NuNaturals Sugar-Free Cocoa Syrup Review

Review of NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup
Sugar-Free NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup Review. Brenda Bennett

While the number of store- and online-bought sugar-free products are few and far between, there are a few that can be helpful when time is short. Obviously, the best option is always to make your own homemade sugar-free staples, but there are times when life simply gets too busy. Having a well stocked sugar-free pantry for difficult and stressful days is the best line of defense to combat temptation when it strikes.


I recently received a sample of this Sugar-Free Cocoa syrup to try at home. On its own, it does seem to have a slight aftertaste but it's designed to be eaten as a complement to desserts and treats, that shouldn't be an issue. As a topping for a milkshake or ice cream, it isn't as noticeable. The good news is it contains just 4 ingredients: glycerin, water, cocoa, and stevia extract. The other fabulous news is it's is great for diabetics as there is practically no carbs -- less than 1 gram. Zero calories, zero fat, zero sodium, and zero sugar. 

For a product with few ingredients and truly sugar-free, I'd give this a high rating. The only slight negative is the slight aftertaste, but again pairing it with a tasty frozen treat no one should notice. This product is not sold widely in stores if at all, but it is available online at Amazon if you want to get your hands on some. 

It's perfect for topping some sugar-free dessert favorites like: