10 Ocassional Chairs

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    What is an Occasional Chair?

    Accent Chair
    An occasional chair. Photo (c) Century Furniture

    An occasional chair is a chair that is only used occasionally, but that in no way takes away from its importance. It can be the starring piece of furniture in a room. For that reason it is also often called an accent chair.

    Not only does an occasional chair provide functionality by providing extra seating, it also acts as an exclamation point in a room. It ties together a look, or brings it into focus, or just provides an unexpected contrast to shake things up.

    These are major accomplishments for...MORE any piece of furniture.

    An occasional chair or accent chair may belong to any style, shape, color or form. The upholstery on the chair may be patterned, solid, or a combination. It can be textured or smooth, covering a frame completely, or leaving the frame uncovered. The chair that you pick depends upon the style you have in a room, and whether you want that chair to emphasize that style, or provide a sense of contrast.

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    Easton Chair

    Easton Chair
    Easton Chair. Photo (c) CR Laine

    The Easton chair comes from CR Laine, and features a fabric with a large scale ikat pattern by Brunschwig and Fils. The crisp blue and white colors on this chair are eye catching and the pattern is strong enough to create an eye catching accent in a space that needs a little pick-me-up.

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    Jagger Chair

    Jagger Chair
    Jagger Chair. Photo (c) CR Laine

    The Jagger chair is very modern in its sensibility with its multi-toned fabric and a metal base that makes it seem like its floating above the ground.

    This chair from CR Laine features their new fabric Artisan Denim, which is a handcrafted linen blend produced in Italy. The fabric is folded and sprayed with different shades of indigo, one of the hottest colors today. The technique creates a one of a kind pattern on the fabric.

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    Arielle Chair

    Arielle Chair
    Arielle Chair. Photo (c) Drexel-Heritage
    The Arielle chair is a very traditional looking arm chair covered in soft, almost feminine, striped fabric from Drexel-Heritage. Their chairs are customizable, so you can look for a different color or fabric to suit your surroundings. The chair is embellished with nail heads.
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    Side Car Chair

    Side Chair
    Photo (c) Howard Elliott

    The Side Car chair from Howard Elliott is covered in shimmer bronze upholstery. Shimmering or metalic covers for chairs and sofas are among the biggest trends in recent years.

    The soft shimmer of this very simple chair can add a touch of luxury to its surroundings.

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    Sam Moore Euphoria Chair

    Sam Moore Euphoria Chair
    Sam Moore Euphoria Chair. Photo (c) Hooker
    The Sam Moore Euphoria chair is from Hooker Furniture. Covered in a fabric with bright, euphoric colors, this wing back chair can add a bright accent to any room. The marbled pattern on the fabric is also a fashion forward look today.
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    Newport Chair

    Newport Chair
    Newport Chair. Photo (c) Henredon

    This occasional chair has a very strong, dramatic silhouette. The pattern is equally strong and can make the chair the focal point in any room. The Newport chair is from Henredon.

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    Natalie Chair

    Natalie Chair

    The transitional style of this chair has a sense of ease that is also present in the fabric with its soft washed colors. This chair can be right at home in a black and white color scheme that is not very stark.

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    Leather Arm Chair

    Leather Arm Chair
    leather Armchair. Photo (c) GJ Styles

    Leather just draws attention to itself, and when it is a tufted armchair then it is definitely an attention getter.

    This arm chair from GJ Styles is an updated traditional style in a very deep, rich brown.

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    Belknap Lounge Chair

    Belknap Lounge Chair
    Photo (c) Hickory Chair

    The Belknap chair from Hooker Furniture is an updated version of a chair in the Winterthur Museum that is an early 20th-century leather-covered armchair.

    Some features of the original chair such as the arched back, deep seat, and padded arms of were retained while the rest was updated for today's use.

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    Tuxedo Park Chair

    Tuxedo Park Chair

     This dramatic blue chair comes from Mike Talbot's Dana Gibson collection.