25 Nursery Storage Ideas to Organize Clutter in Style

Two bookcases in a nursery

Calimia Home

Whether you're decorating a traditional nursery in sweet pastels or going modern with a neutral color palette, there's one thing every nursery needs and that's functional storage.

A simple organizational system, a couple of inexpensive sorting tools, practical furniture, and some creative storage ideas, and you've got a beautiful space with plenty of room for books, toys, and all the baby essentials. From whimsical baskets and vintage pieces that add character, to classic built-ins and various wall-mounted shelves, gain inspiration from these beautiful nurseries.

No matter the size of the room, we're sharing 25 of our favorite nursery storage ideas to organize clutter in style.

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    Install Built-In Storage

    Built-in storage drawers under a window seat

    Finding Lovely

    For more permanent storage that can be used for years to come, install built-ins such as these drawers under a cozy window seat. They provide hidden storage where you can stash clutter and unlike open shelves, you don't run the risk of your baby having open access to the stored items.

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    Hang Picture Ledges

    Picture ledges with books on them in a nursery

    Calimia Home

    Get books and small toys off the ground and organize them on picture ledges that double as a wall display. They keep books easily accessible but out of your baby's reach and add a versatile display surface you can change out seasonally.

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    Use Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

    Two bookcases in a nursery

    Calimia Home

    Maximize storage space in your nursery with floor-to-ceiling shelves and use them to display pictures, books, and toys and organize the clutter in a stylish way. Add decorative bins and baskets to sort items and add a fun textural element, whether it's through wicker baskets or modern acrylic bins.

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    Go With Whimsical Baskets

    Elephant-shaped storage basket

    Finding Lovely

    Just because it's a storage vessel doesn't mean it needs to look boring! Look for storage baskets that add character and whimsy for a charming way to store diapers, toys, and other nursery essentials.

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    Bring in a Rolling Cart

    Nursery supplies in a rolling cart

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    A rolling cart offers portable storage you can wheel it wherever you need it. It's an inexpensive storage solution for everything from clothing and diapers to baby supplies and toys.

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    Match Bins

    Nursery closet with pink baskets

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Create a cohesive and uniform look with matching storage bins in the nursery closet. Not only will they make the space look neat and tidy, but they'll also help you stay organized and prevent clutter from forming.

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    Utilize Drawer Dividers

    Dividers used to organize dresser filled with baby items

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Unless you use organizational tools to keep items in place, drawers, especially those that are deep, tend to turn into a mess very quickly.

    One of the best ways to keep them organized is to use expandable dividers. They are adjustable in length to fit whatever sized drawer you need and they help compartmentalize the space so you can organize like-items together.

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    Label Baskets

    Labeled storage baskets in a nursery

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Stay organized and know where everything is by adding cute labels to your nursery storage baskets. Use identical labels such as these fun chalkboard labels that you can also easily switch out as needed.

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    Repurpose a Dessert Stand

    Baby items in a two-tiered wooden organizer

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    Add a little personality and repurpose a dessert stand to serve as a unique storage vessel for nursery items such as lotions and wipes. The two-tier stand keeps items on hand and easily accessible while bringing in character and a charming decorative accent.

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    Hang Floating Shelves

    Floating shelf with a picture in a nursery

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    Floating shelves are a great way to maximize space and add storage under a slanted wall. Mount one or multiple floating shelves above a dresser, in a reading nook, or in a small corner of the nursery and use it to hold sentimental items such as photos as well as books or small toys.

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    Save Space With a Ladder Shelf

    Ladder bookshelf in a nursery

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    In a small nursery, you can't go wrong with a ladder shelf. Its slim profile takes up little space and the cool shape adds a fun design element. Use the deeper bottom shelves for storage baskets and bulkier items, and the narrower upper shelves for smaller, more decorative pieces.

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    Hide Clutter in Cubby Bins

    Cubbie style shelves in a nursery

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    Cubby bins are a smart way to sort nursery items in a clean and organized way. Many cubby-style shelves come with baskets, either wicker or folding fabric ones, that perfectly fit in each cube. Designate each basket for a type of toy, piece of clothing, or baby supply for a clutter-free nursery.

