25 Office Guest Room Ideas For a Stylish Hybrid Space

Hybrid guest bedroom and office

The Spruce / Alyssa Vela

Turning an underutilized guest room into a home office is an obvious solution for those who are lucky enough to have a spare room. But creating a hybrid space that is optimized for both working from home and hosting friends and family can be a challenge.

These office guest rooms offer clever ideas on everything from layout to furniture choices and decor to help you create a multi-functional guest room and home office that will help you get the job done on the daily and will make your visitors feel right at home when they come to stay.

Whether you're looking to design a full-fledged home office that doubles as a guest room or a guest room that is equipped for occasional remote work, inspiration lies ahead.

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    Add Bohemian Touches

    office guest room

    Sara Toufali

    This cozy guest room home office from blogger Sara Toufali has a sensible layout and bohemian style-inspired style. A long two-person workstation runs along one wall, maximizing space in the compact room. On the opposite side, a bed pushed into the corner provides a place for guests to sleep while serving as a daybed the rest of the time for times when getting horizontal helps you do your best thinking.

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    Keep It Simple

    office guest room

    Fantastic Frank

    This Scandinavian office guest room from Fantastic Frank is understated and serene, with neutral tones, warm wood accents, and vintage design classics like the Verner Panton chair and lamp that add some gravitas to the spare decor.

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    Swap the Nightstand for an Antique Table

    office guest room

    Design by Marie Flanigan Interiors / Photo by Julie Soefer

    To create a flexible guest room office space, consider swapping the nightstand for a bedside table or desk. An antique desk or table adds a sense of history to the room and makes a change from your average office workstation. In this office guest room from Marie Flanigan Interiors, an antique work table with an airy cross-beam base and generous worktop adds charm to the room and can is as decorative as it is functional.

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    Let the Sunshine In

    guest room office

    A Beautiful Mess

    Adding bold color is an easy way to personalize your home workspace and remind you of the benefits of designing your own office. In this bright and sunny office guest room from A Beautiful Mess, high-energy shades of yellow on the patterned wallpaper and the desk create a feel-good vibe suited for those who feel more creative when surrounded by lots of stimulating color.

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    Add a Magazine Rack

    office guest room

    Design by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    One of the easiest ways to make your home office look less like a bedroom is to turn the bed into a daybed for naps and work breaks when guests aren't sleeping over. In this moody office guest room designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design, the daybed is dressed with extra pillows and throws. A wall of print magazines makes the room a perfect spot for unplugging for both you and your guests.

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    Go Long

    office guest room

    Design by Matthew Carter Interiors

    If your guest room is tight on space, try swapping a desk for a long and narrow console table placed along one wall that will provide extra workspace without taking up too much floor space, like this Lexington, KY office guest room from Matthew Carter Interiors.

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    Add a Secretary Desk

    office guest room

    Fantastic Frank

    An antique, vintage, or contemporary secretary desk is a stylish and sensible option that allows you to close the door on clutter at the end of a work session (and may even include a locking top). In this office guest room from Fantastic Frank, a vintage wooden slant-top desk with midcentury vibes does the trick.

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    Keep Quiet

    guest room office

    Design by Neva Interior Design / Photo by Agathe Tissier

    This corner guest room workstation from Neva Interior Design is built in to hug the curves of the room and to optimize the small space. The all-white palette allows the workspace to fade quietly into the background when not in use.

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    Choose a Modular Daybed

    guest room office

    Design and Photo by Keyanna Brown for Emily Henderson Design

    In this spacious office guest room designed by Keyanna Brown for Emily Henderson Design, a comfortable daybed has removable back and side rests that allow it to be transformed into a large bed when guests come to town. The desk area is concentrated in an alcove so that guests won't feel like they're sleeping in your office when they stay the night.

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    Draw the Curtains

    office guest room

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Max Kim-bee

    A communal work table makes this office guest room from Leanne Ford Interiors both stylish and functional for couples, roommates, or families who like to work together. The designer pushed a guest bed into the corner beneath the sloping ceilings and hung a rod full of curtains that can be whisked closed to banish it from sight. Matte black paint on the office half of the room creates contrast and focuses the eye.

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    Construct a Corner Desk

    office guest room

    Design by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    In this office guest room designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design, saturated forest green paint envelops walls and ceilings, while a narrow built-in corner worktop provides extra space (including space for the cat to nap).

