30 Office Rug Ideas to Soften Your Work From Home Setup

antelope print rug

Monica Wants It

Working from home appears to be here to stay, and to ensure your office is as comfortable as possible, don't forget to incorporate an area rug into the space. Even if you already have wall to wall carpeting in your home, keep in mind that adding an area rug can still help to cozy things up a bit and better define your desk space. If you need some ideas for types and colors of area rugs to choose from, you'll want to check out these 30 beautiful home office rug ideas.

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    Embrace Some Stripes

    striped office desk

    A Vintage Splendor

    Say yes to stripes. This pattern will never go out of style and adds liveliness to any room. Black and white is always a particularly classic combo and works with a number of decor styles.

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    Get Floral

    flower rug

    Country Peony

    Bring on the florals. Even if you can't have fresh flowers on your desk each and every day, you can still add some garden-inspired flair to your home office when you choose a peppy rug like this one.

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    Celebrate a Fave Hue

    soothing blue rug

    Mix and Match Design

    Why not use rug shopping as an opportunity to honor your favorite color? If you're wild about blue, go ahead and snag that beautiful navy and aqua piece that's bound to make you smile during your nine to five.

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    Think Neutral

    gray and white rug

    Greenhouse Studio

    Rugs featuring neutral tones certainly don't have to be seen as boring. In fact, this gray rug is pretty eye-catching due to its mix of tones and fun texture.

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    Sink Into Sheepskin

    sheepskin rug

    Keyanna Bowen

    There's nothing better than kicking off your shoes and sinking your feet into a soft sheepskin rug. Since you can easily go shoeless while working from home, why not use this perk to your advantage and opt for an extra cozy rug choice?

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    Layer It Up

    rug layered over jute

    Just A Girl and Her Blog

    Layering rugs is never a bad idea—after all, this patterned piece really lives up this home office. Jute always makes for a great base layer; it's timeless and resilient.

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    Bring in the Bright Colors

    blue rug

    Adina Hall

    Most colors look nice paired with wooden furniture, so don't be shy about having fun with blue, green, pink—you name it. Even if your office is mainly natural in tone, you should still be able to enjoy some pops of color.

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    Try a Solid White Rug

    soft moroccan style rug

    Dreams and Coffee

    This Moroccan-inspired rug is soft and fuzzy and features a classic geometric pattern. Be mindful that while you may wish to avoid white rugs in high traffic areas of the home (hello, potential spills and scuffs), they can be a great option in a room that's just for you, like the office.

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    Go for the Jute

    plain neutral rug

    Lemon Stripes

    Jute and sisal rugs look excellent with any type of decor: Whether your style is grandmillennial, coastal, eclectic, boho-inspired you name it—you can't go wrong with one of these.

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    Make It Glam

    fuzzy white rug

    Walking in Memphis in High Heels

    A soft white rug looks right at home in this glam office, which features black, white, and gold aplenty.

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    Mix and Match

    blue and white rug

    Laura Franz

    It's more than okay to mix various patterns within your home office. Don't worry about your rug directly coordinating with your wallpaper or furnishings—there's something fun about embracing a variety of prints.

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    Add a Pop of Pink

    pink rug layered over carpet

    Paisley and Sparrow

    Bring on the pink. Your workspace should make you happy, after all—think about how much time you spend there. This brightly colored Moroccan-inspired rug is full of vibrance and energy.

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    Go Traditional

    simple jute rug

    Mackenzie Horan Beutenmuller

    A traditional jute rug shines alongside leather and wood furniture in this library-like home office. We'd love to curl up here with a good book (or two).

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    Get Loud

    colorful moroccan style rug

    Jules Acree

    Here's another bold Moroccan-inspired rug that's full of fun. The orange-red tones complement the sofa perfectly as well.

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    Go Geometric

    geometric rug

    Forty Young

    If you crave a subdued rug but still appreciate a bit of pattern, opt for a light colored rug with a geometric design to keep your space from feeling too plain.

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    Texturize It

    white textured rug

    Sugar & Cloth

    Try a plain white rug with a bit of a twist—a bit of a pattern. This textured piece is a work of art in itself yet doesn't distract from the rest of the decor and furniture in this cheery space.

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    Love That Leopard Print

    leopard rug

    Mint Arrow

    Take a walk on the wild side when you add a whimsical leopard print rug to your home office. Your workspace should showcase your personality and make you excited about getting down to business every morning.

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    Or Go for Antelope

    antelope rug

    Monica Wants It

    An antelope print rug is another option for those who love animal patterns. The muted brown tones may not seem like they'd complement flowery curtains and wall panels, but they sure look lovely in this space.

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    Be Eclectic

    black and white rug

    Eclectic Twist

    Make it eclectic. This home office features a little bit of everything: nature inspired designs, woven pieces, a funky hand chair, and yes, a bold black and white rug. Why be subtle if you love maximalist design?

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    Make Your Space Fun

    colorful classic rug

    Maggie Overby Studios

    This home office is another example of how much fun it can be to mix prints and colors of all kinds. A colorful, traditional style rug helps to tie the space together.

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    Finish the Look

    muted rug

    House Homemade

    A rug with soft blue and orange tones livens up this otherwise simple office and draws attention down to the floor. Don't underestimate the power an area rug can have in making your workspace look more complete.

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    Be Cozy

    fluffy rug over carpet

    Love Jen Marie

    Get soft and cozy. This rug shines on top of standard carpet and proves that an extra layer of comfort never hurt anyone.

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    Add Artwork to the Floor

    light geometric rug

    Design: Vestige Home / Photo: Rebecca McAlpin

    Bring on the geometric designs. This cool rug doubles as artwork for the floor.

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    Even Things Out

    light jute

    Louis Duncan-He

    If you're looking for a way to even out busy wallpaper, choose a plain woven rug like this one for a more mellow touch.

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    Go Gray

    gray textured rug

    Louis Duncan-He

    In this space, a gray textured area rug is eye-catching yet by no means distracting—the wallpaper and artwork are the true stars of the show.

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    Think Unique

    gray and white patterned rug

    Erin Williamson Design

    This gray rug features a patchwork-like design. We've never seen anything like it—the style just proves how many different rug types there are to choose from as you browse.

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    Opt for an Earthy Look

    jute rug with earthy tones

    House Nine

    A jute rug with a subtle herringbone pattern shines in this earthy space that features a stunning view of the outdoors.

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    Don't Be So Serious

    colorful geo rug

    Studio Peake

    This geometric rug proves that there's no need to take your at-home workspace too seriously—a little fun is what it's all about.

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    Try Jute With a Twist

    jute rug with black lines

    Studio Peake

    For a pretty twist on a plain jute, opt for a style with an overlaid stripe or diamond pattern.

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    Be Timeless

    jute rug in patterned room

    Studio Peake

    While we often see jute rugs used in more simple, coastal-inspired spaces, they can shine in traditional rooms as well. This office is full of pattern and timeless touches like pleated lampshades and beautiful drapery.