Oklahoma's 2017 Tax-Free Weekend

Save money during Oklahoma's 2017 sales tax holiday

Woman shopping for clothes.
Pay attention to the fine print when you shop Oklahoma's Tax Free Weekend. Photo © Caiaimage/Sam Edwards/Getty Images

Back-to-school shoppers in the state of Oklahoma can save money during one tax-free weekend, scheduled for August 4 - 6, 2017. Qualifying shoes and clothing will be exempt from state, county, city and local sales tax starting at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 4 until midnight on Sunday, August 6. You can purchase an unlimited number of qualifying tax-free items during this time. 

The Specifics for Oklahoma's Tax-Free Weekend

Retailers must participate, and may not collect sales or use tax on clothing or shoes sold for less than $100 per item.

Special clothing designed specifically for protective use, such as lab coats, and shoes designed specifically for athletic activities, such as cleats, do not qualify for the exemption. You should also expect to pay sales tax on fashion accessories such as jewelry, scarves, non-prescription eyeglasses and other personal adornments during the sales tax holiday weekend. 

Packaged sets only qualify if all items in the set qualify. For example, a box containing a tie and a wallet would not qualify because of the wallet, an accessory, which is ineligible. Combination purchases from a buy-one-get-one-free or similar offer might qualify, depending on the eligibility of the individual items. For example, if you purchase a dress for $96 and get a second dress for half price at $40, both will be tax-free. But if the first dress costs $120 and you get the second dress for free, you would pay tax on the sale price of the first dress.

Store sales can also affect the eligibility of an item. If a pair of shoes costs $126 at full price, but you purchase them on sale for $82, the shoes qualify for the exemption. Similarly, if a store-issued coupon reduces the price of an eligible item to less than $100, it qualifies. But if you use a manufacturer's coupon to cover part of the cost of an item priced higher than $100 in the store, it won't qualify for the exemption even if you end up paying less than $100 for it.

And while you could use a gift card to purchase a tax-free item, you cannot apply a gift card to the sales price to lower it below the $100 threshold.

Qualifying items on layaway with a total purchase price of less than $100 qualify if you make the final payment during the tax-exempt weekend. You can also purchase qualifying items through a catalog or online, but you must pay for the item and it must be shipped to you during the exemption period or be processed by the seller for immediate shipment.

Smart Shopping Tips for Oklahoma's Sales Tax Holiday

Use common sense to save even more during the tax-free weekend. For example, compare prices at several different stores and use coupons whenever possible.

In addition, don't overspend in an effort to save money. The regular sales tax rate in Oklahoma is 4.5 percent, so you save that plus any local sales tax, which varies up to 6.5 percent in different cities and counties across the state. By shopping around and using coupons, you might find the same items for less than the tax-free price either before the tax-free weekend or after it takes place.