Halloween Crochet and Other October Crochet Ideas

October holidays for crafting and DIY inspiration

crochet pumpkin pie
There are so many ways that you can celebrate Halloween with crochet!. William Andrew/ Photographer's Choice Collection/ Getty Images

Every month is filled with holidays, whether they are mainstream or off-the-beaten-path, and they make for great inspiration to fill a crafty calendar. October's main holiday, of course, is Halloween and many people are going to crochet like crazy all month long to make crochet costumes and Halloween decor. Here are some Halloween crochet ideas along with info on the lesser-known holidays that might inspire you to craft this month.

Halloween Crochet Ideas

Halloween is the big holiday for October. You can crochet everything from appliqués to costumes. Here are some resources for Halloween crochet:

The Month of October

October is a great month to crochet for health. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there are always a lot of different projects going on that accept pink ribbon crochet items to raise awareness. Crochet Pink is a book with 26 patterns to choose from for Breast Cancer Awareness projects. October is also dedicated to awareness for other health issues including Lupus, Diabetes, and Domestic Violence. And is also Amaerican Pharmacist Month.

Health isn't the only thing on the October calendar. Holiday Insights says that October is Vegetarian Month but also a month to celebrate pizza, cookies, seafood, country ham and popping popcorn.

So, if you like to crochet food, those are great choices. And October is also Computer Learning Month so maybe now is a good time to try new crochet websites and apps.

October, Week-by-Week

For the month of October:

  • Week One is Get Organized Week. There are many ways that you can get organized with crochet including organizing your yarn, crochet hooks and patterns.
  • Week Two is Pet Peeve Week. If you have a crochet pet peeve, maybe there's a way that you can adapt your work this week to eliminate it!
  • Week Three is Pastoral Care Week. Related to this, it might be a good week to crochet a prayer shawl.

October, Day-by-Day

And here are the daily holidays that could be sources of inspiration for what you decide to crochet in October:

  • October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. Crochet some amigurumi play food veggies!
  • The first Saturday of October is International Frugal Fun Day. Crochet is a great frugal way to have fun!
  • October 3rd is Techie Day. Check out the patterns in the book Dress Your Tech.
  • October 4th is National Golf Day so take out those golf crochet patterns.
  • October 5th is Do Something Nice Day and it's also World Teacher's Day so why not do something nice and crochet an apple cozy or other similar item for a teacher who has been great in your life.
  • October 6th is Mad Hatter Day. If you get inspired by Alice in Wonderland then let your imagination and your crochet hook go wild!
  • October 9th is World Egg Day. Crochet an egg or a dozen eggs! Or adapt an Easter Egg cozy crochet pattern to something more autumn-y.
  • October 11th is Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day. Crochet a teddy bear and take it with you.
  • October 14th is National Dessert Day. Crochet your favorite treat! Or eat your favorite dessert while you crochet.
  • October 17th is Wear Something Gaudy Day. Go wild with your crochet hook to create something wacky to wear!
  • October 21st is Count Your Buttons Day. Add some buttons to a crochet project on this day.
  • October 28th is Plush Animal Day. What a perfect day to crochet amigurumi or a stuffed animal!
  • October 29th is Hermit Day. Stay in by yourself and crochet!
  • October 30th is Candy Corn Day. There are a lot of cute little candy corn crochet patterns to choose from.

Of course, October is also the heart of autumn so autumn crochet patterns including leaves, apples and pumpkins are all top choices for crochet inspiration.