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    Keep Toys Off the Floor

    Two storage baskets in a nursery

    Calimia Home

    Keep toys off the floor and inside decorative baskets that add texture and height visually, and are a practical freestanding storage solution. Use a mix of basket sizes to create dimension and a varied, visually appealing storage vignette.

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    Display Books in a Bookcase

    Nursery with a bookcase

    Becca Interiors

    Use a traditional bookcase to organize an ever-growing nursery book collection. Stack or stand books on the shelves and use the top of the bookcase to display toys, picture frames, or a small lamp for a sweet reading nook.

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    Bring in a Vintage Piece

    Vintage wardrobe in a nursery

    Becca Interiors

    Add character by bringing in a vintage piece of furniture, such as this lovely wardrobe. A powder pink paint color, wood knobs, and fabric interior curtains infuse the space with old-world charm and the piece is one that can grow with your baby. If you're using furniture with glass-front doors and want to hide the clutter that's inside, installing patterned pleated curtains on the inside is a great little trick.

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    Lean a Decorative Ladder

    Decorative ladder in a nursery

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Lean a decorative ladder against the wall to hang your baby's outfits, hats, or blankets in a pretty way. The ladder adds height and introduces a new material—it serves as a more interesting storage vessel than a traditional shelf.

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    Mount Wall Hooks

    Small bookcase and hanging shelves and hooks in a nursery

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Hang a set of wall hooks to store hats and other accessories. Mount them high enough on the wall where they can't easily be pulled down by the room's little resident, but where you can easily access them.

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    Use Clear Containers

    Books organized in clear containers in a nursery

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Organize books in clear plastic containers and place them on a shelf or nightstand. Since the bins are clear, have fun with grouping the books—go with a color-coordinated rainbow system or sort books topic such as holidays for a visually appealing display.

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    Create Wall Storage

    Wall-mounted bookshelf in a nursery

    Finding Lovely

    In addition to storing books in storage containers, on picture ledges, or on shelves, you can also mount a tiered wall shelf. Its narrow design is great for a tight space and the open front doubles as a beautiful wall accent displaying favorite reads.

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    Add a Decorative Side Table

    Small side table next to a storage shelf in a nursery

    Casa Watkins Living

    A small decorative side table next to a nursery glider is a good spot to stack favorite books, especially if the side table has a shelf. Many have built-in drawers, shelves, and even storage baskets to double their function.

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    Don't Forget the Window Sill

    Nursery with toys on the window sill

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Get creative with storage and if you have deep window sills in the nursery, don't overlook them. Treat them as you would a shelf surface and organize books, toys, and any baby items that are not sensitive to light or heat on it.

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    Suspend a Shelf From the Ceiling

    Tiered hanging shelf in a nursery

    Kate Marker Interiors

    For a unique way to organize clutter in style, suspend a shelf from the ceiling. This cute wood and rope shelf brings in texture and natural materials as well as a whimsical storage surface.

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    Make Use of Wall Built-Ins

    Built-in shelves next to a window seat in a nursery

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    If your nursery has wall alcoves or built-ins, utilize them to store baskets, toys, family pictures, or books. Paint the insides of the shelves the same color as the walls for a seamless look, or go with a contrasting color or wallpaper backing for a fun decorative statement.

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    Hang an Organizer

    Nursery with bookshelf, cubbies and hanging hooks

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Hang a tiered fabric organizer from a door or wall hooks and use it for a variety of items, from diapers, wipes, and lotions, to small stuffed toys. In addition to large storage pieces such as a bookshelf or dresser, small, portable pieces such as this organizer are a great catchall for everyday clutter.

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    Bring in a Dresser

    Dresser in a nursery

    Victoria Bell Design

    Use a large dresser and organize the drawers with extendable dividers and different-sized containers to keep them neat. The dresser provides plenty of closed storage to organize not just clothes, but accessories and other frequently used items.