15 Nursery Rugs for Less than $200

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    Beautiful Rugs that Won't Bust Your Budget

    Baby on a rug.
    Photo by Photographer's Choice RF via Getty Images.

    Want to make a bold statement on a budget? When it comes to nursery accessories, area rugs pack a serious design punch, adding instant color, pattern and personality to your little one’s space. 

    If you're worried about your bottom line, don't be. A stylish area rug doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can actually find a number of gorgeous, good-quality rugs for under $200. 

    Need some convincing? Unroll dramatic décor for less with one of these beautiful, budget-friendly finds. 

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    Rainbow Rug by Viv + Rae

    Rainbow Chevron Shag Rug for nursery or kid's room
    Photo via All Modern

    Craving a little color in your life? Add a rainbow of bright and cheery hues to your little one's space with this rich and shaggy, chevron-printed rug from Viv + Rae's Kids' Collection.

    5'3"x7'6" from All Modern, $147.99. Available in a number of shapes and sizes. 

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    "Lola" by Nuloom

    Tribal Shag Rug: Lola by Nuloom
    Photo via Modern Nursery

    With its soft and shaggy finish and an understated tribal-inspired print, this neutral grey and white rug would make a beautiful accent for a tribal-themed nursery or kid's room. 

    4'x6' from Modern Nursery, $149.00. Available in several different sizes. 


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    Coral, Aqua and Grey Chevron Rug

    Bright and cheery chevron nursery rug in grey, aqua and teal
    Photo via Café Press

    This large, print area rug features a bold chevron pattern in a modern, gender-neutral palette. Best of all, it's machine washable! Just pop it in the washer and lay flat to dry. 

    5'x7' from Café Press, $131.95

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    “CAMBRIDGE” Rug in Lavender and Ivory

    Geometric nursery rug in purple and ivory
    Photo via Layla Grace

    Made from 100% wool, this chic and simple nursery rug features a bold, geometric motif set against a sweet, lavender background. 

    4'x6' from Layla Grace, $193.00. Available in lavender, blue and pink in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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    Grey and White Quatrefoil Rug

    Grey and white quatrefoil nursery rug
    Photo via Layla Grayce

    This machine-washable beauty offers a budget-friendly take on the popular geometric pattern trend. In neutral grey and white, it's a perfect fit for any nursery or kid's room.

    5'x7' from Café Press, $165.00.

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    "Silken Ivory Shag Rug" by Safavieh

    Safavieh Silken Ivory Shag Nursery Rug
    Photo via Overtock.com

    With 2.5 inches of soft, sinkable plush, this fluffy, faux-fur nursery rug is the perfect place for baby to play! 

    5'x7' from Overstock, $161.49. 

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    Green Shag Rug by Christopher Knight Home

    Grassy green shag rug for woodland nursery
    Photo via Overstock.com

    This grassy green shag rug is just perfect for a natural, woodland-themed nursery or kid's room!

    5'x7' from Overstock, $79.99.

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    "Sahara" by Threshold

    Sahara Tribal Rug from Target
    Photo via Target

    This bold, flat-weave rug starts with a trendy geometric pattern and adds southwest flair for a truly memorable piece that rings up for less than $100! 

    5'x7' from Target, $84.99. Also available in a 7'x10'. 

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    Momeni Lil Mo’ “Party Balloons” Rug

    Rainbow party ballon nursery rug for kids' rooms
    Photo via Momeni

    Perfect for a circus-themed nursery, this cheery, balloon-patterned statement piece will take your heart up, up and away.

    5'x7' from Overstock.com, $200.

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    3 Tips for Choosing the Right Nursery Rug

    Baby on a Rug
    Photo by Ariana Falerni Photography via Getty Images

    Need more help picking the perfect rug for your nursery? We've got you - and your floors - covered! Learn how to choose the right size, pattern and material for your space with these 3 Professional Tips.

    Already have wall-to-wall carpeting? There's no reason not to put a rug right on top! You just need to follow a few simple rules, and you'll be rocking the layered look in no time!