, because my son had me attempting to change the configuration after each shot, and while it's fairly easy to do so, it just became frustrating for me. 

Prior to a trade show 10 years ago, my husband purchased a portable putting set for participants to win prizes, which my son was inspired to practice with at home after Jordan Spieth won the The Masters. However, since that particular set was not designed with children in mind, it's huge, the carpet is bumpy and it's difficult to store.

Noochie Golf has provided our family with a fun, family-friendly alternative. While we haven't utilized the course with a real golf ball or putter, if you are using the included putter and foam balls, don't expect to sink a hole-in-one every time, while we aren't experts, on average it can take anywhere between 3-4 shots to sink the ball in the hole, depending upon the configuration.

Noochie Golf is not only a fun activity for the kids, but it could also be a great activity to incorporate into birthday parties, or to send to work with adults for a little healthy office putt-putt competition. The pieces are really large and if you can find a way to safely hang them on the wall, they could double as a decoration in a game room or a child's bedroom.

Noochie Golf is sold on their website or through specialty toy retailers.

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