15 Nursery Bookshelf Ideas Perfect for Your Little One

nursery bookshelves

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When picking furniture for a nursery, going for pieces that are both visually pleasing and practical is definitely key. After all, you'll be spending a lot of long hours with your baby in this space. Everyone knows that keeping little ones occupied with lots of activities is key, and if you're unsure about how to display your little one's collection of books, we're here to help.

Below, you'll find 15 innovative ideas for storing your child's reads, none of which sacrifice aesthetics.

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    Pretty and Practical

    nursery bookshelf

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    Shelves like these are ultra-popular in nurseries, and for good reason: they're adorable, practical, and easy for little ones to eventually access on their own. Paint yours a fun color or keep it nice and natural, the choice is yours.

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    Gorgeous Cane

    nursery bookshelves

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    For a boho-style design, try some fun cane shelves like these. They're a great way to add texture to your little one's space, and the neutral design can grow with your child—by no means do they look too "kiddie."

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    Playful Pick

    nursery bookshelves

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    What could be cuter than making use of a dollhouse so that it functions as a bookshelf? Of course, once your child is old enough to play with dolls, you may need to relocate reads elsewhere, but during babyhood, it couldn't make for a sweeter setup.

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    Double Duty

    nursery bookshelves

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    Grab a cheerful set of bookends and stash your child's reads atop a storage shelf—no need to purchase an existing piece of furniture when you can make use of storage space. This is a great setup to replicate in a nursery that's short on space: the bookends ensure that everything still appears nice and organized.

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    Timeless Design

    nursery bookshelf

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    A curvy bookshelf adds intrigue in this nursery and features plenty of room for toys, decor, and storage baskets. Once again, this is a versatile type of piece that can grow with a child for years and years thanks to its neutral style.

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    Chic Corner

    nursery bookshelf

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    A campaign-style bookshelf is also a classic. Place it at an angle as seen here to best utilize open space in the nursery, and this positioning will also make a statement to those walking into the room.

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    Simple and Sweet

    nursery bookshelves

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    Simple shelves are perfect for the minimalist nursery. Choose a few books to display and rotate the selection out each month or season if you wish. Now is the time to judge a book by its cover and showcase the most enticing ones!

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    Beautiful Built-Ins

    nursery bookshelves

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    Maybe your little one's nursery features beautiful built-ins already, in which case, we're ultra jealous! Make use of this handy storage feature by placing books, toys, and other essentials where everyone can see them—in this sense, they almost double as art.

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    Super Sleek

    nursery bookshelves

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    Go modern and sleek! A thin black bookshelf like this one is contemporary and chic. It complements the black crib in this space perfectly while holding a ton to boot.

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    Kid-Friendly Corner

    nursery bookshelves

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    A petite bookshelf does the job in this nursery and proves that every inch of space in a room is ultra-valuable when it comes to storage. This shelf's height is super kid friendly and charming,

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    Rows of Reads

    nursery bookshelves

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    Installing rows of picture shelves that can be used to display books is a great two-for-one decision—as your child gets older, you can place photos or artwork on these ledges, but for now, they're great for holding a little library. Your little one can easily point to the book that they're eyeing for the evening.

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    Storage Galore

    nursery bookshelves

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    A storage shelf can double as a hideaway for essentials like diapers and toiletries while also serving as a bookshelf. We're all about two-for-one setups in the nursery, after all.

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    Clever Repurposing

    nursery bookshelves

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    A small magazine holder makes for a handy spot to store Baby's books. Arrange them by color for even more flair, if you wish!

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    Traditional Charm

    nursery bookshelves

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    Of course, there's nothing wrong with a more traditional option, like this darling white bookshelf that's perfect for a nursery and child's bedroom alike.

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    Fabric Fun

    nursery bookshelves

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    A fabric organizer is festive and perfect for those who love a theme. This animal designed piece features lots of animal themed books!