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    Build a Platform

    office guest room

    Design by Urbanology Designs / Photo by Convey Studios

    Placing the desk on a raised platform in the corner of the room gives it pride of place in this light and airy guest room from Urbanology Designs that functions as an off-duty home office and/or art studio. Orienting the desk facing out toward the spacious room makes it easy to give your eyes a break and is often more comfortable than facing a wall. A hanging chair in the corner creates another zone for changing working postures and taking breaks.

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    Go Big

    office guest room

    Design by Julian Porcino

    Sourcing a large vintage or thrifted wooden dining table to use as a desk is an affordable option for those who like to have a large surface area to work on. In this minimalist black-and-white office guest room from real estate agent and interior designer Julian Porcino, a large wooden table adds warmth and fills the space.

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    Keep It Long and Lean

    office guest room

    Fantastic Frank

    In this long and narrow guest room from Fantastic Frank, a slim desk mounted to the wall with brackets can be transformed into a small workspace for a laptop warrior, and styled with greenery or decor objects when guests are staying over. You can also mount a simple shelf on the wall to create a standing workstation tailored to your height as an affordable DIY option to purchasing a sit/stand desk.

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    Create Options

    office guest room

    Design by Matthew Carter Interiors

    This traditional style Kentucky country house guest room from Matthew Carter Interiors has plenty of seating and table options—from the small antique writing desk by the bedside, to the long console table— that allow it to double as an office space for one or two. Antique round dining tables with folding sides can also be used as console tables that can be pulled out from the wall and unfolded when more table space is required or desired.

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    Add Modern Farmhouse Style

    office guest room

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors

    If working from home is a lifestyle and you have the budget and the space, make an investment by building a custom desk that matches the style of your home. This pale wood modern farmhouse-style built-in desk from Kate Marker Interiors has plenty of closed storage to hide clutter, anchoring the space and including open display shelving and accent wallpaper to add a decorative touch

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    Swap the Bed for a Pull-Out Sofa

    office guest room

    Design by Curated Nest Interiors

    To make your guest room more functional and comfortable as a home office, swap the bed for a pull-out couch, like this office guest room from Curated Nest Interiors.

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    Paint It White

    office guest room

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors

    In this light and airy blue-and-white guest room from Kate Marker Interiors, a painted white desk beneath the window practically disappears, and a comfortable upholstered armchair blends in with the decor.

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    Build a Nook

    office guest room

    Design by Julian Porcino

    If your guest room has a random nook you're not sure what to do with, give it a sense of purpose by building in a desk station, like this minimalist Southern California office guest room from interior designer and real estate agent Julian Porcino.

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    Try a Sleek Black Metal Desk

    office guest room

    Fantastic Frank

    This office guest room from Fantastic Frank has a black metal and glass-topped desk with a coordinating chair that adds some graphic lines to this neutral white and gray bedroom.

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    Add Stripes

    office guest room

    Design by Karen B Wolf Interiors / Photo by Raquel Langworthy

    Wide taupe-and-white stripes on the walls of office guest room from Karen B Wolf Interiors makes the space feel more expansive. The desk, chair, bed, and decor accessories add some style while keeping the overall neutral tones of the room.

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    Add Comfy Seating

    office guest room

    Design by Matthew Carter Interiors

    While an ergonomic desk chair is the best option for long hours of stationary work, using more comfortable upholstered chairs will create a cozy spot to do punctual work from home. This guest room from Matthew Carter Interiors is equipped with a small antique writing desk that is positioned to create a little reading table for two, a place for tea breaks, or a couples-friendly work-from-home option.

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    Eliminate Distractions

    office guest room

    Fantastic Frank

    This Stockholm guest room from Fantastic Frank is the epitome of bare bones Scandi minimalism. With a simple bed, undecorated white walls, hardwood floors, a simple wood desk and chair, and an abundance of natural light, it's a zero-distraction zone that eliminates distractions and encourages focus.

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    Try a Tufted Ottoman

    office guest room

    Design by Jessica Lagrange Interiors / Photo by Werner Straube

    This guest room office from Jessica Lagrange Interiors has a spacious bedside table desk and tufted ottoman that offers guests a place to rest their bones that isn't the bed. The room can serve as a quiet spot for Zoom calls or short work sessions when guests aren't in town. Or if working from home becomes a more frequent proposition, you can tuck the ottoman under the desk and bring in an office chair without changing the layout.

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    Add Plants

    guest room office

    Design by Neva Interior Design / Photo by Picthouse - Patrick Mancliere

    Plants make a room feel good. Bring some biophilic benefits into your office guest room by arranging a mix of plants on simple shelves to create a living wall effect, like this uncluttered, light-flooded, all-white space from Neva Interior Design,