31 Reasons to Celebrate in October

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Aside from the obvious Night of Fright, there are tons of reasons to boogey down during the month of October. Not only is it officially fall—which means cute, cozy fall apparel, your favorite chilly weather recipes, and beautiful foliage!—but October is jam-packed with fun, foodie holidays, international celebrations, and other weird, wonderful reasons to smile.

Ready for some fall festivities? Read on to learn more about our favorite reasons to celebrate during October.

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    October 1 — World Vegetarian Day

    A close-up of a veggie burger.

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    Here's some good news for the whopping 375 million vegetarians around the world: Veggie-friendly food has come a long way since the bland tofu and homemade granola bites from days of old. Many vegetarians know that these days, you can find a veggie version of nearly any dish—from classic shepherds pies, to totally stacked burgers, to cozy casseroles—and, often times, the veggie versions are healthier than the originals. Try some of these recipes and we promise you won't even miss the meat!

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    October 2 — National Kale Day

    A steaming bowl of kale soup.

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    Many of us know kale as a kind of bland, but kind of bitter, crunchy, cruciferous green that used to only be used as garnish. And it's true—kale does need a little bit of dressing up! But with the right ingredients, this super healthy green can be totally delicious. Whether you add it to your favorite veggie soup, sautee it with ground sausage, pasta, and Parmesan cheese, or even blend it into a morning smoothie, kale will deliver a major dose of vitamins K and E, and gut-healthy fiber. It doesn't hurt that it tastes pretty darn good, either.

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    October 3 — Mean Girls Appreciation Day

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    A mid-2000s comedy classic, Mean Girls is more than just a movie—it's basically a way of life. Not only did Mean Girls give us old adages like, "On Wednesdays we wear pink," or "Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen!," but it also solidified Tina Fey, the film's writer, as a comedic genius.

    So, how can you celebrate Mean Girls Appreciation Day? We recommend borrowing an extra-large, pink polo shirt from your dad and making amends with anyone in your own personal Burn Book.

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    October 4 — Cinnamon Roll Day

    An overhead shot of cinnamon rolls with icing.

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    Ooey, gooey, and best served warm with fresh coffee, cinnamon rolls are the definitive breakfast for those chilly, fall weekends. You can find store-bought cinnamon rolls anywhere, but this month, try prepping your own with homemade dough. And if you really want to take your cinnamon rolls to the next level, layer pieces of lightly baked bacon into your strips of dough before baking. You'll thank us later.

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    October 5 — World Card Making Day

    A woman cutting paper crafts.

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    Between work, endless household chores, and your kids' busy schedules, it can be tough to keep in touch with friends and family. But today, dedicate a few minutes to crafting a handmade card for a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in awhile. It doesn't have to be fancy—and we have plenty of easy, DIYable ideas for you to try!—but we guarantee it'll make your recipient's entire week.

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    October 6 — Garlic Lovers Day

    A close-up of a garlic bulbs.

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    Any garlic lover will tell you: When it comes to adding fresh garlic to food, don't let a recipe tell you how much to add—let your heart tell you. And then maybe just double up on the mouthwash after dinner.

    If you're not a total garlic lover, try roasting a bulb of garlic with olive oil and spreading the soft, roast-y garlic over fresh, crusty bread—and then come back and let us know how you feel about nature's most delicious (and versatile) root vegetable.

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    October 7 — National Flower Day

    A close-up of pink flowers.

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    Believe it or not, National Flower Day isn't in the springtime—it's a full-on fall festivity! If you want to save a few bucks on fresh flowers—and give Mother Earth a bit of a break—opt for in-season blooms, like Russian sage, goldenrod, or Chrysanthemums. They're just as beautiful as more popular flowers, but require fewer resources to grow and harvest during their peak season.

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    October 8 — National Pierogi Day

    A close-up of a pierogi on a plate.

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    Stuffed with your choice of meats, cheeses, potatoes, or veggies, fried in butter, and topped with sour cream and onions, pierogis are essentially tiny pockets of heaven.

    What's more? There is such a thing as dessert pierogis. Think: Cinnamon and apples or strawberries and cream. Nom.

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    October 9 — International Beer and Pizza Day

    An overhead shot of friends drinking beer and eating pizza.

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    Chocolate and peanut butter. Lucy and Ethel. Macaroni and cheese. There are some duos that are just so good, they basically demand celebration. Enter: Pizza and beer.

