O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Grill

O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Grill
O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Grill. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

The Bottom Line

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A good portable gas grill should be sturdy, with good grilling characteristics, but also lightweight and easily transported. At 24 pounds and folding up into a briefcase-sized grill the O-Grill is all these. The porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates are going to give good grilling characteristics from this single burner grill. This portable grill can be set up and lit in seconds and be ready to grill in a few minutes.

One of the reasons that this portable is so lightweight is that the body is stamped steel, making it a little more fragile than rigid body grills, what you would expect from a small, portable.


  • Lightweight portable gas grill
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates are good for transferring heat


  • Less expensive than comparable gas portables
  • Stamped steel body


  • 225 square inch porcelain coated cast iron cooking area
  • 9,450 BTU maximum output from the main stainless steel burner
  • 24 pound carry weight
  • Enameled stamped steel construction with plastic handles
  • Push button piezoelectric ignition
  • Available in five colors
  • Takes either the 14.1 or 16.4-ounce disposable propane tanks
  • Made in China 


Guide Review - O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Grill

There is a recall on this grill. For more information click here.

The O-Grill 3000 is a wonder of simplicity in design. Two stamped steel clamshell side fold up and lock together to make a small, 24-pound briefcase of a gas grill.

When you want to use it, unlock the handle, fold up the lid, attach a disposable propane bottle (either the 14.1 welding bottle or the 16.4 camping bottle), turn on the gas, and push the ignition button. Once it has warmed up you are ready to grill on the porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate. This is straight grilling with an open grate design so this grill gives authentic gas grilling in a lightweight, highly portable unit.

Because it is portable the O-Grill does not have a high lid height so while it is perfect for grilling up some burgers or steaks, it can't handle large items, which really isn't an issue since few portables are expected to cook a whole chicken. The lid helps the 9,450 BTU circular stainless steel burner heat up the cooking grate and holds in heat while grilling, making this portable efficient. It will give good grilling temperatures for a portable without burning through propane bottles too quickly.

This is one of those grills that have had a lot of thought put into the design. There is even a little plastic tool box for storing little things (not really big enough for your grill tools, but handy nonetheless). At around $190USD (typically cheaper online but watch out for the shipping charges) the O-Grill 3000 is comparable with other higher end portable gas grills and because it is lighter it has advantages for people who want to be able to carry this grill longer distances.

All in all, this is a well-built grill. The stamped steel body may be a little more fragile than some of the other portables but as long as you are not actually throwing this one around it should last several years.

This grill is sold under other brand names, most notably Napoleon.