15 Stylish Office Decorations for Your Workspace

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If you work from home, you're likely already in the process of making that space feel like a place where you feel at ease and motivated to get things done. If you go into an office each day, your options are a bit more limited, but you can still make your work space an organized, stylish haven of productivity.

Whether you're outfitting a space in your own home to be an office or needing to spruce up your little corner of a much bigger workspace, we found 15 beautiful, practical and...MORE functional decor pieces that will help you feel inspired every day of your Monday through Friday grind.


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    A Soothing Desk Lamp

    The harsh, overhead fluorescent light you find in so many offices can be jarring to the eye, and sometimes seems to literally zap the energy right from you. At home or at an office, we suggest a desk lamp to provide a warmer, softer glow while you work. Even if you can't get ride of those bright whites above, this gentler glow will sooth your eyes.

    Charlotte lamp base, $128, Anthropologie

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    A Playful Light Box

    Who says an office can't have a sense of whimsy? We love the idea of putting a motivational phrase in one of these fun light box decorations and having it on or near your desk. You'll be basking in the glow of soft light and a motivational quote!

    My Cinema Light Box, $50, Bando

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    Sophisticated Agate Bookends

    To put a little personality in an intellectual office full of books, journals or case studies, we love the look of these natural agate book ends from West Elm. Use them to set a few special tomes apart from the pack, or as your special place of honor for the few titles you keep in your workspace.

    Agate bookends, $44, West Elm

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    Iconic Lounge Chair

    Everyone needs a good place to think, right? In our minds there's no better spot to get all your best ideas than a classic, timeless Eames chair. Black leather is the traditional choice, but for an airy office that deserves a unique touch, consider ivory or white leather, which you can find at Design Within Reach.

    Eames chair, $6195, Design Within Reach

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    Organizational Desktop Storage

    Ugh, paperwork! One way to feel less terrible about all the papers and clutter you might have—files, resumes, notes, contracts, whatever!—is to store and organize them in these stylish gold drawers we found at Target for just $25.

    Threshold desktop storage drawer set, $25, Target

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    Framed Art for the Walls

    We believe every room, no matter it's purpose, should contain at least one piece of art. And in an office that might be dominated by practical furniture and neutral pieces, a fun print like this colorful Picasso could add just the right amount of life and light to the space.

    "Tete De Femme" by Pablo Picasso (print), $209, Gilt

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    Acrylic Desk


    While it doesn't have drawers or storage of any kind—that's actually the simplistic beauty of this acrylic desk from CB2. You'll be forced to keep your desk clutter limited only to the things you're okay with looking at all day long.

    Peekaboo acrylic desk, $1099, CB2

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    Tufted Desk Chair

    Who says an office chair has to be boring? This upholstered pink chair from World Market has a fun and feminine look we could see as the perfect compliment to an acrylic desk.

    Elsie upholstered office chair, $250, World Market

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    A Book Tower for Reference and Display

    We've been seeing these affordable book towers in lots of magazines and home tour photoshoots, and with good reason! The shelves disappear once you start stacking up the books, creating a personalized display of all your favorite titles.

    Southern Enterprises spine book tower, $79, Amazon

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    A Grown-Up Pinboard

    While cork boards tend to have a distinctly dorm room feel, this linen pinboard from Pottery Barn gives you the same surface area—perfect for displaying vision boards, notes, calendars and photos—with a grown up, sophisticated look.

    Linen pinboard, $169, Pottery Barn

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    A Graphic Area Rug

    For some reason, these stripes just jump out at us as the perfect pattern for a home office. This Mati rug from Safavieh is available from Target in 15 colors, which means there's a stripe for every style.

    Safavieh Mati rug, $180, Target

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    A Stylish Utensil Holder

    While we do most of our writing on computers these days, nothing beats a hand-written to-do list. And we not sure why, but looking at a nice collection of pens just puts us in the mood to jot things down! This acrylic and gold container from Kate Spade is as pretty as it is practical.

    Strike gold pencil cup, $24, Kate Spade New York

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    A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    If you're someone who likes to have a soundtrack while you were—whether it's music or podcasts or the radio, a super high-quality little bluetooth speaker like this one from Bose is a worthy investment for your home office.

    Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II, $129, Amazon


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    Plants To Give The Room Life

     We don't have to tell you the benefits of keeping plants in your home—but don't neglect putting them in your office, too. Just looking at them can help you feel more relaxed, and taking care of them will give your week an extra purpose.

    4" live succulents, $49, Urban Outfitters

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    An Elegant Waste Bin

     This leather waste basket from Pottery barn might just be the most elegant way to accumulate trash... Ever? Keep this little beauty under your desk and you'll feel a little bit better about even your worst ideas. (You know, the ones that go in the garbage.)

    Hayes cognac leather trash bin, $49, Pottery Barn