    We say, forget about your diet and dig into the cheesiest, greasiest pizza you can get your hands on, then wash it down with an ice cold beer. Looking for the perfect pairing? Opt for a crisp, hoppy brew to sip with your 'za. The bitterness of the beer will cut the richness of the pizza, leaving you with a perfectly balanced palate (and full belly).

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    October 10 — National Angel Food Cake Day

    A slice of angel food cake with funfetti icing.

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    Light, fluffy, and extremely versatile, angel food cake is the delicious, blank slate of the baking world. Want to top it with coconut icing? Um, yum. Prefer your childhood favorite, funfetti? Cut yourself a slice. Need to satisfy your chocolate craving? Layer it on the cake.

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    October 11 — Southern Food Heritage Day

    A picture of hoppin john served over rice.

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    Southern cooking has undergone a bit of a renaissance in the last few years, with chefs like Sean Brock blending classic, southern cooking with fine dining experiences.

    If you haven't prepped southern food yet, try some simple recipes like shrimp gumbo, Carolina rice with ham, or homemade biscuits with gravy. Not only do these dishes showcase the delicious flavors found in the south, but they're jam-packed with history, too.

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    October 12 — National Gumbo Day

    An overhead shot of shrimp gumbo.

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    It's only appropriate that National Gumbo Day should follow Southern Food Heritage Day, right?

    This southern staple—which is actually the state food of Louisiana!—is the definition of southern comfort food. With ingredients like fresh shellfish or meat, super strong stock, and the "Holy Trinity"—otherwise known as bell peppers, onions, and celery—homemade gumbo is packed with flavor. Add your favorite hot sauce or Cajun seasoning for an extra kick.

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    October 13 — Good Samaritan Day

    People holding hands.

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    When was the last time you did a good deed? Whether you help an elderly neighbor take out their trash, treat a friend to a home cooked meal, or make a donation to your favorite charity, today's the day to do some good.

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    October 14 — National Dessert Day

    An overhead shot of a raspberry crisp with whipped cream.

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    As adults (with slower metabolisms), it's not often that we truly indulge in a delicious dessert. But honoring a national holiday seems like a pretty good reason to dig into a slice of blueberry pie or a banana split, doesn't it?

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    October 15 — National Cheese Curd Day

    A plate of cheese curds with dipping sauce.

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    No one ever said "cheese curd" was the most appealing name for a dish, but these deep-fried blobs of cheese are so ridiculously good, most of us can overlook their less-than-appetizing name. Whether you nom on some cheese curds in a classically Canadian poutine or eat them as a side, there's no wrong way to enjoy these bites.

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    October 16 — National Liqueur Day

    Shots of Limoncello with lemon wedges.

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    Grab your cocktail glass and raise your pinkies—it's time to toast to National Liqueur Day. Sipped straight or mixed into a cocktail, liqueurs can add richness, sweetness, and warmth to nearly any cocktail hour.

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    October 17 — National Pasta Day

    Different varieties of dry pasta on a table.

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    Some may say that pasta is the perfect food—and we definitely don't disagree. Why? Not only is it packed with super tasty gluten, but it's delicious hot or cold, with tomato sauce, olive oil, cheese, mayonnaise, or butter, you can serve it with meat, veggies, or on its own, and—real talk—even bad pasta still tastes pretty darn good.

    So, today, celebrate everyone's favorite carbohydrate with a whopping plate of spaghetti and meatballs, ridiculously cheesy macaroni and cheese, or a homemade pasta salad that's packed with veggies.

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    October 18 — National Chocolate Cupcake Day

    A chocolate cupcake with colorful jelly candies.

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    Believe it or not, there actually is a way to improve upon cupcakes: Make them chocolate, topped with chocolate icing and your favorite sprinkles, gummy candy, or maybe even more chocolate.

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    October 19 — I Love Yarn Day

    An overhead shot of yarn with knitting needles.

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    Nope, knitting isn't just for circles of grannies anymore. From stylish sweaters, to cute hats, to super cozy scarves, knitting is a fun, easy way to craft your own gear.

    If you haven't tried knitting before, grab some higher gauge needles and thick yarn, and check out our super simple beginner's guide. You'll be cranking out cute scarves in no time!

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    October 20 — National Brandied Fruit Day

    Brandied cherries in small jars,

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    Finding fresh peaches or strawberries in the middle of winter is no easy (or cheap) task. Preserving your fruits in alcohol, however, makes it possible to enjoy seasonal flavors all year long—not to mention, it squashes any risk of botulism.

    All you need is the fruit of your choice, white sugar, brown sugar, high-quality brandy, and one month or more—that's how long it takes for the fruit to become, ahem, properly inebriated.

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    October 21 — International Day of the Nacho

    Nachos with meat, olives, peppers, and tomatoes.

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    Sometimes nachos are topped with black beans and sometimes they're topped with beef. Sometimes they're drowning in queso, and other times they're packed with jalapenos. But when it comes to nachos, one thing is for certain: They're always delicious.

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    October 22 — Eat a Pretzel Day

    A close-up of soft pretzels.

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    Although they're incredibly simple to make—requiring only a handful of common ingredients—pretzels have an incredibly varied history around the world. It's said that they were invented by an Italian monk in 610 AD, then, helped prevent the Ottoman takeover of Vienna, Austria in 1510, and eventually made it to America on the Mayflower.

    We say? Honor the pretzel's amazing history by digging into a hot, soft pretzel with melty cheese.

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    October 23 — Lung Health Day

    A woman breaking a cigarette in half.

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    We all know smoking has numerous negative health effects, but quitting can be hard. With the right tools and resources, however, it is possible. If you need a little extra push, consider how quitting smoking will benefit your home, your kids, and your pets. Will you kick the habit this year?

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    October 24 — National Bologna Day

    A close-up of a bologna sandwich.

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    Love it or hate it, this polarizing, bagged lunch staple has its very own day in October. If you're still not over the cold, slimy bologna of school lunches past, try a more grown-up version of a classic bologna sandwich.

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    October 25 — National Breadstick Day

    An overhead shot of breadsticks with dipping sauce.

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    Carb lovers agree: The breadsticks in the bread basket are one of the best (if not the best) part of going out to dinner. Fortunately, it's easy to recreate the bread basket—err, restaurant—experience at home. You only need a few pantry staples to bake your own garlicky, chewy breadsticks.

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    October 26 — National Pumpkin Day

    A full frame of pumpkins.

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    With Halloween only five days away, it's pumpkin time people! And uses for the season's favorite gourd are basically limitless. Create an amazing carved pumpkin for your doorstep; create an equally amazing uncarved pumpkin, make tasty, popable pumpkin seeds with your favorite seasonings, or blend your pumpkins' flesh into muffins, pies, or carrot cake for a fresh, seasonal flavor.

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    October 27 — American Beer Day

    Two friends toasting with pints of beer.

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    There's much more to American beers than the bitter, flavorless brews bartenders sling by the thousands. In fact, the American craft beer movement has ushered in the Golden Age of Beer. With over 6,500 independent breweries operating in the United States, there's no shortage of creative, inventive, and totally unique beers.

    Check out your local brewery for a couple new-to-you beers, or try your hand at making your own beer at home. Who knows? You could be the next great American brewer!

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    October 28 — National Chocolate Day

    A close-up of almond chocolate.

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    If you're like many of us, you know every day is National Chocolate Day. But if you don't treat yourself to a daily dose of chocolate, today is a good day to indulge. The hardest part of your day? Deciding whether you want to eat chocolate cake, brownies, ice cream, or homemade candy.

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    October 29 — National Cat Day

    A cat looking up at the camera.

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    If you're a kitty parent, you know cats have so many characteristics to love and celebrate: They're absolutely adorable, they're cuddly (sometimes!), and they're incredibly judgmental, just like your best girlfriend. Today, give your kitty a little extra love by extending playtime, treating her to a fun, new toy, or maybe even letting her sample a little bit of catnip.

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    October 30 — Haunted Refrigerator Night

    A woman organizing her refrigerator.

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    Old tuna salad. Spoiled milk. Some mystery blob wrapped up in tinfoil. Your refrigerator can be a scary, scary place. But today's the day to conquer your fears and banish the ghosts of foods past by cleaning and organizing the ol' ice box. Start by tossing any old, spoiled food, then, clean the interior surfaces and produce bins, and finally, reorganize your food.

    Pro Tip

    Put your healthy foods in the front and center of the fridge, so it's the first thing you see (and reach for) when you sneak a midnight snack.

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    October 31 — Halloween

    A woman wearing a witch hat holding a jack-o-lantern.

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    After months of crafting costumes, carving pumpkins, and setting up a scary (but not too scary!) vignette at the front door, Halloween is finally here! Kick back and admire your months of hard work with some witches brew (also known as sangria) and a few fun-sized candy bars.